Nigerian Footballer Deported From UK Ogbein Fawole Dies Of Heart Attack In Lagos 2 Weeks After

nigerian footballer dies heart attack in lagos

November 13, 2016 – Nigerian Footballer Ogbein Fawole Dies Of Heart Attack In Lagos2 Weeks After He Was Deported From The  UK

Nigerian Footballer Deported From UK Ogbein Fawole Dies Of Heart Attack 2 Weeks After

A star footballer in the early 80s, Ogbein Fawole who relocated to the United Kingdom in 2001 returned to Nigeria empty handed about two weeks ago.

Mr Fawole who abandoned his wife, kids and siblings in Nigeria has been struggling to settle down in the United Kingdom since then but nothing worked for him.

Fawole who was the former defender for the Shooting Stars Sports Club of Ibadan died of heart attack caused by the disappointment of his deportation to Nigeria at his friend’s house in Lagos last week.

A source revealed to our reporter that when Ogbein Fawole was sent back to Nigeria empty handed, he was heartbroken and he had to secretly stay with a friend in Lagos, avoiding his family in Ibadan.

When he developed complication, he was forced to give his relatives phone number to his friend and when he eventually died last week Monday, his friend called his family to break the news to them.

His strange lifestyle came as a huge surprise to his family in Ibadan before the news of his death was broken to them.

4 thoughts on “Nigerian Footballer Deported From UK Ogbein Fawole Dies Of Heart Attack In Lagos 2 Weeks After

  1. It’s a pity…. Any death is a lesson to the living. People need to understand that it’s very important to keep in touch with your love ones, not easy or funny when one step out of Nigeria,true that the expectation become high,especially from people around you,……but pls be sincere because people you left behind are still thinking the same way one thought before leaving (that money is being pluck from tree in abroad, easy life and easy to make money), that’s not true,the reverse is the case,if it’s only about making money…believe me,it’s more easy to make money in Nigeria than any part of the World. The different is many countries have working system, where government is discharging their duties and their citizens abides by rule of law and order, not all,but majority.

    So my point here is when you travel out,try as much as you can to tell your people the truth,don’t be shy because a piece of land was sold or money was borrowed to send you out, yes, they may not be believing you and one of the reasons for that is because you keep on sending them pictures you snapped in better environment, whatever the case maybe,let them understand that life in abroad is not what many people in Nigeria are thinking. First of all,try to secure your stay.

    Finally, RIP to the young man.

  2. At times it is disheartening for people to find themselves in most challenging situation like this but that is not the end of the world. The deceased might have lost all hope and taught that chances to make it again in life after staying in UK over a decade without nothing to show for it was very slim but he got it wrong.

    In this life we should always be positive about ourselves. If you think you cannot do it, you may not be able to do it but if you believe you can do it, you will be surprise that you can even do better.

    Life is about positive and negative. You may find yourself in negative side today that does not mean you will stay there or not experience a better change. People lost battle in this world because of fear of unknown.

    I knew a brother who was deported from United States long time ago but ended up making it big in Nigeria. He personally told me that he was really crying like a baby when he was being escorted into the Airport.

    He never knew his life will be much better in Nigeria. What do you think might happened if he had killed himself or died because of fear of unknown? We need to be strong in mind to fight the life’s battle.

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