Angry Rev Father Burns Pope Benedict XVI’s Photo During Sermon In Italy “He Has Abandoned Us”

rev father burns pope picture italy

March 5, 2013 – Angry Rev Father Burns Pope Benedict XVI’s Photo During Sermon In Italy “He Has Abandoned Us”

Church chiefs in Italy have launched an investigation after an Italian priest set fire to a photograph of former Pope Benedict XVI in front of dozens of stunned worshippers. Father Andrea Maggi, 67, ignited the picture during a sermon, saying that Benedict had “abandoned” the Catholic Church.

He then went on to compare him, to Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino, who was been accused of fleeing his post and leaving passengers on the stranded cruise ship. Father Andrea, a priest for more than 40 years, told the packed service at Santo Stefano church in Castelvittorio near Imperia: “I’m doing this because he has not been a Pope, he has abandoned us.

A shepherd never leaves his flock.” Parishioners including children, looked on amazed as the picture of Benedict, who resigned last week after eight years as Pontiff was enveloped in flames before the priest let it drop to the ground and burn itself out.

Father Andrea is unrepentant, and said: “I’d said that I would burn his picture the day he left and that’s what I did. I’m glad what I did has caused such an outcry. I don’t have maize in my head. We are not in a communist state. “I’m not interested in his reasons for leaving. The job of Pope is for life. He should not have left. He’s behaved just like (Francesco) Schettino. Where is the proof of his faith? “The Pope said this was the year of faith and he then leaves his post as head of the church.”

Bishop Alberto Maria Careggio, of the diocese, said: “This was an abominable action. I’m mortified by the actions of Father Andrea who in the past has always been a very generous and sensible priest. I’m arranging a meeting with him as soon as possible.”

Benedict said he made the shock decision, the first time a Pope has resigned in 600 years because he “felt tired”. However by stepping down he has angered many Catholics and some senior Church chiefs as the job is for life. Locals in his parish, which nestles in a picturesque medieval hilltop village, have described him as “very strict and ultra orthodox”.

Before the incident Father Maggi, who has been a priest there for five years, had been complaining bitterly about Benedict’s decision. Gianstefano Orengo, mayor of Castel Vittorio, who witnessed the incident, said: “Certainly everyone knew Father Andrea was upset and angry at Benedict’s announcement. “It was a shocking thing to see. I know it may be a difficult time for him but it was still a serious thing to do.”

He pulled out a picture of the Pope and then used a nearby candle to ignite it as he started his sermon. “It lasted a minute or so and he then said Benedict had acted in a similar fashion to (Francesco) Schettino who left his post when the Costa Concordia struck rocks and with passengers still needed to be saved. People were shocked and started complaining and several including myself left the service.

There was no justification at all for it even if there are mitigating circumstances. “People were shocked and started complaining and several including myself left the service. There was no justification at all for it even if there are mitigating circumstances.” Meanwhile cardinals in Rome have begun their discussions ahead of setting a date for the start of the conclave which will elect the next Pope, with the selection process expected to begin in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel next week.

[Source: Daily Sun]

17 thoughts on “Angry Rev Father Burns Pope Benedict XVI’s Photo During Sermon In Italy “He Has Abandoned Us”

  1. I disagree wit dat. There must b a hidden agenda y Rev Andrea did dat. Pls investigate him so dat d truth b told. Moreova benedict16 has his full right 2resign coz even d bible said worshiping God has to be whole souled,mind and not under coercion. Leave God 2judge accordn 2Mat 7:1. But i stil disconcor Rev reasons of his action.

  2. Catholic church is on fire God pls come to there rescure. The church or setan members wnt to take over the catholic church by trying to make sure that 1 of their member becomes the next popo. This is End Tym season be prayerful.

  3. Fr Andrea or what did u call ur self, how sure are u dat u are a tru and good priest? How can u do such tin by setting ablaze the pix of ur pope,what a disgraceful tin to d entire catholic in d world.go and read d history very wel and understand d concept becos benedict d ix is not d first to resign so and he wil not be d last to do so. Fr andrea, go for confession and ask God for forgiveness becos u have sinned to GOd and man.

  4. Pls my friends in catholism….. There is no truth in that denomination.. I beliv pope bendith has discovered the truth ìn the catholic world that made him to resign..with the worship of idol in the name of mary to other immoral act like homosexuality and the like has made the vatican setting directly under hell.. Pls my catholic brothers and sisters do not be dcived but asked God through Jesus and the reading of the Bible to guide u to the truth…

    • u ik i knw u ar nt a catholic but al d same let me tel u smting the root of evry of evry christian communit started from catholic church, and this church is started by jesus him self then to apostle nd over to us even to the extent dat your bible tels u is what was compile by the ecuminicle council of the church in the year 1546 .nd knw dat dis church u see today has surferd mre dis in the past the book of eclis 3vs3 said dat thre is time 4 evryting nd i see it lik time of it nd it only ned prayer nt by anger ,that is the fruit of evil 1 the best instition dat wil help u to go to heaven is catholic church, wit best teaching nd sacraments. Ik cme bk to the sheep fold of God

  5. Why is the rev father angry becos he resigned & u burnt all his a believer in christ u shud control everymintues of anger.Allow God to takecare,the x pop nos why he resigns or ar u mising him.d lord is ur strength

  6. @ ik or what ever u called ur self shut that ur dirty mouth before jesus christ himself will curse u for insulting his own mother.pls if u dont know what to say, just leave our holy Mother out of this.As for catholic church,the gate of hell cannever prevail whether pope resign or not.long live Roman Catholic Church.

  7. The pope has resignd notin any1 can do abt it,a new pope wud emerge & tak d positn,as 4 d italian priest,am nt supris,its dey d white dt ar cursin d prob d church is facin;homosexuality,gay,paedophilia,name dem.burnin d pictur dos nt mean anytin,is jus his own way of xpresin his stupidity xcept dt it’s durin d service…dis ar tryin tims 4 d universa church nd wud soon end wen d nxt pope arivs.4 dos talkin abt image nd idolatry…dos r symbols 2 wich aid worshp,dey mak u recal d gud lif of d pple d represnt e.g Mary statur,in d old testament God even instruct moses 2 mak a cherubin as a symbol 4 wrshp even d image of d snake d bits d isrealit was wt God tod moses 2 alow d victims luk at 2 get healin.The islams worshp d kabah 4 my muslim broda rantin his mouth abt d catholic church

  8. ik or whatever ur name is, who told u that there’s no truth in Catholic. My dear, watch ur tongue n remember what the scipture says: ”do not judge 4 u not 2 be judged”. Calling the name of Mary dosn’t mean they’re worshiping idols, it is honour. Do not forget that the priests do not go 2 juju for miraculous power.

  9. Let me mak sumtin clear 2 u guyz**d catholic church is d best n wil remain d best eva! Hav u eva heared of any priest been arrested 4 usin human part 4 healin?? U guyz clame 2 b a folower of jesus christ bt u c his moda as ntin(virgin mary pastor has no busines in his church member d best he can do 4 u guyz is 2 use d church moni 2 buy private jet,xpensive univ,houses send his children abroad while his memberz live in poverty

  10. Henry u ar very correct! D last person dat wil eva eat my 5nair in dis world is a pastor if i want 2 help i wil go 2 d hospital,orphanage

  11. Catholic people,Basilia, i can see u are shorting somebody’s mouth, do u people follow what is in the Bible at all, where in ur Bible that says we should pray through holy mother of Jesus Christ, where can u see a place in the Bible where God says we should pray through holy Mary, Holy Mary was just a fortunate being, God had used her for His purpose, after that He never direct anybody to her but her SON, JESUS CHRIST. The holy woman has been fulfilled that is all, GOD SAYS we should pray to Him through JESUS CHRIST not through Holy Mary for Christ sake. May God forgive us ALL, Amen.

  12. @ Helen let me recite d first part of d prayers for u,Hail Mary full of grace, d lord is with u, blessed a u among women and blessed is d fruit of thy womb Jesus.Even Jesus Christ himself honor his mothers request just as in d case of wedding in canna. Now @ Helen hv u rejected ur own mother?

    • Guys thanks for all the comments above; Relative ignorance is aproblem of almost every one…….and therefore we should always ask christ for wisdom to help us kno or discover wat we are ignorant of; For those whose christianity is simply limited to the written word of God “the Bible”, ask yourself wat xtianity u wld hve if u lived before the existence of this book? who best derive true meaning from this book? how did this bk come to be?
      ignorance is the problem,not Mother Mary and not the statues. u insult the Catholic church but thank God that Church never insults u. Yes thats wat we should do always whn thngs aren’t done our way. lets seek to understand and not to be understood.Catholic Bishops determined the Bible and now some pple in their little knowledge use the Bible to insult the church.The best way to go is to pray for each other that Jesus destroys the curtain of ignorance btn us. we pray for the new and the elderly pope, for Fr. Andrea and for those who thing like him and for all the evangelists that the Kingdom of God prevails.

  13. All catholic members are all blind towards the word of God- So catholic is now a certificate to [email protected]? I pity you! Go and read your bible very well, no church will ever take you to heaven, be it your almighty catholic or Jesus’ own church founder by Himself before ascending to heaven(if there’s any)-The only thing in this life that will take someone to heaven is your holiness. Your good, pure and clean relationship with God. The bible says that those who will make heaven are those who are blameless, spotless,sinnless. Ie:Those who has no sin in them. Those who are holy and pure before God. So nnaemeka, your catholic is not a certificate to heaven.If you know nothing about the. bible just shut up to avoid bringing condemnation to yourself.

    • Dear Queen, you seem to insinuate that being Catholic is equavalent to ignorance of the Bible; that is not true. Evry catholic teaching is biblical and you want check on the catholic church liturgical calender you will find that each day that passesby part of the bible is read at MASS that is said daily in catholic chapels world over. On the surface its difficult for non catholics or non practicing catholics to appreciate this. ALL non catholic xtians find difficulty in scriptural explanation of some of the prayers, liturgy and practices of the catholic church and ufortunately instead of seeking to kno they demonise the church because of wat they haven’t understood. you non catholics shld realise that u hve a faith that is only about 500yrs or so old and catholicism is 2000yrs old or so, thus this shld be one of the hints to help u kno or seek to kno thngs xtian in the catholic church dat are alien to u instead of engaging in abusing wat u simply don’t click.ALL forms of protestantism are a simple or surface form of xtianity and catholicism lived or practiced is the deep form of xtianity. STEVE RAY a convert to catholicism has soft copy evengelical videos explaining all your questions about the catholic church, if you need one google “Steve ray” or contact me at [email protected]. seek to kno, don’t be the ” i kno it all” and engage in useless insulting of the catholic church.

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