‘Witches’ Attack Stella Damasus’ Husband Daniel Ademinokan At His Home In Atlanta

daniel ademokan witches attack

Oct 17, 2016 – Daniel Ademinokan Under Witches Attack: Stella Damasus Husband Says Enemies From His Village After His Life

Witches Attack Stella Damasus’ Husband Daniel Ademinokan At His Home In Atlanta

Absentee Nollywood filmmaker and the husband of Stella Damasus is being tormented by witches using strange cat.

According to the controversial video producer, some witches from his village have been sending an evil cat to torment him at his home in Atlanta Georgia for a while now and the cat has refused to leave.

He is seeking help from prayer warriors to conquer his enemies.

His words:

Here is a man than abandoned his wife suddenly and fled to the United States with his then business partner, Stella Damasus.

Even if Doris Simeon no dey pursue you, you go start throwing stylish punch at her because the law of Karma has started setting in. #That blame game that sets in when a man is feeling guilty. #oya make we see episode 2  

27 thoughts on “‘Witches’ Attack Stella Damasus’ Husband Daniel Ademinokan At His Home In Atlanta

  1. No be only mountain of fire. Don’t u know where Mfm is. They Neva purse u very soon they go disgrace u for street, call Olukoya direct

  2. No be small thing oooo, so they now looking for mountain of fire minracle ministry prayer books. Indeed Daniel you need deliverance for abondaning your beautiful wife Doris for your now chasing demon, stella.

  3. if u ask me i will say she’s de witch, cuz nemesis is catchin up wit dem, attention seek! plz we’ve forgotten abt u n ur stupid life, so dnt bring back our memory wit ur formulating stories.we careless B**ch!

  4. i thougt u want to blab abt pregnancy,so all dis ur good in bed from ur stupid b/friend has yield no gud fruit til now, wat a shame! am sure Doris would could ve given dat fool call daniel another beautiful boy/girl by now, woe to every promiscuous man.imagin wat u’ve missed from ur gud mannered wife, remain slave for stella and froever.

  5. Foolish boy indeed,now u are asking prayer worriors to pray for u, when u left ur wife for another woman did u asked them to pray for you?Because that time u really need prayer,but now u want people to pray for u nobody have ur time and also it is ur cross u will carry it alone. It seems u just want to be on social media for nonsense, because u have been in america for years now, why they didn’t attacked u all this while?Just because u saw one innocent cat at back of ur house, u are making noise about it, u just want people to know that u have a house in america that is why u are doing all this nonsense, because in america cats are everywhere and people see them every day and a lot,u can see them anytime of the day, so it’s not a big deal at all, so boy get a life and stop disturbing people with ur foolishness.

  6. There‘s nothing like attacks from home here. All I can see is Karma. The Cat is just the herald of what is yet to come upon you for treating an innocent woman (Doris Simon) so cruely. Just becos of that Witch you‘re squartting with over there.

    You have the unforgiveness of almost 180million good Nigerians on your miserable head. You ain‘t seeing nothing yet cos very soon things like mistery Vulctures, Pythons, Chamelions, Bats, Owls etc…will be visiting you and that your Ashawo husband snatcher woman called Stella Damasus. I dont know whether she has her root from Damascus.

    I take a stroll…

    • you are right! or there might be a pregnant woman in the house –Cats are sensitive animals and they can pick up on the pheromones your body produces during pregnancy. There can be some type of smells or something in the house that is attracting the cat.

      All the same. He should repent and pray without ceasing

  7. This is a new movie and oga you’ve bin choosed to produce,direct and to act it…dance to the drum of this interesting law of karma…naija is witch free ooo…we get PST adeboye..oyedepo.e.t.c

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