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How To Relieve Stress And Anxiety (Stress Management Techniques List)

how deal with stress and anxiety

How To Relieve Stress And Anxiety (Stress Management Techniques List)

Stress is a part of our day to day lives. They can come either from work, relationships or any of our daily activities. The way stress is handled determines if its symptoms will get better or worse.

Stress can be managed without drugs except it becomes chronic. A change in lifestyle can easily relieve stress. Read on and find out how to handle stress based on the scenario of its occurrence.

How to manage stress at work

  1. Always plan your day

The easiest way to prevent stress at work is to make an adequate plan on what you want to achieve from work and how your day should go. Don’t forget to stick to the plan. Emergencies do occur so give some room for them.

  1. Focus

Get your mind on achieving the task ahead of you. If you have a deadline to meet, work towards it. Do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it. Procrastination gives birth to last minute stress. If the work load is so much, let go of every distractions so that you can pour in a greater part of your energy on the work.

  1. Take some breaks

Forcing yourself to go on and on when you’re are worn out will cause you more stress and more mistakes. Take some time to refill your energy; take a walk, eat and give your brain some time to recover.

  1. Do not complain

Complaining never solves anything; it makes things worse. Don’t let it take the energy you should be using to solve the problem in front of you.

  1. Laugh off the tension

When it gets tougher, find a funny way of seeing the situation and make a joke with it. Laugh with your team and get relieved of some tension.

  1. Develop healthy habits

Eat well and keep your exercise regular. Learn different ways of managing stress, this will help you go through any kind of stress you encounter easily.

How to relieve stress and anxiety

  1. Get your breathing exercise to work

Take deep slow breaths. Deep breathes have been known for helping people recover from stress and take control of their lives. It works.

  1. Try yoga and meditation

These are relaxation techniques that can help you calm your mind when stress strikes. If you are in a place where you can’t do yoga, meditation will work perfectly. Meditate and take your mind off the stress.

  1. Let aromatherapy do the magic

Aromatherapy involves the use of some essential oils to treat ailments. There are essential oils that relieve stress. They include lavender, rose, chamomile, jasmine essential oils and others. So next stress arrives, drive it away by applying some essential oils to your palms and inhale it. Lavender oil works perfectly.

  1. Walk

Walking out of whatever is stressing you will help you take your mind off it. it is also a form of exercise that will regulate the blood flow from every part of your body.

  1. Go to someone you love.

Meet a loved one and get a hug. Hugging someone you love helps you release love and happiness hormones which will help you relieve stress.

How to handle stressful situation at work

  1. Find the cause of the problem

The first step to handling a problem is searching for the cause of it. Find the cause so you can know where to start from to find the solution. In finding the cause, go back to your original plan to check if the problem is from the basics. When you find the problem, you will notice that you’re the stress will reduce a little.

  1. Focus on finding a solution

Do not stick to apportioning blames; it doesn’t solve anything. Let your mind be on how you are going to correct the mistake and get out of the mess. If there was no mistake, then just get yourself to working on how to meet your deadline.

  1. Delegate

Work will get more stressful when you carry the whole load on your shoulders. Appoint people and share responsibilities to them. This will help you achieve your aim faster and with little or no stress.

  1. Talk to more experienced people

If the problem is beyond your control, be bold to approach your boss so you can get to speak with those who know better so your problem can be solved.

How to handle stress and anxiety

  1. Be positive

When something stresses you, tell yourself that you will go through it successfully. This will help you feel more relaxed to find a solution to whatever the problem may be.

  1. Take actions

When something happens, try to take reasonable actions to solve the problem. Do not react; getting angry or emotional doesn’t solve anything.

  1. Have enough sleep

Sleep helps the brain to relax; so when you wake, your brain will be easy to do the day’s work like it’s supposed to. Stress has effects on your hormonal level and having enough rest can help your body regulate the hormones regularly.

  1. Eat well and exercise regularly

Still on the issue of hormonal imbalance caused by stress, eating healthy and exercising are also ways by which our hormones are regulated. When the hormones get balanced, you will feel better and do more work without becoming stressed easily.

  1. Try some relaxation techniques like yoga

Yoga, tai chi and meditation are well known for relaxing the mind. Trying these relaxation techniques will help relieve stress.

How to deal with stress at school

  1. Eat healthy and exercise regularly

Eating healthy meals and regularly exercising will help build your mind and body to manage stress properly. Healthy foods build healthy bodies which do not easily fall prey to illnesses.

  1. Always make good plans

In school, you may easily feel overwhelmed by the activities and this will definitely give birth to stress. You can debug your day and make it look easier by always making daily plans.

  1. Manage your time properly

Managing your tome properly means you arrange your day in such a way that you can achieve many things within a short period. Do what you are supposed to do in its time. Do not procrastinate. Make out time for your studies and time for extramural and family affairs. This will help you stay on track without being too exhausted.

  1. Take some time out to have fun

Give yourself some time to live. Working without playing a little will only make you dull. Hang out, take short trips, play games and refresh your mind.

How to handle stress when pregnant

  1. Control your breaths

When you feel overwhelmed, just regulate your breathing. Be in charge and draw deep slow breaths. This will help you feel better and stronger before looking for ways to solve whatever is stressing you out.

  1. Make plans and stick to them

There is always so much to be done before the baby arrives. Make a comprehensive plan so that you will be able to get everything in place without missing out on anything.

  1. Try gentle exercises

Carrying out some easy less stressful exercise will help you get relieved of the stress of the pregnancy. Take a walk; do light exercises so you can feel relieved in your body.

  1. Always look out for the baby

Before you start stressing out and overreacting on everything, think of the effect it will have on your baby. Don’t forget that being anxious can affect your blood pressure and this in turn will affect your baby.

  1. Handle the situations you can and let go of those you can’t

you will always have a lot to worry about. Don’t overwork yourself on the things you cannot change. Work on what you can, the rest will take care of themselves.

How to deal with stress in a relationship

  1. Communicate

Talking to your partner about what is causing the stress in the relationship can go a long way in solving the problem. Do not just talk, communicate.

  1. Try of understand and make sensible compromise

Love your relationship enough to make reasonable compromises for it. if everyone stay rigid in a relationship, it will never work out. Compromise, but it shouldn’t be on things you will regret if the relationship breaks someday.

  1. Team work

Try solving the issue as a team not as individuals. Get your partner involved in whatever you may be doing to make the relationship better.

  1. Reset your priorities

Make your relationship a priority, give more time to nourishing it and it will bloom and become more enjoyable.

  1. Take action, don’t just react

When something goes wrong between you and your partner, what do you do? Do you get angry and reduce your communication or do you do things that will help solve or minimize the effect of the problem? How you handle your problems determine how you will enjoy your relationship.


Stress as natural as it may be can be triggered and managed depending on how you respond to it. if the above discussed steps do not work for you, try aromatherapy and if it doesn’t still work. Talk to your doctor. I wish you a stress free life.

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