Sunday Elimihe, Lawyer Attacked By Lagos Policemen Over N1000 Bribe Goes Blind

lawyer blind police attack lagos

April 12, 2016 – Sunday Elimihe, Lawyer Attacked By Lagos Policemen Over N1000 Bribe Goes Blind

Mr Sunday Elimihe who was brutalised by some policemen in Lagos last week Thursday is battling partial blindness.

According to the Ikeja chapter of the NBA, Elimihe has been taken to LUTH from Somolu General Hospital.

Elimihe was beaten to a pulp by the policemen, who also allegedly stole his N150,000 cash after he refused to give them a N1,000 bribe.

Another case of police brutality.

Get well soon Mr Elimihe.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Elimihe, Lawyer Attacked By Lagos Policemen Over N1000 Bribe Goes Blind

  1. This is nt new.Pls,pay a visit to Mushin(Idiaraba to be precise) and witness d highest display of police brutality unleash by Olosan Division led by one Agemo & Abbey with d consent of their DPO on d residents of this area.All bcos of 10,000 & 5000 naira bail/bribe money.They are doing all this in order to meet up with the weekly contributions called Ajo(thrift).Is it a crime to be poor or live in a poor environment?NPF,pls,take note.

  2. What is wrong with Nigerians? Why can’t you join hands and beat those up bastards beating you up? Take way their guns, beat them up too then walk away. That ought to teach some lesson! They will think twice before beating up a civilian. Nigerians stops looking like fools to the outside world.

  3. I am not in support of bribe, but with him parting away with a thousand Naira, would have gone along way. He lost an eye and 150k. Too bad. Some Police are just born wicked.

  4. If I were him, I would probably have given the bribe and save myself of this untold hardship. Sometimes in life, you behave like a fool to let peace reign.

  5. Since the hospitalized man is a lawyer, I believe he will fight this case to the last. Let him never mercy any of them till justice is served.

  6. For how long will every poor Nigerians behave like **** before these wicked men in uniform just for peace to reign? To me, is because we are always afraid of their troubles/brutality that is giving them the impetus to treat everybody the way they like.

  7. just because of 1k look @ what they did to him. dis policemen are just naturally wicked. wish u quick recovery

  8. Get well soon..
    I believe u ill fight 4 ur right 2 d end being a lawyer has really contributed alot.
    Some of dis our untrained wicked police people dat always descend on innocent citizen must be brought to book

  9. Something need to be done to our policemen assaulting citizens. This assault is becoming too much and unbearable

  10. It has gotten to the point when Nigerians should start behaving like Americans and start shooting police officers who brutalize them.


  12. I dont get it. N1000 for what if I may ask? If this excess is not checked, maybe one day it will get to a point where the police they claimed to be our friends, will be forcefully demanding money from pedestrians before they walk through the streets.

    Na that time wey my Gun go dey useful nah.

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