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I Will Vote For GEJ Because Of Tribalism, Not Good Governance By Okafor Johnmary


I Will Vote For GEJ Because Of Tribalism, Not Good Governance By Okafor Johnmary

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Feb 4, 2015 – I Will Vote For GEJ, Jonathan Because Of Tribalism, Not Good Governance By Okafor Johnmary

Ijaw & Ndigbo Speak: I Will Vote For Jonathan Bcos He’s Not Hausa Or Yoruba 

Biblically, where two or more persons are gathered in His name, He is there among them. But these days if you come closer and listen to where two or more persons gather, you will know it is in the name of “Them”. Do not ask me who are ”Them” because every conscious citizen of this country with the interest of the country enshrined in his heart will speedily conclude that I am talking about no other persons than Muhammadu Buhari and Goodluck Jonathan. Unsurprising to me, this in-coming election has, understandably ignited magnanimous conflagration of public attention to the extent that topical bride on the lips of all and sundry: in churches, mosques, offices/workplaces, market places, Free Readers Association newspaper stands (you need to visit this one if you have not done so), drinking bars, night clubs, and even in labour wards!!! (I know that you will say that I have come again. But don’t worry shaa).

Since this current heat discharged from the exhaust pipes of this present Presidential Election cum Presidential Rejection, became undisputed national issue fixed on the 14thof February 2014, our traditional Valentine ’s Day has been buried and forgotten, at least this year. (So una don forget Valentine’s day? Ok. There is God ooo). Interestingly, I have made at least 5 national dailies, my bed mates so as not to miss out from any unfolding information about this, concentrating categorically on the political issues they contain.

I rise to Watching television whenever I hear “Up Nepa!!!” or I go on online to watch the ones I missed. I have taken time to undertake deep researches on what ever they disseminate as information to be sure of its facts and the objectivity of its contents. By virtue of my course of study, I am able to know what “Gatekeepers of information can do to mass media audience. I swear, I know what propaganda can do to the masses. Most importantly, some media practitioners have forgotten that inaccuracy is an unpardonable sin in journalism, neither are they still socially responsible to the masses as “social Responsibility theory” recommends. Some Media Practitioners commercialize information of the elected officials to the electorates instead of distributing unrefined facts to the audience.

Credit must be given to the few media practitioners that have remained socially responsible and loyal to the masses. I know that it is not easy at all to endure the temptation of rejecting their own share of millions in monetary forms and other grants, probably oozing from the yet-to-be-accounted “missing” 20 billion naira and the 21 billion naira donated in the name of sponsoring campaign when our foreign reserve is growing at a reducing rate!! THERE IS SATAN OOO…(Not only God dey naa). It is not easy at all. But all the same, people still rely on the current media reports and campaign promises to form their opinion on this upcoming presidential election instead of considering facts and as punctuated with concrete and admissible evidence displayed through glaring unfulfilled promises. Honestly, it hurts me that most Nigerians do not know the value of research for facts and research on past incidents. If they had done their research well and read editorials more than short influential part of the news, they will know the truth and know sincerely that irrespective of your tribe, geopolitical zone and religion, we need a better Nigeria, whoever can deliver same.

Let me reminisce on one of the best political discussions I ever had in my life so far (since this upcoming election has become the agenda of pounding discussions) and masses are forming their own opinion on the few amount of information they can lay their hands on, (be it facts, lies, propaganda, refined information in favour of one party to another, etc). I was in a pub spending my leisure time positively when the discussion about the upcoming presidential election reared its ugly head again. They have all concluded on who their candidate for the election is, based on reasons unrelated to performance and objectivity. I did not say a word neither did I say who I will vote for nor the reason for so-doing.

I was listening carefully because I know the value of listening in communication. When all of them have finished saying who they will vote for, I asked all of them their religion and tribes cum geopolitical zone and their reasons for consuming subscribing to their opinions. They were all Christians but some are Igbos cum south-east while some are Ijaw people cum south-south. Some Igbos cum Ijaws said they will vote for APC highlighting reasons that range from failed promises of current government, corruption, Leaders talking as if things are alright in in the face of voracious insurgency!

While some Ijaws cum Igbos said they will vote for PDP for their own different reasons ranging from “Whether He is doing well or not let him be there because Hausas and Yorubas have been there for long” to, “He will Islamize this country, He has already signed Nigeria’s name into Islamic countries waiting to be elected to pass it as a law, we don’t want power to go back to northerners again”, “even if we are dying of high cost of living”, “even if ‘She’ used 255 million to buy 2 cars she is our sister”, “even if she spent 10 billion on transportation she is our sister”, “even thou Jonathan is a failure, Buhari is old”, “He will not be the change, He doesn’t have PhD”, to “His certificate is questionable”.

As they were arguing, one man who has been silent before spoke after emptying his beer into his stomach (through the Cesarian operation conducted with ‘ECOMOG’ glass cup). As the man was about to leave, he interrupted me while I was trying to give them my own opinion. He said “I will vote for GEJ for two reasons only; one I am a tribalist rather than nationalist. Two, GEJ know he failed the expectation of the masses and his promises but I hope He will realize his mistakes and amend it if reelected for 2ndtenure”. After saying it, he turned and left. I was short of words and started thinking about the last time I had seen such a sincere person before. He swept me off my feet and left me in pin-drop silence.

Well before I left after my leisure, I reminded my fellow ‘Anambralians’ and Igbos of GEJ’s comment on the 27th of Feb 2011 in our capital city of Awka. He said that he would construct all the major roads that link our State to other neighboring states; complete the second Niger bridge. To sum it all, He assured that Nigerians would not be talking about Generator by this time when his four years in office would have ended as it about to end. Again on the 28thFeb 2011 at Onitsha as He was begging for our votes, GEJ said “I do not make empty promises in my campaign because whatever I promise to do, I had already carried out adequate study to make sure I can accomplish it in next four years”.

Let your reason of voting for any of the aspirants be sincere just like that honest man I met in the pub because we will reap what we sow as we are already reaping the ones we sowed in 2011. You can vote for GEJ if your reason is exactly like this man of sincerity, not on fallacy of Islamizing our country or that of “Hausa agaghi achizi anyi ozo” mantra, or fear of change or Buhari is old (Reagan one the best presidents of America became president at the age of 69! He became the oldest American president. Leadership is not by PhD, even if it is by PhD, Zoology has nothing to do with Political Science or even Human being but Animals.

By Okafor Nzube Johnmary, Freelancer journalist/writer,, 2348063732220



  1. Jacob Flow

    February 4, 2015 at 12:07 AM

    @ Okafor N. Johnmary “Leadership is not by PhD and if it by PhD not Zoology that gat nothing to do with political science or even human beings but Animals. Nigerians please vote wisely. Do not be bought with a bag of rice that is your destiny and that of your generation”
    Nice one my brother Okafor Johnmary

  2. Marcus Garvey

    February 4, 2015 at 12:22 AM

    Why would anyone vote for a man who behaves like a living dead? He is not fit to head the government and it is risky to put the man back in power. Let him go run the zoo and nothing more. He has remained on his backside and sent his family away, while Nigerians have to bear the onslaught of the hooligans called Boko Haram.

  3. Marcus Garvey

    February 4, 2015 at 12:23 AM

    The people and the security forces should dismiss Jonathan!

  4. Conscience 1

    February 4, 2015 at 3:27 AM

    @Okafor N .Johnmary, well done to you. You could not have said it better. Let all those that have hears ,use it to listen to the words of wisdom.
    I will advice all and sundry to vote with your consciences if you have one.
    But if you want to mirror the man in the “beer parlour”-referred to by the author.By deciding to use your vote in the next presidential election for your tribesman and not the one you think will rule this country well. Then its up to you!
    We are all in this together. Let us all wait & see what new thing- this incumbent president will do again in the next four years if re-elected.
    Remember to use your votes wisely!!!!

    • Conscience 1

      February 4, 2015 at 3:42 AM

      @Okafor N.Johnmary, well done to you. You could not have said it better. Let all those that have ears-use them to listen to the words of wisdom.
      I will advise all and sundry to vote with your consciences if you have one. But if you want to mirror the man in the “beer parlour”-referred to by the author. By deciding to use your vote in the next presidential election for your tribesman and not the one you think will rule this country well. Then its up to you.!
      We are all in this together. Let us all wait and see what new thing-this incumbent president will do again in the next four years if re-elected.
      Remember to use your votes wisely!!!!

  5. lovely

    February 4, 2015 at 3:48 AM

    @marcus Garvey,instead of insulting yourself, think an contribute meaningfully to d society. Ask yourself why they were no Boko Haram all this while d northerners have been ruling. Enough of all this insult.

  6. bams

    February 4, 2015 at 4:56 AM

    Pls my people we sud not bcos of politics insult our elder,I don’t know wat jona

    must ve done,bt d truth is,dis is africa,if we can’t respext his office let’s respect his age…tank u

  7. lgbo man

    February 4, 2015 at 7:46 AM

    I heve said it before. Muslim like dear brother and sisters wedar good or bad. christiens let us like our own christiens brothers and sister wedar good or bad.since ove 80 years ego Muslim rule this country. since then nigeria heve been in daknes. now our own christian brother enter. they bring boko haram. abeg will vote our own brother wedar good or bad.

  8. Susan

    February 4, 2015 at 10:46 AM

    @lovly the reason why there was not boko haram wen the northerners were leading nigeria was bcos the leaders were the boko haram am also 4rm the north but I will never vote 4 buhari bcos he is evil and wicked Nigeria should be wise and vote wisely don’t allow any one to use boko haram 2 deceive u into power pls vote wisely buhari is not the change

  9. Kaybaby

    February 4, 2015 at 2:06 PM


  10. muchmore loveth

    February 4, 2015 at 2:25 PM

    Nonsense! pls read what an important pple said below!
    Professor Wole Soyinka has just said, “Only four sets of people can vote and support Muhammadu Buhari in this 2015 election:

    (1) Those who are intellectually blind and weak.

    (2) Those who are blinded by ethnicity, tribalism and bigotry.

    (3) Those who can easily be deceived by the pretentious anti-corruption fighter like Buhari.

    (4) Those who are suffering from a combination of all the above terminal sicknesses”

    Please rebroadcast. Its a life saving message for Nigeria.
    Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

  11. THE RULE

    February 4, 2015 at 2:34 PM

    @Susan. Boko Haram was in existence even when Yaradua was the president. Boko Haram started their wide scale attacks under Yaradua. But Yaradua quickly decimated them. They went into hiding until Jonathan came into power. It seems that it is because of the indecisiveness of Jonathan that exacerbated the Boko Haram attacks.

    This indeed article is indeed a gold placed on a road inhabited by thieves. I do not think that the intended message will be well digested by its audience. Finally, the author has just given us a hidden reason why we should think at least.

  12. pj

    February 4, 2015 at 3:36 PM

    dear bros.and sist.we all have problems in this so call naija,what Iam seeing or sensing the problem we have in nigeria is not the *** but the so called a Large group of ****’s dat think they have the media to intimidate GEJ we are looking at them asi.Just post it pls don’t try anything funny

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