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How To Start A Courier Service, Transportation & Shipping Business In Nigeria

how to start courier service transportation shipping business nigeria

How To Start A Courier Delivery, Transportation And Shipping Business In Nigeria

The movement of people and cargo from one place to a target location is a sensitive and lucrative venture. When properly researched and efficiently managed, these kinds of businesses are capable of yielding generous returns.

How To Start A Courier Business In Nigeria

A courier business is a method of delivering products, varying in nature to their diverse destinations. Courier services are known to speedily move materials trusted into their care and adequately provide security for these goods as well.

The purchase of goods and services online has greatly gained popularity over the last decade. With this rise in online selling and purchase, stems the need for fast and secure delivery methods. Hence, the growing need for courier delivery services. Most online stores enlist the services of courier delivery businesses to help them meet the large demands of their customers. To start a courier delivery business in Nigeria here are things which should be taken into consideration.

Draw Up A Business Plan

Every good business requires a plan. Draw up a good business plan for your courier delivery service. A business plan gives complete details about everything which has to do with a business. From going through your business plan, one should deduce all there is to know about the business. Like the name, the services being offered, your rates, expenses which will be incurred, marketing and expansion strategies, the vision, goals of the business in question and so on.

Secure Your Capital

The availability of a start-up capital is very vital to the setup of any business. Secure the money which is needed for the kind of services you intend to offer. In the case of a courier business, money will be needed to secure proper modes of transport, the necessary equipment as well as the work force which will be gotten.

 Pick A Trade Name

Put careful thoughts into coming up with a name, logo and possibly a motto for your business. This is the tricky part and it is best to get the help of an expert at this point. An expert would ensure that your name and logo comes out looking catchy enough, with a touch of professionalism.

Business Registration

To get the necessary trust and recognition in Nigeria, your business needs to be properly registered. Nigerians are very suspicious and could easily believe your business is a scam, if you are not properly registered and acknowledged by the government. Your courier business should be registered under two Nigerian organizations one is the Corporate Affairs Commission and the other is the Nigerian Postal Service. Registration under the Nigerian Postal Service is especially important being that, this organization is in charge of courier delivery businesses in Nigeria.

Create A Website And Other Online Presences

Again this is another job best given to an expert, so you get the best, as well as give your website a professional and trusted look. Courier services are now known to give customers the option of tracking their goods, until it reaches it stated destination. A responsive website will not only make this possible, but also make contact and purchase much easier for customers too. Other things like payment mediums, email services, rates, delivery time frames and such should also be made available on your website.

Additionally, create profiles for your company on social media platforms to market and advertise your service rates to a wider range of people.

Price And Locations Of Delivery

Prices for this business are classified according to the nature of the goods and the distance of delivery. Make sure your prices and locations are clearly stated, so your customers are fully aware of what to expect. Also ensure that your rates are within profit range and are affordable for your customers too.

Build Business Relationships

Make an effort to reach out and market your services to established businesses which may require your expertise. Like e-commerce businesses, online malls and the likes.

Grow And Improve Your Services

Don’t be afraid to grow your business and incorporate several other creative delivery ideas into it. While doing so, ensure you maintain high and efficient standards at all times. Never relax when it comes to the quality of your services, strive to do better and improve upon your services. As you grow, expand your work force also. Employ efficient workers to help adequately cater to the demands of your customers.

How To Start A Transportation Business In Nigeria

The use of public transportation for short and long distance movements is quite popular in Nigeria. Whatever medium of vehicle transportation service you would like to go into, if managed well, it promises good amount of profits. Transportation services could take the form of the movement of humans, cargo or both. To start out, follow these steps.

Choose The Kind Of Transportation Business

Private cabs, large and small commercial buses, cargo vehicles etc; the kind of transportation business you decide to go for, determines the amount which would be required for start-up.

Map Out Your Coverage Area

Select the areas which you would be plying. Will your transport business be within or out of town? What regions will bring in more money? What taxation policies are placed on your routes? These are questions you could ask yourself when determining your coverage locations.

Registration Of Vehicles

After securing the required mode of transportation, getting the proper licenses and the necessary legal papers for the operation of your vehicles cannot be overlooked. Also, getting approval from the needed transportation bodies is very important. Registering with organizations like the National Association of Road Transport Workers, National Association Of Government Approved Freight Forwarders, Nigerian Association of Road Transport Owners and the likes, should be done.

Employ Good Drivers

Get goods driver into your employ, draft out a fair profit deal for the both of you and the periods which money should be remitted. Profits will depend on the kind of transport and the routes being travelled. Nigerian drivers are not the most reliable people. They are known to cook up a variety of tales in attempt to cheat you out of your profits. Therefore be sure to incorporate consequences for such actions.

Save Profits And Expand

The profits which are gotten can be gradually saved in order to secure more transport vehicles and expand your business. You business can start on a small scale and gradually grow to cover various locations in Nigeria with effective planning.

How To Start A Shipping Business In Nigeria

Setting up a shipping business in Nigeria can be quite challenging and demands that you really understand the shipping market and have the required capital. Shipping will require you secure all necessary qualifications and quality equipment for the running and administration of this business. Before going into this business, be absolutely sure you have the capacity to make it work, without running at a loss or into debt.

Thoroughly Research Shipping Business

You must study the shipping business very diligently. Study the shipping market and find out the kind of products in demand at different locations, their seasons of demand and things like that. It is not enough to read books and news reports about shipping. You need to take a physical hands-on approach, like directly visiting existing shipping businesses or even arranging to get some sort of internship with them or employment within one.

Decide Your Products Type

Make a decision on what products you plan to market. You should have a category of goods which you intend to ship. Will they be edible products, delicate products, cars, electrical gadgets and appliances etc. properly study the categories of products you can ship in and pick the one most favorable.

 Create A Business Plan

This plan should contain the financial requirements for your business, business competitors, strategies for management and success, shipping rates and expected profits, likely challenges, solutions, modes of fund acquisition, company organization and administration. Basically every tiny little detail that has to do with this business should be incorporated into this business plan. It is important to get this plan drafted out properly as you will most likely need it when sourcing for funds from potential investors.

Source For Your Capital

This business requires a whole lot of capital to kick start it. So figure out a means with which you plan to acquire your capital. It could be through loans and the likes. Then begin the processes it will take to get your funds organized.

Secure Necessary Documentation

Get in contact with the government recognized shipping bodies in Nigeria for registration and to secure the needed approval and licenses, for recognition and operation. Registration is to be done in adherence to the laws of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency. Having problems with government shipping bodies is bad for business.

Brand Name And Web Address

Your company will need a name, website, company logo, business cards and general official requirements for a business. Put all these in place. Play it safe and hire a professional for the job. Having these things put together will make it easier to market your services to potential clients.

Get Adequate Equipment

Various materials will be required to properly and efficiently run your business. Things like: office stationeries, shipping containers, card machineries, tracking devices, deliveries vehicles, should be gotten.

Acquire Property And Employ Staff

Landed property should be acquired at a favorable area. The land should also have the much needed space for the storage of a good number of containers. It should have easy accessibility. A work force will be required for your company office on land and at sea as well.

Delivery service businesses in Nigeria hold great success possibilities when done properly.

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