I’m Pregnant With His Baby But I Don’t Love Him – Confused Woman Laments

having a baby with someone you don't like

Oct 17, 2016 – I’m Having A Baby For A Man I Don’t Love – Confused Woman Laments

I am a 33 year old woman; I met a guy about two years ago, due to need for marriage and companionship and started dating him. He is nice to me but I’m not in love with him.

My friends advised me to stay with him because he is nice and love will grow, so I stayed with him, with the hope that I’ll meet someone in future that I will truly love but it has backfired because now I am four months pregnant for him. Ever since I learned of the pregnancy, I have been very sad and depressed.

I care about him but I just can’t make myself love him no matter how hard I try. When he travels, I don’t miss him, when I dream of my wedding, I don’t picture him. I am very confused and sad; should I marry him for the baby and be unhappy or should I leave and hope I will find someone who I will love and who will love me even though I have a child?

Ann writes from Ikoyi Lagos