How UK Embassy In Nigeria Duped My Students – S Lawal


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March 22, 2016 – How UK Embassy In Nigeria Duped My Students – S Lawal

I will like to make a serious complain about the UK embassy.

A Muslim school I work for goes on international excursion every second term of the session.

In 2013, we were in Dubai, 2014, South Africa and 2015, we were in Saudi Arabia.

This year we plan to travel to the United Kingdom.

As usual, we applied and were interviewed.

We were asked for the purpose of our visit, we told them it’s for a 10-day excursion.

We were told to come the following week for a response and to our surprise, we were denied visa.

We appealed the decision was told to re-aaply..we did that and we were not granted again..

My question is this…why did they say we should re-apply when they know they are not going to grant us. Is it because we are Muslims?

This cost us over 3 million naira. These people are professional thieves.

[S Lawal writes from Lagos]