In Picture: Fake Nigerian Air Force Officer Arrested In Lagos Charged For Impersonation

fake airforce officer lagos

March 16, 2016 – Photo: Fake Nigerian Air Force Officer Arrested In Lagos Charged For Impersonating A Military Officer

Mohammed Abdullahi, a 32-year-old driver has been arrested by operatives of X- Squad, Lagos State Police Command, for allegedly impersonating an Air Force officer.

Abdullahi was arrested by Air Force personnel who saw him wearing the uniform and performing like an officer. The personnel handed him over to the police.

Abdullahi, who was paraded yesterday, said he got the uniform from his friend, Haruna Ali, an army personnel, adding:

“We met at Agege on January 17 and he handed the cloth to me to keep for his younger brother whom he said passed out in 2014 but has not got uniform. I am not air force personnel; I am a driver; my route is Kano to Lagos, Mile 2 to Kaduna and vice versa. I used to drive my brother’s bus but he sold it and travelled abroad for greener pasture.

“I have a family to feed; I was thinking on how to get money when I consulted Haruna and he advised me to use the air force uniform to fend for myself. I started wearing the uniform which I bought for N5,000 to be escorting vehicles from Kaduna to Lagos; they used to pay me N 3,000 for each vehicle I escort. But on February 2, some air force personnel saw me wearing the uniform and arrested me and later transferred me to police.

“I am married with three children and my wife is pregnant; she is expected to deliver this week. I love the work of air force; I have tried three times to join air force but I was disqualified on medical ground.”

Abdullahi, 25 is also being tried for being in possession of a Nigerian Customs Service identification card.

[The Nation]

12 thoughts on “In Picture: Fake Nigerian Air Force Officer Arrested In Lagos Charged For Impersonation

  1. So u mean, beside driving, u cannt do anytin els dan 2 impersona8? Y nt go seek 4 a drivin job els whr? Or is ur drivin experience limited 2 ur brodas bus alone?
    Any 1 caught in diz acts alwyz had a story 2 tell. Im suspectin diz man. He must b thoroughly interrogated.

    I gat 2…


  2. The Igbos–or rather my dialect in Ngwo, Enugu State–say, Omutalu ije nwanyi ikukwa mutalikwa ohuhwe eka nya. I.e., a person who learns how a woman catwalks should also learn how she swings her hands.

    Fake officer, you learnt how to operate like a military personel but do not learn how they answer when questioned about their identity. You don enteeeeeeeeer!

    NB: I am not very sure I got the ikukwa in the above idiom correctly, but that is close to what I hear there. I wish there is somebody from Ngwo here who knows the idiom.

  3. All because you were bn disqualified on medical ground, not a good excuse to impersonate. #mumu# see where u have landed yourself .

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