In Pictures: The Face Of Ikenne Police DPO Who Beat Female Traffic Officer To Coma In Abeokuta


patrick onwu ikenne police dpo

April 12, 2016 –  Photos: The Face Of Ikenne Police DPO Patrick Onwu Who Slapped Female Traffic Inspector In Abeokuta Ogun State Yesterday

Female Police Inspector Beaten To Coma By A DPO For Attempting To Stop Him After Breaking Traffic Rule At NNPC Junction In Abeokuta

As earlier reported, meet the man behind the brutal attack on a female Traffic Inspector Anifat Bello in Abeokuta yesterday.

dpo beats female traffic officer to coma

Those who saw the way Onwu descended on Anifat Bello marveled at the way he brutalised Mrs Bello who was later rushed to the hospital by sympathizers.

Anifat Bello got into trouble after she allegedly flagged down Onwu’s car for disobeying traffic rules.

In order to teach her a lesson, Onwu parked at NNPC petrol station, changed to his official uniform, drove back to the spot where Bello stopped him and gave her several slaps.

As if that wasn’t enough, Onwu went into his car, brought out a belt and whipped Bello to a coma.

According to sources in Abeokuta, two Human Right Groups have petitioned Ogun Police Commissioner against Patrick Onwu, the DPO in charge of Ikenne Police Division in Ogun state.

This kind of gross injustice can only happen in our dear country.

Hope Anifat Bello gets the justice she deserves.