My Best Friend Is About To Snatch My Yoruba Husband – Igbo Lady Cries Out

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November 13, 2016 – I’m An Igbo Lady Happily Married To A Yoruba Man In Lagos. I’m Worried My Yoruba Girlfriend Is About To Snatch Him

I’m not sure what’s going on in my marriage anymore. Sometimes, I think I’m losing my mind for no reason. Then again, I feel something really wrong is going on.

Let me give a bit of background. I’m in my early 30s and I’ve been married for about three years without kids. My best friend and I have been close since secondary school days and always do things in common. It became even a closer relationship when I married from her tribe, Yoruba and I’m from Igbo tribe.

However, my problem is with her closeness with my husband. Sometimes, the way they gist in their local dialect makes me uncomfortable, always laughing crazily like teenagers. In all my years of marriage, I haven’t enjoyed that banter the way they do. I feel like the third wheel. Sometimes, my gut tells me she is flirting with him with her general body language and the way she makes faces at him.

She hasn’t done anything overt. It is the nudging him in the ribs, the rubbing of his head or even gentle tugging of his beard that is making me go crazy. The way she laughs at his jokes; jokes that are not even funny.

She is too damn relaxed in his presence. She even has this nickname for him in their dialect! I know she is not seeing anyone, she would tell me if so. What can I do? I can’t just cut her off abruptly or ban her from my house. It would be odd and besides, we have a lot of mutual friends. To be fair to my husband, he hasn’t given me any tangible reason to be suspicious but you know what they say about Naija men. Please what should I do?

Nneka Writes From Ikoyi Lagos

14 thoughts on “My Best Friend Is About To Snatch My Yoruba Husband – Igbo Lady Cries Out

  1. Can’t people keep it real? Sounds like she’s into your husband. Fake people. .fake friends. .fake everything

  2. Young lady, if I must tell you; you’re finished! Folks excuse my ruthlessness here, you must find a method to get rid of her either by “literature way” or by Gen. Abacha’s favourite. I just cannot stand Foolishness. I am not in the mood for all that biblical sweets this morning, abi kini ke. The person that no go allow you enjoy husband na pafuka im life go be. If e be say I know you now, meh! Ten go happen for their yash. I am original egi born, egi do and egi dreaded.(Ondo)

    • i will advise you keep your eyes open because if you let them know what you noticed, they will start pretending… and if you ask her to stay away, they will meet out where you wont even have a clue to what is happening,keep your eyes open and be smart…you have to catch them red handed o!

  3. I think you’re husband and ur best friend like themselves because for them to be flirting, she touching his beards and so on and also them speaking their native dialect so u wouldn’t hear then something must be up because u also mentioned u don’t have kids?just be really careful about your so called best friend and send her away while there’s still time because one day she might seduce your husband and get pregnant for him and that might make him send you away. I pray God helps you, Good luck.

  4. You have to be very careful cos its so obvious that she wants your husband so I’ll advice you to send her away because i don’t know what she’s looking for there in the first place before one day she might go and seduce ur husband and get pregnant for him and u might not be able to do anything about it cos ur husband would say u haven’t given him kids and he’s found someone who can, I pray God helps you, Good luck.

  5. This is a case of u dey do me, u dey tell me sorry! Rat wey dey bite person dey blow am breeze!! What kind of friendship is that one that is denying me of my marital peace, Na lie. Send her away!!!

  6. Be prayerful and cut off the relationship between you and your friend since you are no longer comfortable with her character.

  7. my dear get a recorder and record their conversation back to back. give it to a Yoruba person to interpret for you, then take it up from there.

  8. my dear, it is quite obvious, don’t want to sound tribal this is the reasons why our elders say marry from your own tribe, at least you can communicate and understand each other, this is a typical example of when you marry outside before they sell/ kill you , you wouldn’t not know

  9. you need to address the issue before it gets too late. you need to open up your mind frankly to your husband let him know you are no longer comfortable with your friend’s relationship with your family and you intend cutting the relationship with her any you enjoin him to do same if he respects you and the marriage. this should be communicated politely.

    as for your friend, do not give her any reason to visit your home again and wisely avoid anything that will bring you or your husband in contact with her

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