Photo: British Police Detective Sacked For Accepting Bribe To Leak Ibori’s Secret File

uk police detective leak ibori secret file

May 22, 2016 – Picture: UK Police Officer, Detective Sgt John McDonald Sacked For Collecting Money To Leak Ex-Nigerian Governor James Ibori’s Secret File

A British Police detective identified as John McDonald has been removed from a UK anti-corruption unit for allegedly receiving money to leak secret information about jailed ex-Delta Governor, James Ibori.

Sgt McDonald who headed the police investigation into Ibori’s money laundering case reportedly collected undisclosed sum of money in return for providing information about the case to Nigeria.

Det Sgt McDonald has been removed from the National Crime Agency’s International Corruption Unit, where he had been on secondment.

Ibori is in prison for fraud and money-laundering linked to his time as governor.

10 thoughts on “Photo: British Police Detective Sacked For Accepting Bribe To Leak Ibori’s Secret File

  1. With this kind of Television head he has, I am convienced and NOT confused that he is guilty of the offence no doubt.

    Oyibo people no be Naija people. If them find out say you be bad egg, sharp sharp them go show you exit route.

    I take a stroll…
    I take a stroll…

  2. There is no place under the face of this earth where there is no crime. It is only worst in some part of the World. Some Countries contain their own by implementing tougher measures e.g in Saudi Arabia, China and some South East Asia while we especially in Africa are promoting crime through corruption and using other crooked ways. This guy has caused himself and his family an irreparable damages. I’m sure he is regretting his action by now.

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