How Indian Doctor Wrong Diagnosis Almost Killed A Lagosian..Here Is My Testimony


indian doctor wrong diagnosis

Nov 2nd, 2017 – How Wrong Indian Doctor Diagnosis Almost Killed A Lagosian…Here Is My Testimony

Life was a little rough for my enemy in the past 8 days. I must be candid but thank God for the victory.

I must share this story to inspire someone out there.

As you know me, I hate getting personal but if this will save someone’s life, why keep it to my self.

Hello, this is Vicky… the MD for dis space…(yeyewoman) pardon my sarcasm.

I am alive today not by my own doing but to use my testimony to inspire and also encourage others who may find themselves in similar situation to be careful..

For those who know a little about my story, you all know how I left my village in ****** and relocated to Naija to be with my people and follow my passion.. Yes I love it because life is a lot better here though rough at times.

Enough of story so fast forward to Monday October 16, I had a bit of breathing difficult so I had to head to a private clinic here in Lagos (will not mention name to prevent wahala).

On getting there, an Indian doctor attended to me and he told me it is just chest congestion. He gave a medication and ignore all my suggestions.

Little did I know that if I had listened to his hasty advice, my enemy might have kicked the bucket.

So my ‘Oga on top’ advised us to seek better medical advice to get to the bottom of the breathing difficulty.

To cut the long story short, we took a long trip to Toronto where we met some specialists who diagnosed me with chronic Pneumonia. I was immediately admitted.

At a point, my doctor suggested we go and see a specialist who saw some other abnormalities that had to be corrected through surgery.

According to my ‘Oga on top’, what the ‘Olodo’ Indian doctor diagnosed as common flu and chest congestion kept me in the hospital for more than 3 days.

Will keep it here so as not to scare you because all other things happened while I was in a medically induced coma.

But to God be all the glory.

To you reading this piece, you shall not mourn your loved ones this year and nobody shall mourn you.

The shout of joy and laughter will not cease in your family.

Every appointment with death is terminated in the name of Jesus.

So if you notice any strange thing in your body, don’t believe in diagnosis of one doctor, please seek opinions of others and make sure you try and tell them how you feel. Do not allow them to shut you up.

If your doctor is not the patient type like the one that attended to me in Lagos, please find a better doctor.

They are not doing you any favour, they are only doing their job and if they feel they are too big for you abeg comot for there and see others.

It is well with us.