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How To Overcome Fear Of Death, People, Failure & Other Types Of Fear

how to overcome fear of death

How To Overcome Fear Of Death, People, Failure & Other Types Of Fear

Fear is the greatest enemy of man. Everything fear instills is false and must be disregarded immediately. Fear has stopped many from achieving their purpose. For one to succeed, he has to be willing to fight fear to its last.

How to overcome the fear of death

  1. Focus on living

When the fear of death strikes, take your mind off it and concentrate on living. You can spend more time thinking about and doing the things you have always loved to do. Enjoy living.

  1. Talk to people

It is advisable that you talk to a counselor or therapist if your fear of death is becoming overwhelming. They can help you find the underlying cause of the fear and help you discover the solution to living a life without fear.

  1. Understand death

Before you let the fear of death take away your peace, you have to know what death is. Death is a characteristic of all living things; that means that everything that is living must die. Whether you are ready or not, when your time comes, you will go. Worrying about death doesn’t take it away, it brings it closer.

  1. Go spiritual

What is your faith? A lot of people do not have faith in God but if you must find yourself in this lost world. Spirituality is advised.  A strong faith in a supreme being drives the fear of death away.

  1. Be ready

Death must surely come but how will you receive it when it comes? It is easier to sleep peacefully when you know you left everything in place so the people you are living behind will not suffer too much. Death must happen to every mortal; instead of worrying about it, get your house prepared.

How to overcome the fear of failure

  1. Understand the benefit of failure

Great men have understood failure and known how to handle it to extract its blessings when all others can see is a curse. Failure is what gives people the opportunity to be better. Learning from failure is one of the best ways improving. Understand this and stop being afraid of what only exist to make you better.

how to overcome fear

  1. Know what is making you afraid

In fighting the fear of failure, you have to find the cause of the fear. Is it because you feel the work is more tedious than you can do? Most fear of failure usually lie around the “I can’t do it “and the “nobody has ever succeeded in it” mentality.

  1. Let it inspire you

Whatever the cause of your fear may be; let it make you better, not worse. If you feel like you won’t be able to do it, let that be the drive behind you doing it so that you can prove that thought wrong. If nobody has ever succeeded in doing it, do it so that you can be recorded as the first.

  1. Get your goals in place

Set goals so you and get started. Don’t let your goals be those to avoid failure, let it be those that will take you to the land of your dreams. Don’t let your fears limit you Go big.

  1. Improve

Another reason people become too afraid of failing is because they know they do not have what it takes to achieve their dreams. If this is your situation, all you need do is to learn and become better. Improve yourself above the level of that fear.

How to overcome the fear of people

Shyness and stage fright are all parts of fear of people. You can overcome them by

  1. Fight your thoughts. Thoughts that people are waiting for you to screw up so they laugh will come to your mind but don’t let them get you, they are not true. They are only there to stop you from being who you would have been. Don’t let them win.
  2. Stop being unrealistic, you won’t fail; there’s no one out there that is looking forward to your failure. Stop thinking of how bad things may get if you try, think of how good it will be when you get through it.
  3. Oppose it with actions go all out against those thoughts of incapability with actions. It says you can’t face people; prove it wrong by facing people more often.

How to stop living in fear and anxiety

Living in fear is a really bad way of living. It makes life so not enjoyable. People who live in fear can also live their lives with more confidence by:

  1. Facing the fear when it comes. You can do this by telling yourself what makes you afraid and why. Accept you are afraid.
  2. Putting themselves under control when the fear comes. Panic makes fear worse and makes you less thoughtful at the moment which can lead you to making really terrible mistakes.
  3. Staying in the present. Thinking too much about the future can bring fear. So enjoy your present, the future will take care of itself.
  4. Exercising and eating healthy to have a healthy mind and body. When you have a healthy mind and body, you will be free from the fear and anxiety that is induced by hormonal imbalance.
  5. Talking to a therapist if their fear gets out of hand. They may need to get diagnosed to know if their condition is medical.

How to remove fear from subconscious mind

When fear is thought, it has the power of destroying a person in every aspect. It can cripple a person and make a mess out of his future. Removing fear from your subconscious mind has to be conscious decision.

Realizing fear is your greatest enemy is the best place to start fighting fear. Have it in mind that fear is only there to destroy you. When you do, you will gain the power to fight. Consciously get yourself to see the opposite of fear when it strikes.

Guard your thoughts diligently, replace every atom of fear with its opposite. Do something courageous everyday no matter how small. Build yourself against the deceit of fear; get yourself to believe only the things that are true.

How to overcome the fear of flying

Do you find yourself afraid of flying? the following steps will help you.

  • Know what triggers your fears so you can keep them in check
  • Be conscious of the triggers band how to handle them
  • See things the professional way. If your fears are not proven scientifically, dump them
  • Let people around you know what they can do to make your flight a great one.
  • Enjoy the flight and don’t let any fear kill your joy.

How to overcome fear of heights

The fear of height is called acrophobia and those who suffer from it are said to be acrophobic. They tend to get sacred when they are some meters above the ground.

This fear can be handled by having an understanding of what triggers your fear. Is it a psychological disorder? If it is, you may need to get a special treatment for it but if it is not, you should try these out to help you manage your fear of heights.

  • Consider how harmful the height can truly be. You have to analyze how safe or dangerous the height can be.
  • Practice relaxation techniques (i.e yoga, meditation, etc.), they will help you understand your body and how you can handle yourself.
  • Eat caffeine free meals and exercise regularly. Caffeine is known to be a contributing factor to anxiety (anxiety can also cause acrophobia).
  • Oppose your fear by gradually exposing yourself to height. Start from those that are closer to the ground; when you overcome those, you can go higher.
  • If this fear will make you lose prominent opportunities, analyse the magnitude of your fear and talk to a therapist if need be.

How to overcome fear of driving

  1. Be calm

When you get behind the wheels and the fear strikes, all you need to do is to get rid of that anxiety by staying calm. Take deep bre3athes as much as you can and don’t stop telling yourself you can do it.

  1. Find out why you are afraid

There are many reasons a person could be afraid of driving. High speeds could make them shrink or maybe the overtaking of many cars may cause them to have a panic attack. Find out your reasons and create ways of overcoming them.

  1. Start driving short distances

Get to drive around a place you are familiar with that doesn’t have many cars around. Your neighborhood could be a great place to start. Try to go a little further than the previous distance. This will kill the fear and set you free.

  1. Improve your skills

If you are more confident in your skills, you will have lesser issues with hitting the highways. Learn and get better.

  1. If the fear still persist, talk to a therapist

If after all this, the fear doesn’t go, it may be time to talk to a therapist. They will analyze to see if your fear is from a medical condition or a trauma.

How to overcome fear of rejection

It hurts to be rejected but when you are,

  • Know that rejection will only make you stronger and better.
  • Let go of the self-pity. Stop thinking you are not good enough; this will repel people around you and make you less desirable.
  • Get your eyes on your dreams and chase till you get it. Don’t pursue it to prove to whoever rejected you that you are good enough, do it for yourself.
  • Use the power of positive imagination and create a better self –esteem.
  • Don’t make permanent decision based on your rejection. When you get over it, you will discover how better off you are without the person that rejected you.

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  1. Joshua

    June 30, 2019 at 6:10 AM

    fear of death is the #1 cause of death not cancer HIV or any other disease. More awareness is needed on this topic

  2. Metu Nyetu

    June 30, 2019 at 6:23 PM

    FEAR, MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, IS the misuse of the imagination. You look at a dark corner in your room and wonder if a shark is there, leering at you, even though you know that when you turn on the lights, what you find is just a table and a chair.

    BUT FEAR IS not always a negative quality. Without this element, many people would plunge headlong to their deaths before their “appointed” time. Fear engenders caution. Thus, fear saves life. It all depends on how the imagination is used.

    IT MAY even shock us that courage at times is borne out of ignorance. Some dangerous feats wouldn’t have been achieved if the adventurers had foreknown how risky their endeavours were. Here, it is mere boldness, not courage: For to be courageous is not to be without fear, but to be aware of the full extent of the possibility of harm, and yet defy them.

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