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Fun Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage & Boring Relationship…Practical Ways To Reignite Passion & Eliminate Boredom

how to spice up your marriage relationship

By NG Relationship Expert

Practical Ways To Reignite Passion And Eliminate Boredom In Your Marriage Or Relationship

Being in a relationship is beautiful and rosy especially if it is a new marriage. The freshness of dating is still very much alive and there is still the leisure of hanging out, eating out etc.

However, maintaining this relationship is always an up-hill task especially when distractions, work and children start coming. At this period, there would be little or no time for each other. It gets so bad that some couples only greet in the mornings and before going to bed.

This could lead to family issues, and apathy on the part of the couple. Once it gets to this extent, it means there is an urgent need to work on and improve the relationship. This needs a good deal of effort from both angles.

The husband is the head of the house and usually, due to the pressure of work and providing for the family, he may not have the time to show affection to his wife.

Here are some practically ways to spice things up.

Know Your Wife: This is perhaps the most important thing every husband should know. Determine if your wife is the cool reserved one or the boisterous outgoing one. This would help you relate with her better.

Make Your Relationship Number One:  Priorities are what helps us know what attention and time to allocate to people and things. Husbands should learn to put their relationships first in all they do. This means putting their wives’ feelings at the front burner when taking decisions such as  hanging out with friends, buying new furniture etc.

Moral Balance:  Every husband must have moral inclinations which is in tandem with those of his wife. This means that if he goes to church A, so would the wife. This makes for uniformity and helps improve the relationship.

Buy Her Stuffs: Most husbands forget this in the wake of the rush of a modern life. They forget that women are like little girls that love gifts and need to be pampered. Therefore, whatever tickles her fancy – chocolates, jewelries, shoes, lingerie, flowers etc, get them for her.

Also, every once in a while, take her out for that nice spa treatment, treat her to a bubble bath, buy her massage oils. All these help strengthen your relationship.

Make The Communication Line Open: Nothing beats communication. Husbands ought to communicate their feelings to their wives. Learn to express displeasure, satisfaction, contentment etc to her. Bottling up feelings is never a good idea because nobody can read minds so she has no way of knowing what is bothering you. Instead, speaking about it helps to resolve conflicts faster.

Increase Intimacy:  While sex is important in every relationship, intimacy does not only connote this. It could mean kissing, snuggling up to each other, helping her cook a meal, making eye contacts, shampooing her hair, massaging her with her favourite oil. The list is really endless.

Reach  A Compromise: Marriage is a partnership which means that parties involved must agree to disagree. Always try to negotiate and reach a common ground. Arguments should not be a do or die affair where the husband is eager to assert his head ship. Sometimes, concede to her opinion for peace to reign.

Also, there should be no point arguing over trivial things such as why the bed is not properly made etc. Such things are not worth loosing sleep over. All these and more help the husband improve his relationship with his family and makes for better family times and bonds.

The wife on her part also has a huge role to play. Some of the way she can do this include:

Appreciate Your Man: This is very pertinent. Wives need to constantly remind their husbands how good they look and smell. Believe it or not, every man wants to come in and meet you gushing over him. Therefore, compliment him when he is all dressed up, tell him how good he is and how nice his Cologne smells. This does wonders to a man’s psyche.

Take Care of Your Appearance: Men generally are moved by what they see and your husband is no exception. Taking care of your appearance means that your clothes and hair should be properly done. No husband would want to come home to meet a stench. Always make sure you look appealing and delectable.

Also, work on your shape. With kids down the line,women are bound to add weight. This is no excuse however not to work on yourself. Work out at least three times a week and eat healthy meals.

Watch What You Say:  Women usually have issues with words. Remember, words can hurt and they can heal too. Therefore, what you say to tour husband is very important. Never speak in anger to him. It could spell doom.

Maintain Intimacy: With the whole stress of modern life, strive to achieve intimacy. Women are encumbered with work and taking care of the home. This should not excuse the fact that your husband is top priority. Again, this does not always mean sex. It could be the simplest things as hugs and cuddling.

Communicate: The importance of this cannot be over emphasized. Talking about issues bothering you with your husband is a good way to resolving them faster.

Honesty: No matter how embarrassing the situation is, be honest with tour husband. It could be you switched credit cards. Regardless, tell him the truth. You would be glad you did.

Couples who wish to excel and improve their relationship need to work with these tips and even more to serve as a path finder to spicing up their relationship.

Practical Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life With Your Husband

Falling in love is easy but staying in live is not. Often, after the initial chase and thrills, the heady feelings begin to wane and all that is left are old embers. Stoking up these embers would require efforts on both parties. They need to collaborate and rebuild the lost spark.

Whether it is your boyfriend or girlfriend, there are several ways to spice things up:

Recreate Memories: This is very important in relationships. Recreating memories means that those beautiful moments such as the first time you guys met or that special date would always be remembered. Talk about them because they help keep the fire burning.

Make Out: This is a risky venture that the fun to relationships. Making out like sneaking out from parties (within the bounds of reason though) is always fun and leaves a tingling sensation.

Mark Each other’s Birth days and Anniversaries: Birthdays are times couples seek to have fun and be in each other’s company. Getting your partner a gift is always the best bet on this occasion. Also anniversaries such as when you guys started dating should be remembered. This makes for assessment and continuity.

how to reignite passion in boring marriage

Buy Each Other Gifts: Gifts are awesome, but what better one than the  one by a lover? Some love sentimental gifts especially. Buy them for her and she would treasure you. Gifts such as lingeries, perfumes, teddy bears, scented oils are every woman’s delight. Going the extra mile, couples can make gifts more endearing making them branded. This connotes a sense of attachment and privacy to it. Examples branded mugs, key holders (with the other’s face on them). Remember, this goes both ways so getting your man gifts such as Cologne, watches, shirts, cuff-links etc should not be out of place.

Role Play: This adds to the sexual spice. Take up a character and act it out with your man. This is so cool and sexy. You could even act out the first day you guys met and see how interesting it would be.

Do Things Together: Whether it is as simple as cooking a meal together or having a bath together, couples who do things together, stay together.

how to spice up your marriage love life

Surprises: Everyone loves surprises especially from a lover. Surprise him or her every once in a while by sending them gifts at work or taking them to eat out or for a vacation in a fancy hotel.

how to spice up your marriage after 20 years

Dress Naughty: This goes primarily to the ladies. Dressing naughty heats things up and makes him desire you all over again. It could be his favourite string or thongs, his shirt or a sexy nightie etc. Anything you know would turn him on is what you should wear.

Go Freaky: Freaky is the new sane. There should be no boundaries as to the level of adventure you and your partner should explore. Doing crazy things together and showing the craziest parts uninhibited, can be truly rewarding.

Create Memories and Secrets: This is very important for a healthy relationship. Creating little memories make for greater Intimacy. Sharing secrets with friends is good, with a lover however, it is even more fun. It gives them something to snigger and laugh about without anybody’s knowledge. Sometimes, lovers use sign languages to make it easier for them and less complicated.

Bear in mind that this is by no means exhaustive, however it should be built on daily to make for a longer lasting and healthier relationship.

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  1. Junior Ozu

    September 19, 2018 at 6:34 AM

    God bless this writer.
    Every couple having one issue or the other must read this. Let’s get back to basic

  2. Pea

    September 19, 2018 at 2:12 PM

    God bless the writer. I love it

  3. Mon

    September 20, 2018 at 2:02 AM

    Good article, but in addition from my own perspective, some women must understand that problems never ends,so should always make time for their husbands for a good love making and sex,very important because they (women) always want everything done before giving in while (most) men do want it before doing anything.

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