I’m Madly In Love With Her But Don’t Know If She Is Feeling The Same Way

am madly in love with her

Nov 13, 2016 – I’m Madly In Love With Her But Don’t Know If She Is Feeling The Same Way

I am friends with this young lady who I study with. We both go to University of Abuja and tend to be real good friends. We share a lot together and it’s been really cool having someone as sweet and kind as her.

Now the issue, she caught my attention the first time I saw her and I have been attracted to her since then, avoiding rushing into things and messing it up, I choose to be friends with her and build up a relationship with her.

I once told her how I felt, we had this long conversation and in conclusion she’s not ready for anything yet but I know she still sees her ex. So I have chosen to be there for her and just let things work out but I’m worried I might get to be there for her, therefore making me more of a close friend than someone that really is attracted to her. Don’t know if this is clear enough but your advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Francis writes from Abuja

5 thoughts on “I’m Madly In Love With Her But Don’t Know If She Is Feeling The Same Way

  1. I am pity to you. How are you not having liver to told her? Even African China was sing am for song say if you are loving somebody, make you walking upon her and told her you live am eh eh eh eh it doesn’t crime upon police at all. So wetin are you cut liver for? Make you be telling her say you are fall in live on top of her. If she no also fall on top of you, make you no vex say is only you be the oga on top. You go find another woman weyris loving on top of you when you dey under.

  2. Francis, what have you bn waiting for all this while? Make hail while the Sunshine’s. One thing is to tell her, another is for her to say no. Francis let her no you have feeling for her, be a man! Be bold!

  3. Speak up sir,,it’s even written in d Bible: Ask,it shall b given u,Seek u shall find,,!
    She likes u too,,but u’ve got 2 make d move or else,,na there u go dey oo,,& sorry go b ur surname,,!
    After that,she decides then u’ll knw how 2 go on with ur life if d reverse’s d case,,!
    Go 4 it my man,,I support u 100%,,,!

    #it’s alright,,!

  4. If you thoroughly love somebody you dont need to pretend over it. it could be she is expecting you to propose to her so go ahead and tell her your mind even if she says no

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