I Left Chris Okotie’s Church Bcos He’s Teaching Church Members How To Speak In Tongues – Ogungbemile


chris okotie speaking in tongues

June 20, 2015 – I Left Chris Okotie’s Church Bcos He’s Teaching Church Members How To Speak In Tongues – Tayo Ogungbemile

Barrister David Akintayo Ogungbemile was an Acting Comptroller General of Nigeria Customs Service before his retirement in 2004 by the President Olusegun Obasanjo-led administration. In this recent interview he narrated how he left Chris Okotie’s church and how God rescued him from assassins.

See interview excerpts:

Your job which involves tackling smugglers is quite risky. Did you have any close shave with death in the course of doing your job?

Three times, I escaped from death for doing my job well. I would have been killed just like that. I was lucky but my driver was not so lucky on one of the occasions. He was shot because we adopted what we call participant observation in sociology. I was in charge of investigation back then. I had serious push at the home front and the press about some developments. To address the problem, I invited four officers that I trusted and asked them to go to the people involved in the issue as customers. I told them to go and be working with those people so that we could nab them. At first, we wanted to invite the police but they dodged. With prayer and fasting, we succeeded in nibbing the problem in the bud. That was why they wanted to kill me.

A day before my driver was killed, I was going in my official vehicle to Agege, Lagos. Along the way, I had a foreboding that somebody wanted to hit me. The feeling didn’t allow me to rest. When the fear persisted, I then shifted to the left side of the vehicle and started searching the vehicle to know if somebody had planted something in it. But I didn’t see anything.
The following day, I asked my driver to go and meet the other driver and make sure that both of them came here to pick me. By providence, the driver, the night before, rather than taking the car to the usual place where he was supposed to park, because it was raining and too late, he parked at a police station. The following day, he went to take the car to go and pick the other driver. The assailants, who were probably trailing me, thought that, that was the time I used to resume duty, opened fire on the vehicle and killed the driver. When they now discovered that I wasn’t there, they started threatening that the battle had just begun.

After that, I was posted to Maiduguri to have some breather. At the time, if customs officers seized ordinary jerry can of petrol, they would bomb our office. Subsequently, I called one of the officers that were very loyal to me and told him that I had a dream where I was bathing with petrol and that it was as if they wanted to smuggle petrol along that road. I resolved that such would not happen. We eventually caught three tankers of petrol. Our challenge was how to take three tankers of petrol to our office in an environment that people attacked us when we seized a jerry can of petrol. With prayer and fasting, we took it to the station and nothing happened.
After that, I was posted back to Lagos.

You appear to have a strong faith in God. How did you come about this?

I have always been in tune with God right from the beginning following my dad to church. But I became born again after I married my wife. One day, she insisted that I should follow them to Pastor Chris Okotie’s church. When I got there, I was swept off by his language. I left Pentecostal church when the same Okotie said if you don’t know how to speak in tougues, line up this way. The activism in me kicked against it because I feel that speaking in tongues should come naturally. I don’t have to be schooled before I speak in tongues. When you talk about one on one relationship with God, I got that from my father and when you talk about being born again, it came from my wife. Ironically, I didn’t go to church even for a day, all through my university days. I left Household of God and went back to orthodox church. I attend African Church.