“I Need Deliverance” – Pick Pocket Caught Stealing At RRS Office Confesses

pick pocket arrested rrs office

September 19, 2016 – “I Need Deliverance” – Pick Pocket Caught Stealing At RRS Office Confesses

Deji Ayoola, a 28-year-old man arrested by the operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) for pick-pocketing proved his mettle by stealing N1,200 again inside the Police’s office during an interrogation.

The suspect was hitherto, nabbed by the patrol team of the squad at Ojodu Berger at the weekend for pick-pocketing a commuter trying to board a commercial vehicle to the Redemption Camp.

He had successfully perpetrated the crime before the RRS operatives who sighted him when he was removing the wallet pursued and arrested him.

Speaking with the victim over the incident, Ayodele Akerele said;

“I collected a sum of N14,500 from Automated Teller Machine (ATM) from a bank at Berger on my way to the Redemption Camp. However, I had no inkling that my money had been removed. It was about the time to pay fare that I discovered my wallet had disappeared”.

“In fact, I had even forgotten about the money until the following day, when an operative from RRS called me that my wallet was recovered from a suspect when they nabbed him. The Policeman added that they found my mobile number inside my wallet which made it easy for them to call me.I was shocked to hear this because I had already lost hope of recovering the money”, he stated.

The suspect who lived at Mowe area of Ogun State, confessed to the crime and blamed devil for it.

“I truly removed the wallet from his (victim) pocket before I was arrested by the policemen. They bundled me to their office immediately. It was the devil who pushed me into the act. I pray to God to forgive me. I just to the demon removed from my head”, he pleaded.

It was gathered that during his interrogation at the RRS’s headquarters in Alausa, the suspect showed his skill again by stylishly stepping on a N1,200 which fell from a police woman’s pocket while she was removing her cell phone from her pocket.

When the money dropped on the floor, rather than draw her attention to the money, he pocketed it.
Unknown to him, another suspect had seen him when he was hiding the money and immediately alerted the officer that the money she was looking for was with the suspect.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Superintendent of Police, SP Dolapo Badmus, who confirmed the incident, said the crime rate in the state has drastically reduced.
The suspect has been transferred to the State Environmental Taskforce for prosecution

14 thoughts on ““I Need Deliverance” – Pick Pocket Caught Stealing At RRS Office Confesses

  1. ***Which crime rate reduced? Lairs…with these high unemployment rate and harsh economy? I wonder why lagos Police spokeswoman would say that..

  2. Stupid boy, when u know that u need deliverance why don’t u go for it?But u waited till u are caught now u are saying rubbish, may u rot in jail.

  3. I REMEMBER the first—and the only—day I fell victim to these guys. It was a funny experience. I had dropped of a lady at Mile 1 market in PH. It was night. But there were still taxis waiting for passengers. Before we knew it, a group of small boys rushed towards us in the name of helping to carry the lady’s load to the taxi that would eventually take her to her final destination. I mistakenly stepped on the toes of one of the boys and he started drawing me at my waist belt for stepping on him. I almost got provoked before one of his companions told him to pipe low. But the place had already gone a little rowdy.

    Then the boys left us and disappeared into darkness. Just as they were leaving, another boy came with a purse and showed the lady that was with me, asking her whether that was not her purse. He said that those guys who had just left us had dropped it. The girl recognized her purse, but as expected, they had already rummaged through it. Nothing was left. I was asking the girl how they could pick her purse without her knowledge when, in the midst of my sentence, I pursed to examine myself as well. Oh boy, those guys were professionals. I first started laughing at myself more or less for the question I was about asking that lady. Then my laughter was gradually and steadily flushed out of my face by real anger. But then, all the guys had blended with the darkness. It was only that lady and I, and a genuine barrow pusher, that were there at that point. I had to endure that pain.

    I LEARNT my lesson that night.

    • Really Metu?
      A lady ?
      DAMN & I thought you’re a VIRGIN.
      Oh , my bad,you guys were having a special praying meeting. Now I get it !

  4. i don’t doubt the fact that you need deliverance but your deliverance starts with you.. you just have to be contented with what you have..
    why am i advising you self when it of no use.. go and see learn from jail
    #clueless human

  5. Police and thieves in the street, oh yeah ! This incident reminds me of that song but I don’t know why it does. The guy is telling the truth when he says he needs delivance, for which right minded person would be under arrest for pick-pocketing only for him to steal MONEY from the POLICE while in custody of the police. E don abuse teacher Mama be that because if you no do teacher anything I’m dey beat you, imagine wetin I’m go do you when you abuse I’m Mama!

    The guy has used his own has to add Count 2 to the original offense he was arrested for. Miserable fool!!!

  6. That police spokeman must a kind of related to the minster of Information, -LIAR- Mohammed.

    In fact, almost all mohammeds are liars right from the world go. Its only in Christ Jesus you can find the TRUTH. ( John 14:6).

    Again not that I am in support of any form of crime but before the prosecute this man, I would like to know what happened to that case of N13B+ Nigerian money that was traced to the acc. of the former 1st lady, Patience J.

    D Hunter.

  7. ur head need to be washed so that the demon can leave u alone. a thief will always say it’s devil that pushed him to steal even in d station

  8. Hahahaha…hahaha haha ! DAMN ! OH yea , you do really need deliverance!
    You serious now ?
    Stealing even in detention?

    Boy you gonna be kidding me.
    I don’t believe in jazz, I could’ve said you were under it influence. What you need is psychiatric evaluation because this is mind blowing . Is like a movie script.

    This is just too funny.

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