In Pictures: Governor Fayose Gives Christmas Rice & Chickens To Ekiti State’s Hungry People


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Dec 20, 2014 – In Pictures: Governor Fayose Gives Christmas Rice & Chicken To Ekiti State’s Hungry People

Nigerian Politician Gives Out Chickens & Bags Of Rice To People From His State

Few months after he used rice to woo their votes, Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state has continued with his mandate to feed all the hungry people that voted him into office.

Before you take offence at the term ‘hungry’ in the headline, let me explain some things to you.

Ekiti people like other states has wealthy class of people, comfortable class and poor people.

According to a research carried out a week after Fayose won the election in Ekiti, we learnt that 80% of people living in the rural areas (villages) of the state got him the victory.

So he promised to take good care of them with his stomach infrastructure program which he is committed to.

On Thursday and Friday, he distributed 100,000 bags of rice and 80,000 chickens to them.

A source who was at the place said many of them left the place disappointed because it wasn’t enough for the huge lineup of people who came to receive their Christmas gift.

See photos from the event that held at the State House yesterday and a day before below:

80,000 chickens and 100,000 bags of rice for over one million people??? Stomach infrastructure indeed.