I’m Madly In Love With Her But Don’t Know If She Is Feeling The Same Way

am madly in love with her

Nov 13, 2016 – I’m Madly In Love With Her But Don’t Know If She Is Feeling The Same Way

I am friends with this young lady who I study with. We both go to University of Abuja and tend to be real good friends. We share a lot together and it’s been really cool having someone as sweet and kind as her.

Now the issue, she caught my attention the first time I saw her and I have been attracted to her since then, avoiding rushing into things and messing it up, I choose to be friends with her and build up a relationship with her.

I once told her how I felt, we had this long conversation and in conclusion she’s not ready for anything yet but I know she still sees her ex. So I have chosen to be there for her and just let things work out but I’m worried I might get to be there for her, therefore making me more of a close friend than someone that really is attracted to her. Don’t know if this is clear enough but your advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Francis writes from Abuja