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how to reverse skin bleaching naturally

Natural Skincare Tips

How To Reverse Skin Bleaching Damage Naturally With Cosmeceutical Skincare Products & Alkaline Diet

how to reverse skin bleaching naturally

How To Reverse Skin Bleaching Damage Naturally Cosmeceutical Rich Skincare Products & Alkaline Diet

Stop Bleaching Your Skin, The Damage May Become Permanent & Cause Low Self Esteem

Hello dearie,

We are currently wrapping up the launch of Pure Blend Naturals Glowing Skin Miracle Kit that is why I’ve been missing in action in the past 10 hours or more.

The launch date will be Friday the 6th of December 2019.

This kit is going to give you  younger looking radiant skin and will help restore damaging effect of skin bleaching chemicals  and sunburn (backed by clinical research)

But before then, I want to warn everyone using damaging skincare products to please stop now before it is too late.

When we announced the launch of Pure Blend Glowing Skin miracle kit few days ago, we received over 85 emails from clients who have battled chemical and sun damage in one way or the other.

I just want to give you this quick tip.

Bashing Time!!!!!

Whoever introduced you to skincare bleaching chemicals, cream and tube, is either ignorant or is your sworn enemy.

These toxic skincare products are on the rise. They are formulated with Hydroquinone, a very toxic chemical that has been banned in the UK and other developed countries.

Come to think of it, of what use is a product that will end up damaging your skin???? Why not embrace all  natural skincare products that will make your skin a showpiece to the world.

For now, I have forgiven all of una please stop bleaching your skin for goodness sake.

Your natural completion is the best and that is why God gave it to you. Any other silly attempts to modify it will result in a mess. I bet it with you Bobrisky and other confused skin bleachers will soon start hating themselves for altering God’s precious handwork.

Now Let’s Get To Work!!!!

There are 2 ways to reverse the damaging effect of skin bleaching chemical and sunburn on the skin.

(1) Use All Natural Restorative Skincare Products By

We  launched this brand to help restore skin lost glory and give people a more youthful glowing skin.

Whether you know it or not, you  are exposed to environmental pollutants daily and this leads to aging and skin burn, when you use any of our skincare products, you are reversing the damage done to your skin overtime. Visit to check out our limited quantity all natural skincare products.

If you have chemically damaged skin, we are launching Skin Restoration Miracle Kit on Friday.

The launch was delayed because of delay in clinical trial results of people with sensitive skin. The result is expected to come out late today.

(2) Embrace Alkaline Diet

Even though the first step is the most important as it works faster, eating more alkaline foods like fresh fruit, vegetables, roots and tubers, nuts and legumes and only small amounts of meat and dairy products will also help. To support skin healing, you have to clean up your diet and lifestyle as much as possible.

If you smoke and drink alcohol, this is the time to stop it.

To start the first most important step to healing, get Pure Blend Naturals Skin Restoration Miracle Kit on Friday.

Out of the 500 we made, we are currently left with 58 pieces. Don’t forget to order yours on Friday.

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  1. Patoya Michael

    December 5, 2019 at 3:02 AM

    If you look at the trend, most skin bleachers are uneducated people

  2. Eunice

    December 6, 2019 at 12:33 AM

    I need a product to clear by sunburn..iv tried everything

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