In Picture: Mother Of 3 Found Begging Near LASUTH In Ikeja Lagos Rescued

mother begging alms ikeja lagos

April 12, 2016 – Lagos Rescues Esther, Mother Of 3 Found Begging Near LASUTH In Ikeja

This 44-year-old Ijaw woman spotted begging for alms near Lagos State University Hospital in Ikeja recently has been rescued.

The mother of three battling a strange illness which left her with a protruding stomach took to street begging for survival after her family abandoned her.

An official of the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development, Kessington Fatai said Esther and her children are now in safe hands.

Her three children are currently at the Child Protection Unit of the ministry.

They have been placed at the Children Centre at Majidun in Ikorodu Lagos.

Kudos to Lagos State Government for this brave action.

13 thoughts on “In Picture: Mother Of 3 Found Begging Near LASUTH In Ikeja Lagos Rescued

  1. What happened to this poor lady she also needs help. She deserves proper medical attention Lord have mercy. Nigerians/Government needs to value human lives .

  2. Dis is nice.
    This is exactly wot our govt. Should be doing 2 d citizen for a better society.
    I just other state should immitate such steps too

  3. This world is just full of diseases. The one who is healthy may never appreciate what the other who is sick is passing through. And to think that this is not just any ordinary sickness, I wonder.

    May God heal you!

  4. I bless the Name of the Lord for the prompt respond to rescuing these ones.

    May God help me to be a blessing to those who are suffering greatly upon the face of the Earth. (Amen).

  5. This is really a sad story with happy ending. The sickness really rendered this woman helpless and jobless with her three children, and she was left with no other option than to start begging on the street for survival. In Africa, we use to be our brothers and sisters keepers and helpers, but all that have changed because of lack of moral values and selfishness in our society. Where is the father of those beautiful children? What about the families of the woman or her in-laws? But thank God for quick interventions of Lagos state government. I hope those children are doing fine, and the woman is currently undergoing treatment for her illness. This is the time for one or two of our billionaire to show mercy and help this family.

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