I Opened Yul Edochie Acting Academy Because Of My Experience – Pete Edochie’s Son Tells Critics

yul edochie acting academy registration

May 22, 2016 – I Opened Yul Edochie Acting Academy Because Of My Acting & Directing Experience – Pete Edochie’s Son Tells Critics

By NaijaGists.com

The son of veteran Nollywood actor Pete Edochie has replied fans bashing him on the social media for trying to rip people off with his new acting academy.

While shedding light on his original intention, Yul Edochie said;

“I love directing and I love teaching. As a director you have the power to teach others and bring them up to the required level. As an actor, you can only play your part and hope the movie comes out well, but as a director you have the power to make the movie come out well.

“The passion is and will always be my drive. I’m madly in love with my job. Not to worry guys, I am not leaving the screen. I just love to teach others what I know. Making our films come out better and doing what I love doing.”

Yul Edochie Academy registration form is currently on sale for 10,000 Naira.

12 thoughts on “I Opened Yul Edochie Acting Academy Because Of My Experience – Pete Edochie’s Son Tells Critics

  1. why are they criticizing him,when its not as if he made it mandatory for people to buy the form

  2. He is indeed a fine actor and interpretes his roles perfectly well. I like him. Am a fan too.

    Am not surprise he is like that cos‘ anything born by a snake must have a long tail, you know?

    However, if experience is all it takes to set up an actors/actresses academy then his Dad Pete Edochie, “God father the Legend“ (Agu) the Lion.. should consider opening a University of actors/actresses academy cos he‘s even more experience.
    Best of luck Yul.

    I take a stroll…

  3. You have to impart knowledge to others. carry people along. that’s great.
    keep it up and may the good Lord empower you the more.

  4. Well kinda sound a bit better than when some of them will say they opened the acting academy to give back to the society and registration is $10,000

  5. Well Senior,hope U’r nt worried abt dat? coz I feel delighted when one is not only good in his profession buh as wel creative. My major concern z on how to locate d Academy nd nt d criticism. Senor, more power to Ur elbow.

  6. pls how do i enrolll. once again i have been tricked and robbed off my sisters hard earned money having registered for Pete Edochie Foundtaion thinking it was the via the supposed due procedure found out the person was a fraudster. i want to build up my talent and would not want it to die.

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