Igando Lagos General Hospital Nurses Seize Corpse Of Dead Man Over Wife’s Inability To Pay N15K Bill


lagos hospital seizes corpse man

April 21, 2016 – Igando Lagos General Hospital Nurses Seize Corpse Of Dead Man Over Wife’s Inability To Pay N15K For Blood Transfused

Igando General Hospital authority has denied a patient identified as Esther Solomon access to her husband’s corpse, asking her to make a payment of #15,000, being the cost of blood transfused to him while on treatment.

The bereaved and distraught woman said while her husband, who was placed on oxygen at the Emergency Unit of the hospital, was receiving treatment last week, a pint of blood was transfused in him. Narrating her ordeal in the hands of the hospital staff, she said, “I paid #4,500 before they brought the blood and transfused it in my husband and I was told the money was made for the processing of the blood.

“Now my husband is dead and they said I should pay #15,000 for the blood or bring someone who will donate the blood to the hospital because the blood was borrowed,”she said. She decried the poor services rendered in the emergency unit of the hospital, saying her husband who was placed on oxygen died five minutes after power outage in the ward.

She said,”immediately the light went off it was not up to five minutes before I discovered that my husband who had been placed on oxygen had stopped breathing and when I shook him I was convinced that he was dead.” An eye witness who identified herself simply as Blessing and whose mother is also a patient in the ward confirmed this.

She said,”when we brought my mother to the hospital I rushed to the emergency unit to alert the nurses of our arrival so that my mother would be taken into the ward. “But they said we should bring her in by ourselves and there was no way only I and my brother could carry her into the emergency unit.

“We had to look for a wheel chair by ourselves before we could bring in my mother into the ward. “Even when the power outage occurred in the health facility, I thought they would switch on the generator immediately but it took about thirty minutes before power was restored in the ward. “ I had to start fanning my mother who was also placed on oxygen, using a hand fan pending when the light would be restored.”