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Yorubaland Security Network Amotekun Not Illegal – Soyinka & Ooni Of Ife Slam FG

yoruba land security network amotekun

Yorubaland Security Network Amotekun Here To Stay – Soyinka & Ooni Of Ife Slam FG

Prof Wole Soyinka condemned in strong words the recent move by the Federal Government declaring Amotekun illegal.

While insisting that the establishment of southwestern security outfit is legal, he urged the Southwest governors to defy FG on Amotekun. He observed that the concerns over the criminal activities, dating back to 2012 was what resulted to the establishment of Amotekun.

“Whether they like or not Amotekun has come to stay, because it is a creation of the people and you cannot deny a people their fundamental right to protect themselves since government has failed to provide such protection,” Prof Soyinka stated while addressing the media in Lagos on the statement credited to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, declaring the proposed security organisation by the South-west states, known as, Amotekun, was illegal.

Soyinka, however, warned President Muhammadu Buhari over actions that would lead the country to the point of irreversible division, stating the current security concerns has given birth to the organisation in the country. He decried numerous killings of people in the villages across the southwest.

“I refuse to believe that any serious government will condemn the right of people trying to protect themselves. And now some people who have been sleeping all this time and watching citizens killed, farmers sent away from their land are waking up and telling us this initiative is illegal and unconstitutional, they should go back to sleep.

“This country is sitting on a keg of gun powder implanted by inequality in administration of justice. If President Buhari takes a wrong action on this matter, he will wake up to find that he is the force that tore the country apart. He should stop making excuses,” he said

Soyinka urged the proponents of Amotekun to defy the Attorney General and go ahead with their operation, challenging the CJN to go to court if he has any objection.

His opinion was maintained by a former Inspector of Police and Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Mr. Solomon Asemota (SAN). Asemota advised the attorneys general of the affected states to take the matter to court.

Citing hunger and poverty as other factors that give rise to criminal tendencies, Soyinka urged that the governors should go beyond establishing the security outfit to creating a sense of alienation in a people can lead them to crime.

amotekun control crime yorubaland

He said:

“Amotekun should not be the only solution. There has to be social action. That is what I am telling the governors that they should move from Amotekun to Arosikun (meaning they should provide food for the people). We must think of ways to feed our people. Hunger is real. Poverty is real and reaching a critical mass. We should start thinking of both Amotekun and Arosikun. ”

Tracing the history of the Federal Roads Safety Corps (FRSC), which he was the pioneer Chairman, Soyinka said having been tired of watching his students and colleagues at the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), he wrote a proposal to the then Military Governor of Our State, but there were similar suggestions already. This led to the establishment of the FRSC.

“I have always been believed passionately in self-policing. If it were possible to eliminate any kind of formal policing, I am for it. My preference is always, as much as possible, for community policing,” he said.

He explained further, “This is to show how effective a determined community force can be. Policing the road is not the same thing as going into the forest to confront kidnappers, herdsmen and terrorists, but the policy remains identical.”

On his part, Asemota, who was a policeman at the independence of Nigeria, but now a senior lawyer, raised concern over the fact that Nigeria is operating both the Common Law and the Sharia Law.

He said:

“The Attorney General is Sharia compliant. I wrote a 19-page letter to him, which I also made available to the Vice President, highlighting some of these things. But he never acknowledged it. I was hoping members of the National Assembly would ask the question when he appeared before them, but they confirmed his appointment.

amotekun not illegal

“There is a conflict in Nigeria between those who believe in democracy and those who decide to use the tenets of their religion to achieve their aim.

Nigeria is one country with two systems. But I am of the view that the Western states are in order. Either party in this dispute can go do court. Can anyone say the banks do not have a right to hire security guards or that you can’t hire a night watchman to protect your home.”

Here is Ooni of Ife’s comment on the newly launched security agency.

“The Southwest governors decided to come together to set up Amotekun on complementary basis to support the already established security systems of Nigeria, such as the police and the arm forces, because of existing security realities. The governors, particularly the APC governors, are very close to the Federal Government and are in support of the progress of Nigeria, and the good works of this administration,” Oba Ogunwusi said.

amotekun logo

According to him, Amotekun should be seen as a plus to curbing insurgency threats, he said: “There are some secluded places inside local communities that Nigerian arm forces cannot get to. Most breakthroughs in Boko Haram insurgents’ attacks were as results of the tips from the local vigilantes and traditional rulers and districts heads of those places.

“They would usually give hints of strange people and movements in their localities. They are the ones furnishing the military with information on where to go and not during such operations. And these have helped the Nigerian military to make headway.

“Likewise, Amotekun is established on complementary basis, to give localised intelligent information. And that is the meaning of Amotekun in Yoruba – like the animal masters its terrain, they have mastered the security intelligence of their terrain.”

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  1. Danti

    January 16, 2020 at 1:11 AM

    This is very courageous of these Yoruba Elders, we need such purposeful move in education, health, economy and so on. To hell with the benighted fools at the top, what do they know about modernity?

  2. Kunle Dawodu

    January 16, 2020 at 1:14 AM

    Courageous Yoruba elders keep up da good work.
    Tinubu should talk sense to Buhari head. Enough of Fulani rule

    • Jilo

      January 16, 2020 at 6:59 PM

      Amotekun movement should not even be a debatable issue. This body has come to stay and it will. It is only a traitor who will object to this reforms. What is wrong with our people? few days prior to the launching of this security coalition, some Yoruba folks, not Northerners came on National TV to discredit this Organization. They were saying this coalition will be a tool for some Governors to achieve their political objectives. Another one was saying it’s going to be like a defunct OPC who misused the privilege given to them back in those days. These were the Yoruba people from SW who have witnessed how Kidnappers, Herdsmen and Bandits unleash terror on their people. One of the them was a retired AIG from SW. I watched this program on Channel TV and I couldn’t believe all rubbish these people were saying on National TV.

      This organization was formed in collaboration with all South West Governors and I believe this group will never do anything that will make their leaders withdraw their support. I’m not saying there is not going to be misconducts among those security men but at the same token are we just going to fold our arms doing nothing and watching these criminals raping our women, destroying our firm and stealing our belongings? Some of these fools have not allowed us to even try this measure first before they started criticizing the brilliant idea.

      You have to live outside Nigeria to discover how barbaric and idiotic we are. Even in a well organized society, they still welcome the assistance of private security companies to complement the effort of law enforcement officers. Nigeria with population of 200 millions, the number of our uniformed law enforcement officers is under 400,000 which means we don’t even have enough policemen on our street. The purpose of this body is to help in combating crime why can’t we embrace it?

      Herdsmen, Kidnappers and some notorious Bandits have killed thousands of people and the Police has not done enough to halt this crime. My question is, should we just leave millions of Nigerians to die a preventable death at the hands of these criminals just because we want to play politics. My believe is if there is anybody out there who objected to this Amotekun coalition, that person is among the sponsors of terrorism in this Country.

  3. Amanda

    January 17, 2020 at 10:29 PM

    Amotekun is judeo/christian/indigenous terrorist group

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