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How To Be A Happier Person

How To Be A Happier Person

How To Be A Happier Person

Depression is slowly becoming the order of the day. When you look at your life and the world in general, you, may be tempted to fall into its trap too but NO! You can’t let that happen.

Happiness is a choice; it is waking up every day and deciding you won’t let anything put you down. The search for happiness is unending but you can stop searching and start enjoying it. Happiness comes from the inside; all you just need to do is allow it flow.

How to be happy being single or alone

People who feel they have been single for too long, those who just had a breakup or those whose partners are away often find difficulty in being happy by themselves. Have you ever found yourself thinking that you’ll never be with the right one nor be happy by yourself? Don’t worry, this article was specially written to help you find the way to be happy even while you are alone.

To help you find happiness, this work is divided into two parts. The first to help you realize all you can gain from being single and secondly, how you can enjoy these benefits them.

The gains of being single

Being single is one of the best times in a person’s life. This is because a single person has the time and freedom to do and be anything he or she wants to be. When people are single, they enjoy the following benefits.

  1. Freedom from the emotional stress poor relationships or marriages bring

When people are in relationships, they are exposed to stress of dysfunctional partners. This can be really devastating as they usually have the urge to hold on and press forward with the hope that someday, they will change. A single person doesn’t have this kind of issue and can easily stay happy without having to deal with anyone’s drama.

  1. The privilege to do what they please without seeking for anyone’s permission

It’s great, right? Being able to do what you really want without anyone dictating whether or not you should do them or how they should be done. Only the singles can explain the joy derived from this kind of freedom.

  1. They have the opportunity to make better choices of partners

Those who are currently without partners have the privilege to lay down what they really want from their partners and carefully watch out for them when they come. It’s far easier to do this than to be with someone who you think is less deserving without even having the chance to be with the person you would have really loved to be with.

  1. Financial freedom

When a person is single, he or she is free from the financial commitment and entanglement they were in during their previous relationship or marriage. They can now spend their money the way they want to without being accountable to anyone.

How to acquire the gains of being single

There is a little work to be done if you must truly benefit from your present state. These little activities are carefully selected because they have been proven to really work. They are

  1. Believe being single is a blessing

This is an easy step because we have already discussed the benefits of being single. Believe you can also enjoy it.

  1. Let go of every strings that connected you to your past relationship if any

If you just left a relationship, it is advised that you work on yourself to be sure you have completely forgiven yourself and your ex and as such gotten yourself off the hook of that person. If you don’t have anything tying you down in this aspect, head on to the next option

  1. Develop yourself

The best thing you can do for yourself is to be better than you were. You have enough time and freedom; use it for your advantage. Learn that trade, take that trip, and do anything that can add to your life.

  1. Treat yourself well

Take care of yourself, look good for yourself. You don’t have to look terrible because think you don’t have anybody to impress. You deserve the best so now you have the chance, give it to yourself.

  1. Be positive

No matter how bad things may have been, never give yourself the opportunity to be negative. Hold your heads high and know that you are not less deserving. Hold yourself in high esteem and know that things will always get better.

How to be happy at work

There are many sure ways of being happy at work. The most important one is for you to do what you love. It’s really hard to grow tired of doing what gives you pleasure. Work with passion and let the motivation come from the inside.

Taking up responsibilities, building great teams and being a good team player will also make work fun for you. While executing your responsibilities, be friendly and nice to your team mates. Also make sure you make it your responsibility to know what’s going on in your workplace. Being informed about the growth rate of the company will give you the need motivation to work happily.

The next time you walk into that workplace, go with the mindset of commitment; work to be impactful. Let your impact be felt either through your ideas, skills or whatever you are good at. You will get more fulfilled by being impactful and there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you are making an impact.

Finally, be sure work is not taking all your time. You should be able to have time for family, friends and personal development. Neglecting your personal life will only leave you frustrated at the long run. It is also advised that you make friends from work; having a great time with your co-workers is sure way to be happy at work.

How to be happy with yourself

Being happy with yourself may be a very difficult thing to do especially when you are not growing into or becoming the person you’ve always thought of being but nevertheless, you can still be happy with yourself with the following facts.


This is the first step to being happy, accept yourself for who you really are then the world will have no other option than to accept you too. If there is something you hate about yourself, work hard on changing it but if it is unchangeable, then be happy with it. Does it make you stand out? Enjoy being different.


Did you really screw up at something that you don’t even know how to look at yourself in the mirror? Let it go. Understand that you are human and treat yourself like one. Break out of that prison of self-condemnation and pity; it will only drain your energy.

Be hopeful

No matter how hard or difficult it is, don’t lose hope. Hope is what keeps you going when everything proves otherwise. It is what makes your smiles possible. Keep facing the positive direction where the bright rays of hope will shine on you and make you happy again.

Give yourself what you truly deserve.

It’s easier to blame people for not treating and giving us what we deserve? Well, I think you have to turn the blaming finger to yourself because you are the #1 culprit of that offence. It’s time to do special things for yourself. Take yourself out; give yourself that special treat, cloth, or any of those things that makes life beautiful because you deserve them.

How to be happy in a relationship

There are no perfect relationships so having a happy relationship demands hard work and commitment. You and your partner have to be willing to let go of pride, fold up your sleeves and get to work. If you want to be happy in your relationship,

  1. Love truly

True love is unconditional; it is the ability of loving without expecting to be loved in return. With true love, expectations are low and you can hardly get disappointed.

  1. Speak up

If something is not alright, say it; you never can tell if you’ll be meeting an opportunity to solve that problem forever. If your relationship doesn’t give you the freedom to air your views; leave.

  1. Accept your partner

Satisfaction comes from accepting your partner for who they truly are and not from trying to change them to what you want them to be. You’ll only bring discord and disappointment when you keep trying to change him/her.

  1. Dress your own garden

Good relationships take time and effort to build. The two parties involved have to be willing to do the work. Take out time to surprise your partner, spend time with them and do things that can spice up your relationship. Create your own happiness.

  1. Maintain your relationship with others

People make the mistake of neglecting their friends and family when they get into a relationship. This is wrong because if anything goes wrong, they won’t have who to catch their fall. Keeping a healthy relationship with your friends will help you give your partner some space so you don’t grow weary of each other.

  1. Trust your partner

Distrust is a serious issue in relationships today. If you and your partner have trust issues, talk to yourselves to find out the cause of the distrust and fix it. If trust is impossible to attain in that relationship, so will happiness.

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