Hugo Chavez Dead: Venezuela’s President Died Of Cancer At 58


hugo chavez dead

March 5, 2013 – Hugo Chavez Dead: Venezuela’s President Died Of Cancer At 58

The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez is Dead.

He died last week but his death was just announced by vice president, Nicolas Maduro one hour ago after over two years battle with Cancer.

Before his death announcement today, his supporters prayed and wept in his hospital’s chapel after learning the cancer-stricken leader’s condition has worsened, plunging Venezuela into an uncertain future.

hugo chavez bodyLate Chavez

The once omnipresent face of the Latin American left has neither emerged nor spoken in public in almost three months, leaving the oil-rich nation and the region on tenterhooks.

“I came to pray because the news were shocking and we have to face it by not losing faith and hope,” said Marta Rodriguez, 50, a housewife who was among 50 people in the Caracas military hospital’s “Chapel of Hope” that was inaugurated for Chavez last Friday.

“I ask God for a miracle for the president to get healthy, for him to get out of this difficult situation. The president is a very special person,” she said, as others in the chapel held pictures of the 58-year-old leader.

On Monday, Venezuela’s government announced Hugo Chavez health has worsened after suffering a rare respiratory infection.

May his soul rest in peace.