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how to make big money nigeria

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How To Make It Big In Nigeria In 2020: Money Making Ideas For Students, Teenagers & Graduates

how to make big money nigeria

How To Make It Big In Nigeria In 2020: Money Making Tips For Unemployed Students, Teenagers, Graduates


It is a new dawn in Nigeria for thinkers who can think outside of the box. As expected, one of the questions that beckon for an answer is how to make it in Nigeria in 2020 as a Student and graduate.  It is no news the economy is in a bad shape. This is not peculiar to Nigeria. In fact, the best economy world over is daily looking for the solution on how to get out of the wilderness of financial challenges. Unfortunately, not much has changed about the economy in the nation in recent times.

However, it takes those who can see beyond their nose to discover the hiding source of wealth in Nigeria irrespective of the daunting challenges.  Making it in Nigeria in 2020 as a student and graduate is not an assumption but a reality.

Without much ado, I will take you through how to make it in Nigeria in 2020 as a student or a graduate.

How To Make It Big In Nigeria

Making it big is a fluid statement that has different meanings to different people. Relax! I am not giving you tips on how to make you rich overnight or a quick financial formula.

Making it big in Nigeria implies you can comfortably meet your needs and impact your community. The way to achieve this is to conceive a big dream in your mind.

In other words, your mindset will determine your mine place. This, in turn, determines whether you will make it in Nigeria in 2020 as a student and graduate. Having an entrepreneurial frame of mind is the beginning of making it big in Nigeria. This means you are a creator and not an imitator. It implies you are not a consumer, but a producer. That is you are a wealth creator. This is the secret to making it big in Nigeria in 2020 and beyond.

Check the lifestyles of the shakers and the movers in the society, they are people who differ their pleasure till a later date. They make hay while the sun shines. These people have specific goals. They equally make the best use of every seemly negative situation. Apart from that, they increase their wealth in bits and over time they got to their desired promised land. As such, you’re making it in Nigeria in 2020 whether as a graduate or a student is a matter of choice.

However, the company you keep will either make or mar your destiny. So, be careful who you move with. Let it be your attitude to separate yourself from people whose life and words are at variance with your vision and purpose in life. I must not forget to remind you there is power in your tongue. Therefore, always confess positively to your life and in every situation you find yourself

How To Make It In The Nigerian Music Industry

One of the gold mine worlds over is the show business industry. And if you ask me my number one section of the industry I will say music. As the saying goes music is a universal language. Or simply put, music is a universal business. You ask me, what if my voice is not good enough? Well, that is a fraction of the total package. But if I were you, I will set up to take my slice of the music cake in Nigeria to soar high financially.

Incidentally, concluding you don’t have a good voice may be self-deceit or defeat after all. For instance, all you needed is a good voice trainer to get you prepared for the unexpected, especially if you have a flair for singing. Now, your next concern is about getting the needed equipment and your band. Friends the world has gone past that. Just make up your mind and those things you needed to start your carrier are available for the taking at a minimal cost. We have ready-made and utility band available.  Remember, self-defeat is the number one dream killer. This year don’t throw a pity party for yourself.

Apart from that, you can make it in Nigeria 2020 as a student and graduate in the music industry, by promoting other artists. You get paid by listening and sharing their music online. If you have the idea of printing, you can get the job of printing the posters, banner CD jacket, etc for these artists. You could even promote and sell their hard copy CDS.

Another way you can benefit from the Nigerian music industry is if you are a good dancer. You can turn these natural talents into a money-spinning opportunity this year. These musicians need good dances to package their music videos. And if you do it well, you promote yourself for getting more engagements. Remember you can showcase your talent, by starting a YouTube channel.

One of the fast-rising entertainers who became a star from YouTube today, Emma Oh God took advantage of the popular video sharing site to showcase his skill for the world to see. You too can do that this year.

How To Make Money In Nigeria As A Graduate

Being educated is an added advantage. I have a young man who is an undergraduate. He began to gather secondary school students and teaching them science subjects. After a while, he got his twin brother who is exceptionally good in the English Language to join him. Before long, parents began to advertise these young men to other parents because of the resounding academic result their children were getting. To cut the long story short, they have established themselves as a guru in their choosing discipline. Today, these guys are having a flourishing school that is a pride in their community.

So if you study education or you are gifted in a specific subject exploit that to enrich yourself. I didn’t study linguistic but I can translate English to Yoruba and Vice-Versa. As a result, many times I have had my financial needs met by utilizing this talent. Most times the way up is down. Therefore be ready for something free for others. This giving of free service cans open doors of immeasurable opportunity for you.

At times you must be ready to start small. For instance, if you have a Degree certificate and an OND or NCE certificates, you can apply to an establishment with a prospect with your lesser certificate and build your career up once you get in. At other times you should not hesitate to grab an opportunity outside your qualification once you can deliver with little or no induction. If you can write as I do, have their doors opened for you. May I sound a caution, real wealth is built one block after the other? So never involve in get rich quick idea common to young people in Nigeria today. Many have cut short their lives with this desperate means of acquiring wealth.

How To Make Money As A Teenager And Student In Nigeria Today

It is worrisome to see young people out of desperation clicking on a topic as how to make it in Nigeria in 2020 as a student and graduate but not ready to start small. If you are a teenager or a student and you are ready to learn the rope of financial liberty then you’re in the right place. The first place to start is to have the vision of your preferred future. But if you don’t have a dream of your own, you will be living the life of other people. If it is in your heart it will get to your hand.

After this, you must be creative. Sometimes wealth is all around us, but we cannot see it because we can’t see beyond our nose. Let me start this way. When I was young, I had this 3×4 plywood I picked from the dismantled wardrobe in our neighborhood. I use this plywood to make a table tennis board that I rented to my friends and other children in the neighborhood. The cost was 2 kobo while that of the adult table tennis was 5 kobo. Most of us children then were either unable to raise the 5 kobo for the adult table tennis or were not tall enough to use the board. Soon, I was able to raise enough money to make a standard table tennis board and get more money. I remembered vividly I began to support my mother’s business when I was in class three (Jss2 today).

One easiest way to be financially independent is to discover, develop, and deploy your talents. Look at what you are good at and deploy it to your advantage. For instance, as a teenager, you are good at playing musical instruments, you can turn this into a money-spinning ability by playing in churches or with artists and other social engagement to make money.

There are short term vocations that you can learn after school hours and on the weekend. If you can learn a short vocation like barbing, craft making, toiletries, computer, video recording then, you are on your way to making it in 2020 and beyond.

If you ask me how to make money in Nigeria in 2020 as a student or graduate, I will tell you the journey begins from here. Luckily for you, I have shown you several ways you can make money in Nigeria this year, no matter where you are on the ladder as a student or graduate, Once again, I hope to see you at the other side of success when this year is over.

Remember a stitch in time save nine. To your success!!

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