“I Saw ‘Boko Haram’ Bringing Bombs Into Abuja With Police Escort” – Nigerian Twitter User


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May 2, 2014 – “I Saw Boko Haram Transporting Bombs Into Abuja With Police Escort” – Nigerian Twitter User

Some days after a suicide bombing that left over 75 people dead at a motor park in Abuja, a Twitter user with handle @michaonly revealed what might have saved the lives of those who died during last night’s attack in Abuja.

According to MichaOnly who foretold Thursday bombing in Abuja, he or she saw a very suspicious Hilux van on his way to Abuja from Kaduna.

Read his tweets dated April 20th, 2014 below:

“If in the next few days you hear of a bomb explosion again in Abuja, I might have a theory as to how it got into the city @cchukudebelu
Was on my way from Kaduna to Abuja today, saw a white truck /van, closed back with a police escort
What caught my attention was the police escort now I’m not being paranoid
The police HIlux escort car had just two uniformed policemen in it, driver and passenger didn’t see any weapons
The white truck/ van moved slowly. We got to a checkpoint, all the escort car had to do was blow the siren and pass with the truck in front.
First  thing that came to my mind was, what if it was a bomb they were transporting?
What was so important to transport in a closed van that needed a police escort but yet unimportant enough for more armed escorts?
What if the enemy painted the hilux a police van didnt even have police license plates just painted license number
Just saying”

Michah’s finding might be true..He is an average citizen with the brain of an intelligent officer.

Just like Iyabo Obasanjo said in her open letter to Boko Haram, the  loopholes in our security system has given Boko Haram terrorists the power to press on.