Igando Lagos General Hospital Nurses Seize Corpse Of Dead Man Over Wife’s Inability To Pay N15K Bill

lagos hospital seizes corpse man

April 21, 2016 – Igando Lagos General Hospital Nurses Seize Corpse Of Dead Man Over Wife’s Inability To Pay N15K For Blood Transfused

Igando General Hospital authority has denied a patient identified as Esther Solomon access to her husband’s corpse, asking her to make a payment of #15,000, being the cost of blood transfused to him while on treatment.

The bereaved and distraught woman said while her husband, who was placed on oxygen at the Emergency Unit of the hospital, was receiving treatment last week, a pint of blood was transfused in him. Narrating her ordeal in the hands of the hospital staff, she said, “I paid #4,500 before they brought the blood and transfused it in my husband and I was told the money was made for the processing of the blood.

“Now my husband is dead and they said I should pay #15,000 for the blood or bring someone who will donate the blood to the hospital because the blood was borrowed,”she said. She decried the poor services rendered in the emergency unit of the hospital, saying her husband who was placed on oxygen died five minutes after power outage in the ward.

She said,”immediately the light went off it was not up to five minutes before I discovered that my husband who had been placed on oxygen had stopped breathing and when I shook him I was convinced that he was dead.” An eye witness who identified herself simply as Blessing and whose mother is also a patient in the ward confirmed this.

She said,”when we brought my mother to the hospital I rushed to the emergency unit to alert the nurses of our arrival so that my mother would be taken into the ward. “But they said we should bring her in by ourselves and there was no way only I and my brother could carry her into the emergency unit.

“We had to look for a wheel chair by ourselves before we could bring in my mother into the ward. “Even when the power outage occurred in the health facility, I thought they would switch on the generator immediately but it took about thirty minutes before power was restored in the ward. “ I had to start fanning my mother who was also placed on oxygen, using a hand fan pending when the light would be restored.”


13 thoughts on “Igando Lagos General Hospital Nurses Seize Corpse Of Dead Man Over Wife’s Inability To Pay N15K Bill

  1. 1) The Govt. is blind to how their inability(or should I say unwillingness?) to transform the power sector daily affects the masses in an adverse manner.

    2) Many times when I look at the services of health workers, it just becomes clear to me that most of them do not have the requisite empathetic nature it takes to do tye job, otherwise why would you rush your dying person to a hospital only to meet the staff dragging their feet to do their job? They have become like the police force where most of the employees do not have the passion for the job.

    3) I think that this hospital is being extortionate. Why should they make the woman pay for both the blood and it’s screening?

    Conclusion: Woman, take heart o!

  2. Hospitals these days, be it private or public it is the patients’ relations who nurse him as the staff are not enough to go round and some of the staff are quite impatient on the job. It is just “how for do” that takes people to hospital.

    The blood used in the transfusion is taken from the blood bank and if not replaced another patient who needs the service will not gate it unless he pays up front so heartless as it may sound, there is need to replace it. The corpse should however not be seized.

  3. Since you denied the woman of her husbands corpse you can eat it. Nurses in public hospital are wicked and they care less about patients. Just few are good.

  4. see how dey re dragging d name of d hospital in d mud.
    if d woman even want to make case with d hospital management he will surely win bcos if it’s surely truth abt wot she said then dey re responsible 4 d man’s death.
    they better hand over d corpse 2 d family or dey should prepare to eat it.

  5. Govt hospital. Our nurses need to upgrade their knowledge in communication, respect and dignity to their patients.

  6. The Ministry of Health is to blame for all this quack services rendered by all these Houses of Deaths called Hospitals. What sort of a hospital is that with no standby power supply? Then how can they conduct a successful operation there without the patient dying? Some so called hospitals have no workable and clean equipments to serve the people.

    The Ministry is aware yet turn a blind eye. No wonder that the few Rich flys abroad to be well attended to when the need arise.

    Let the hospital release the corpse at once to the already bittered woman without adding insult to injury for her or unless they plan to use it for pepper soup.

    D Hunter.

  7. Maybe, they are vultures that eats corpse. They will not be serious when treating patients, but will always be very strict and serious when demanding their bills, whether they treated well or made mistakes that took the life of their patients. Let them eat the corpse now! Rubbish.

  8. The problem I’m having with entire black race especially we Nigerians is we never emulate any good thing in life. We prefer making things complicated for ourselves especially by those who are directing the affairs of this Country. It is very disheartening whenever I wake up in the morning thinking that my Country is heading towards a wrong direction. We don’t have a functionable hospital, no regular power supply, no good roads, no jobs for the degree holders, low quality education, increase in mortality yet we are all pretending to be okay they way things remain stagnant. That man would not have died if there was uninterrupted power supply and his family has to pay extra money for loosing their love one and for not getting required medical services. We are giant of Africa only by mouth. We have failed significantly since 1999 to provide ourselves a stable power yet the leadership in this Country are very comfortable and feel more relax with that. I understand that some certain powerful business men are behind the circumstance of irregular power supply so that the importation of generator will soar. They tend to forget that they are promoting the economy of that Country while we are dying from effect of Generator which emits Carbon Monoxide. My question is why are we doing this to ourselves? What is the fate of those who cannot go to Abroad for medical treatment? Why are we damaging our homeland and contributing more to white people’s economy? Why some affluential people like to oppress the less priviledge? My answer to all these question is ego. The reason why we are in this situation we are now is because of egocentric of some priviledge people who think nobody except me. I’m the only one in Africa who can produce cement, I’m the only one who can import car nobody else has the license to do so. Our government needs to stop monopolizing business to some certain elites in this Country. The problem of power should have become history by now if not because of inability of our leadership and selfishness of some rich people in this Country. Other Countries are going Nuke to generate power while we are still struggling to generate 4000 megawatt of electricity. This is really absurd.

  9. chai what a sad story,a shame to dat hospital,abig shame to nigeria for power instability,and shame to all d doctors and destitute nurses dat is working there dat only pay serious attention when dey see high profile individuals(rich people),when dey see rich people dey start playing nice so dat they wil get connection to work in a bigger and well paid hospital,or d patient wil recommend dem to their sons to marry,dey only leave d poor at d mercy of God wit their careless attitude.no worry na God punish all of u in dat hospital golddigger nurses!.

  10. You have all spoken my mind… What a shame that the state of our government hospital has degenerated to this level. Nigeria we hail thee

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