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How To Heal A Broken Heart And Move On (What To Do When Someone Hurts Your Feelings)

How to heal a broken heart

How To Heal A Broken Heart And Move On (What To Do When Someone Hurts Your Feelings)

Recovering from a broken heart may seem really impossible because of the pains we experience but after every break up life still continues.

Here are ways you can handle your heart and get over the pains you feel in no time.

Dealing with marriage proposal rejection and heartbreak

Being rejected and turned down can only be that bad. You know you’ve got to move on except you intend to keep trying. It is really difficult to cope with a rejected marriage proposal because the memories of all the promises you made to each other and plans you made together can really be painful and if the rejection was humiliating, the means double worse. If you are currently going through this dark time right now, let me be of help.

  1. Understand the reason for the rejection

To handle this issue appropriately, find out why the other party turned it down. They may have rejected because they weren’t ready or because they just want to end the relationship. Find out the reason so you can work accordingly towards your healing.

  1. Accept it and start a new life

If your proposal was rejected because they just wanted to quit the relationship, then you have to understand it wasn’t meant for you. I know this can be very difficult if getting married was their idea but you have to accept your new reality and get yourself outta this shit.

  1. Leave the environment if you can

Out of sight they say is out of mind. Travel out of the place you can easily see your ex so you won’t be at the risk if seeing them every time. When you don’t see them frequently, you will be able to heal faster.

  1. Talk to your friends or counselor for help

Good friends are healing to the bones; they will understand you, cry with you and make you laugh till your ribs get cracked. Speak up for speedy recovery. If your friends are not trustworthy or they are not helping you like they should, then you need to talk to a counselor. They have handled cases like yours before so they have all the solutions you need.

  1. Take away everything that reminds you of your ex

When you’ve decided to move on, get rid of everything that reminds you of your ex. When you do not get steady reminders of them, you will recover real quick.

How to get over a heartbreak for guys

Sometimes, we may get tempted to think that a breakup is more painful to the ladies. The truth is, a guy that truly loved will suffer the breakup more. Now, if you are having your own difficult time now, use the following steps to recover speedily.

  1. Don’t always try to be strong, allow yourself feel the pain

It is common to find guys that always want to prove they are strong (as if it changes the fact they aren’t) but now you are in this situation, this shouldn’t be you. there are times the pain will come so strong on you; when they do, don’t fight them. Feel them. If you feel people will see you as a weakling when they see you cry, go to a place no one can find you and cry it out loud.

  1. Keep yourself busy

Staying dormant will only get your mind busy on thinking about your heartbreak. With cases of heartbreak, you are advised to keep your mind busy on other things apart from the breakup. Do not take this step before taking step one, doing this will successfully help you in postponing step one and elongating the period of the pain.

  1. Give yourself some really good treats and get back to living

Just because your heart got broken doesn’t means you should break yourself. Things just turned out badly (as they always do) and you will be fine. So realize the heartbreak is one of those loopholes of life. Take it the right way and get over it by taking care of yourself. Treat yourself well; it is time to live again.

  1. Improve

The best revenge for a heart break is to be better than you used to be. They put you down because they felt you couldn’t be better; prove them wrong, become it.

  1. Get over it

Oh brother, no matter the sermon and styles of getting over your breakup we are preaching here, if you do not consciously get over it, they will not work. Grieve, but bro after a few days; move on like it never happened. Even if you don’t feel like toughening up, just freakin’ do it.

How to get over a heartbreak for ladies

To all the ladies out there who have understood the true pain of love lost and heart break, I respect you because it’s not easy to go through such pains and still have the strength to face life as it is again.

I am here to help you go through your pain easily. I know the pain can never be easy but trust me; these few tips will help you get over that broken heart.

  1. Don’t try to get over it immediately, allow yourself to feel the pain

A lot of people get really afraid of grieve. Grieve isn’t something you should be afraid of if you must get over this thing in the nearest future. Don’t think the pains should leave immediately; feel the pain now for it will soon be gone.

  1. Don’t keep the energy bottled up, release it

Anger, anxiety, sadness, depression are very common feeling that comes with heart break; don’t keep them bottled up. Let them out either by exercising, punching a bag or doing anything that gets sweat out of you daily.

  1. Let go of the hurt

The only way you can let go of the hurt you feel during a heart break is by forgiving. Forgive him, forgive yourself, and forgive everybody that had anything to do with your heartbreak. When you forgive them genuinely, you will feel free from the shackles of that battered relationship.

If this is really around to do when you see your ex around, take a trip from your neighborhood and don’t come back till you can hear his name without getting angry.

  1. Decide on what you want

There are a lot of people who just grieve forgive and stay in their dilemma hoping they will get over the heart break. Getting over the heart break will only come when you have made up your mind to leave the relationship or if we want to go back to our ex.

Take out time to ask yourself what you really want. Analyze your relationship with truth and balance so that you can make a decision and stand firm on it. Sitting in the fence will never help you.

  1. Be in charge

You may never be able to control what your ex does but you will always be able to decide if it will affect your mood, thought feelings and behaviors. Tell yourself the relationship was a gift to you while it was still working, it wasn’t just there to cause you pains.

What to do when someone hurts your feelings

People will always hurt you but you don’t always have to flare up or take it badly. Handling an issue sensibly will drastically reduce the effect the issue would have had on your or the person involved. Here are really cool ways to act when a person hurts your feelings:

  1. Put yourself in their shoe

Most people pour out hurt on us because they are hurt. When next someone is pushing out the living beast in you, try to keep calm and see if you can know what is making them react the way they are.

  1. Give the response that will make you feel the way you want to

Don’t forget, you are the gate keeper of your emotions so you decide what you allow get to you and how you respond to situations so they don’t get to you. if you don’t want to get angry, try not to be, answer calmly and let the hurt bounce.

  1. Evaluate what you did to invite the situation

I know they are situations when people hurt you when you did nothing wrong but I also know that most time people hurt us, we must have done something to make them hurt too. Now, take your time to see where you were wrong and make amends. If it is a misunderstanding, keep calm till you can both discuss the issue amicably.

  1. Meditate to keep calm

In the midst of the heat, meditate. This will help you gain control over yourself and emotions.

How to prevent heartbreak and hurt

Heartbreak cannot completely be avoided. This is so because you will be meeting different people with different characters every day and you will not be able to control how each and every one of them treats you. Nevertheless, we can avoid some of the hurts and heartbreaks we encounter if we

  1. Learn from your past mistakes

Learning from your past mistakes is one of the easiest ways to become mature. Learn what caused you the heartbreaks and hurt you experienced previously. This will help you know what to avoid and how to handle other issues of life.

  1. Avoid destructive people

You can free yourself from most heartbreak if you just try to study the people you want to date. Check if they are destructive or abusive. If they are, run. You will never be able to get anything good from someone who has nothing good to offer.

  1. Avoid over analyzing issues

When you overanalyze issues, you read false meanings to them. Even if the situation is obviously very bad, don’t go into overthinking and over analyzing. This will only cause you more pain.

  1. Always keep calm, don’t overreact

Now, this will keep you from the hurt you cause yourself. People have taken issues wrongly and ended up making bad out of a well-meaning issue. Don’t always be in a hurry to say hurtful words or post things on social media. Some of those things will just end up embarrassing you.

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