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Oct 13, 2015 – I’m A Nigerian Based Abroad, Marry Me

After living outside the shores of the country for years, you decide to come back to Naija to look for a wife to marry because you believe the ones over there don “tear eyes”. You inform your people back in Naija that you are coming back and would stay maximum of two weeks. Your main reason for coming back is to get married and as such, they should help find a suitable ‘wife material” that you would quickly get married to in the two weeks that you would come home.

Then your people back home begins their search for a wife for their brother who is coming back from obodo oyibo (Igbo word for Jand). They begin their wife hunt and the very first word they throw at gullible desperate ladies is “He lives abroad”

You see, I have a problem with that word. The manner at which the word is said at every given opportunity with the glaring hint that they are doing the lady a favour by coming for her as their brother lives in Obodo Oyibo.

The lady in question should be giddy with excitement with the mere mention of ‘obodo oyibo’. She should be grateful and thankful that they deem it fit to choose her out of the sea of women available to them. If you aren’t interested, you have missed your luck for an ‘obodo oyibo’ husband.
The search continues till they find a Lady who they would get married to brother obodo oyibo in two weeks after which the brother will travel back to base and leave the lady in Naija.

A beg, when did it turn to an achievement to live outside the shores of Naija? Why has it turned to the biggest and most important line you throw around when trying to woo a girl? What about getting to know the You in You first without dropping the word at every given second?
That’s how some men will come to my box and start..
“My name is ………
” I live in Canada
” Here is my digit….
Who bloody cares if you live in Mars.
I don’t blame them sha, I blame ladies who jump at the word like they have won a lottery. I have a rule about meeting men who use that word as their very first conversational line..Not Interested

By Vivienne

23 thoughts on “I Live Abroad, Marry Me By Vivienne

  1. nice talk, ladies should be wise and stop jumping into every man who comes their way saying they live outside d country.

  2. You are a doer of notice me so that mens are notice you. You are a puter of your picture so that mens are see your face and think say you be good girl. Abeg sharrapp there. You are a wayo persin doing 419 to mens. Mens are tell womens say them dey America bicos they sabi say na only money wey womens are care for. And na only fukk wey mens are care for. So nobody is care for love again. Na only animal de love now. Human beans are not love again. But goat love goat. Dog love dog. Even monkey love monkey upon say monkey no fine. But human beans are not love human beans again. Something don spoil. Is a thing of eiyaaah.

  3. @ D Hunter,bench is only doing dis for people to notice him,am very sure he speaks good english,just take a look at his spellings even when the sentences are not correct you will know he is an attention seeker.dont be surprise naija gist will celebrate him soon as a grammatical error celeb….lolz

  4. ‘Looking for suitable wife material’ Isn’t that good enough for you irrespective of where one lives. Living back home or abroad, what’s your preference, in respect to opportunities.
    Hey, how are about you, you single?

  5. yes i am very comfortable with dat because u came out to say u really want to marry a serious and responsible guy who lives in nigeria and i am intrested in dat and for u to know about me if u cares i am single and easy going guy sory dont mind my typing ooo i am not for play at all nd dis are
    my digits 08082106843

  6. She is right oh.my sister husband travel to Nigeria and get himself a wife. He told my sister he is no longer interested in her and their 9 months old baby

  7. Vivienne I will agree with you to some extends but coming to get a wife is not a bad ideal whether one day or two days but is the problem Nigeria women mentality for Abroad guys is very bad and Nigeria ladies has many troubles intense of excesses demand and lack of understanding, any guy that comes home for a marriage meant well for himself because marrying a foreigner has many disadvantages. These Nigeria girl get married and bring to Abroad, some will leave their husband and go into prostitutions or even be cheating you with whitemen. Some Nigeria’s are still successful in this type of marriage but some are problem to themselves.

  8. I am not do pipul anything but pipul are fight me for here and also want to poshuu me for here bicos I am says wetin is true. I am a light. They are a dakness. Dakness and light are not haver of something together. What a sin thing. They are Babylon and me na rasta man. Babylon can not posibul to send out rasta man. I send out Babylon. English no be my language so I am even try to speaking. Am I lie? Can Obama speaking Yoruba? Can quin of England speaking even small Yoruba? I am try. I be rasta man o. Bob Mally na my father. Lucky Dube de learn. He no even smoke one igbo bifor he die. But Bob Mally de smoke igbo everyday bifor he also die. I am also smoke igbo everyday and use am cook soop so that I go sabi something. Is why I am dey very wise pass all of you wey are jelosing me and hating me. Abeg go to sit down.

  9. lols bench daz bad, i couldnt even grap a single sentence frm wat u juz wrote chaiii, kindly shut d fuck up if u dnt knw wat to write ok? i aint dat perfect oooo but biko dnt be a disgrace to Nigerians.

  10. I am jackysmiggle by name I live in Japan schooled in China and now working in Ottawa canada, am in Nigeria fora twin sisters wedding and I need to get married maself, interested persons only should call me on +2348080196524

  11. Coming back here to pick a wife is not the problem, the problem here is( can the so called wife stay? If it is not a way of given them freedom to misbehave over there

  12. Hi Vivienne! I agreed with u…that’s a true &nice quot. Pls send me ur number to 07037295511 or to my Facebook inbox or Hi me @ Don Temson on facebook…. I gat things to discuss wit u seek ur knowledge,advice & counsel,,,,,never hesitate pls, I beg of u.


  13. Bench you no make one sense so shut up and stop wasting your attention seeking time cos your effort ain’t paying off one bit… You can’t even speak bad English and make sense at the same time. So shut up!

  14. Shut up bench or chair! Whatever you call your damn self. Try and speak bad English and make some sense at the same time cos your attention seeking strategy ain’t working out dude. You are a failure at everything.

  15. Common; that is too much for Bench, let him express himself! that could be as a result of his Education level or exposure. But we can always get better.

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