Indian Police Accused Of Killing Innocent Nigerians & Dumping Their Bodies In Train Stations

indian police kill nigerians

Feb 03, 2013 – Indian Police Accused Of Killing Innocent Nigerians & Dumping Their Bodies In Train Stations

Nigeria is a failed country that care less of her citizens outside Nigeria……. All Nigerian Embassies and their Ambassadors in Asian Countries and some part of European Countries are not doing their Jobs….,,,,,, THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS AND AM WRITING THIS TO MY FELLOW NIGERIANS BACK IN NIGERIA WITH TEARS TO LET THE NIGERIA GOVERNMENT KNOW THAT ALL NIGERIANS IN INDIA ARE PLANNING TO DESTROY NIGERIA EMBASSY IN NEW DELHI INDIA……..

I also want to use this opportunity to inform my fellow Nigerians that Indian Police and their fellow Citizens are Killing Nigerians and dumping them in Train Station almost every month……. Two Days back, A Nigeria was killed by India police and dumped in Train Station in Mumbai City India and Nigeria Embassy in New Delhi India is doing nothing about that…..

Police always visit Nigerians in their house harassing them and making away with the valued properties and cash with a note that they will kill them if they talk and Nigeria Government will not do anything or come for their Help……………

In 2008 during the Terrorist Attack in Three 7 Star Hotels and Railway Station in Mumbai city India…..It was flash on TV as a Breaking News that Nigerian Drug Dealer are shooting guns in Mumbai and after they noticed that it was a terrorist attack by Pakistan Terrorist and Nigeria Government and our Embassy did not do anything about it…….

Two weeks ago a group of Police went to all Nigerians houses living in Kalina, Mumbai City India and carry more then 28 people to Police Station and after release them with the help of other Nigerians as we stationed ourselves in police station and the police people make it clearly that they did not found anything in those Nigeria guys houses…..

But it was a surprise to read on News Paper the following day that 38 Nigerians was arrested with drug and charge to court and we reported the matter to our Embassy, but they did not do anything about the allegation and bad name leveled against Nigeria and her Citizens in India………………….

Two days ago, A Group of police man told 5 Nigerians that they did not want to see Nigerians or Black people in India again and their citizen and police will continue to kill Nigerians here in India until we leave their country and Nigeria Government will not do anything to them……. …

India People have refused to give Nigerians a house to live because their police warn them not to give house to Nigerians and they always send our people packing out of their house within 24 hours without thinking of where the person would take his property to or spend a night because they don’t give our people time or days to get another place to live or take their property to……………………………

Meanwhile, Thousand of Indians are living in Nigeria Comfortably and Nigeria people and some Landlord are serving and respecting them and renting a good house out to them…… but here they refuse to give Nigerians a house, shop or even allow them to have freedom to walk around here in India and do their businesses……India Police have close all Nigeria Restaurant and Shops In Mumbai City and asking them to leave India and go back to Nigeria…………

India Citizens always beat Nigerians on the road calling them all kind of names and whenever Nigeria report the matter to police, The police will tell the Nigeria person that those guys are Indians and they have right to beat Nigerians and they can’t do anything to their citizen because of a Nigeria man………………..

Therefore, i use this opportunity to call on my fellow Nigeria back Home to know what Indians are doing to their fellow Nigerians in India and also advise you guys to know how to handle Indians in Nigeria and pay them back because without teaching the India citizen in Nigeria a lesson….

The police and their citizens here in India will continue killing Nigerians here in India without fear knowing that Nigeria Government will not do anything to them……… 90% of Nigerians here has a valid visa, but police did not care neither their fellow citizens and they refuse to rent us a house and always asking us to go back to Nigeria or face death…………………


Article by Chika

22 thoughts on “Indian Police Accused Of Killing Innocent Nigerians & Dumping Their Bodies In Train Stations

  1. D nigerian govt. Should jst take d necessary investigation and actions. Bt d idea of doing same to indians in naija is nt d way out bcos we should nt pay evil by evil. Diplomacy is d only solution…

    • i agree with you, wat’a fuck u dumb guys are doing der, just fuckin creep back home, u guys don’t even do well der, come home and get yo selves in2 sumfin n be happier here, seeing ppl dat loves u everyday, and move abt as u wish…stupid indians dat has nothing, wat can u rob or rip of dem? every nigeria in India is a never do well; i am utterly ashamed of them…i see u guys as sons of rich men who go out d streetz to feed on trash.

  2. Any nigeria dat was kill by the weaked indian police, wat i know about there soul is dat they are authomatically going to paradice and there sins will be cleared and add to the stupid weaked indians police dat are expected in hell fair

  3. thank u auditor for this publication.such incident r daily occurrence here in India.On 17th jully 2010 a group of police men came to our slum apartment in Santacruz mumbai india.They started searching our house and after searching they could’nt find any thing illegal in our house.they said that we should give them 50,000rupees($1000) which we did nt have.they threaten to plot drug in our house if we did nt give them the money.bravely we accepted to provide 20,000rupees and the remaining 30,000 the next day. they made away with the valuable items of our belongings including our international passport.we reported this to our Embassy but as usual they give a deaf ear to was help from our church member’s and Indian friends that took us to the press and the the news was published all over Mumbai that persuaded the India police to take action against those men although they were released after one week.the terrific thing that happened was the lawyer in charge of our case told us that Nigeria passport is nt better than a pieces of paper here in follow Nigeria this man dead can be ur brother,father or even son tomorrow.i wonder why Indian Embassy issues visas to Nigeria if they doesn’t want them to come to there country or nevertheless why are they taking our economy when we can not stay with them.I still believe that there r still brave men and women in Nigeria who knows the opportunity we have as a country in all diaspora,to allay ourself positively to the world.Nigerians need India as much as Indians needed Nigeria. all we need is for India to punish offenders not Nigerians.because if everybody is a victim it create crime than it eradicate it.thank u

  4. Pls our govt do some thing.negotiate wit d ndia govt 2 put a stop 2 dat,if not all ndian in nigeria wil go back 2 there country.den all nigerian in there country wil leave 4 dem.our govt,let it pains u wen ur citizens ar been humiliated outside.

  5. 90 percent of you living there are doing drug buisness. so you want their govt to fold their arms and let you igbo guys destroy their country?the indians in nigeria are doing legitimate buis in a respected manner is there any comparism?

  6. Good for all of u that are spoiling Nigerian name up and down ,they should continue killing u people like goat that u are ,what business are u people doing in India if is not drugs ,u are all going up nd down painting Nigeria name blue black all because of quick riches ,why should we treat Indians here bad ? Most Indians here are here to work not dealing with drugs like u guys ,u better repent nd come home b4 they will use u to make suya ,oniranu .

  7. @Panclef That is a good thing coming out from you…If you are there and ur family are living on you,I’m sure you won’t reply with that kinda of words..

  8. what on this earth have you guys find fascinating in India? is not like they have better living than Nigeria, they don’t even have good means of transportation, poor education etc like Indians are scattered all over the world seeking for better life and a whole GIANT OF AFRICA chose India of all place to go for hustling. common guys!!! they are lots of Nigerians who travel to India for business and believe me they don’t experience this treatment too because those people can assess their caliber and know that they are not of same level with them. come to south Africa, Durban to be precised Indians have taken over almost half of Durban claiming citizenship because they seek for better life. honestly you don’t expect to get from people who hardly survive. like this does not make any sense to me so guys think for yourselves i know lots of Nigerians who left India, after many wasted years and they are doing great today.

  9. Ocliff, you are a mad man for saying that is’t only igbo guys that do drugs in india? You should just get a life if you have nothing to comment here.Fool.

  10. @ kind, frm d look of things in india, is it beta than nigeria? i knw thy will prefer to b killd dia rathr than comin hme cos of dia illegal buz thy r into dia. indian govt shld continue killg thm until thy ar ready to comply with norms of their country.

  11. Infact u guys dat coment are fools y should they be killed because they are nigerians living in indian if our govement cant do somthing i think we should start ki***ng the indians too afterall not all of them are plain some are into trafiking bussiness some stays hav expire

  12. who told u guys dat indians living in nigeria are doing clean businesses?
    all ur comet here shows how foolish u guys here and maybe bcuz u never expose makes u think like dat.
    look no crime in living anywhere u like to live in the world,u can relocate and stay anywhere as long as u re legal.
    many indians are doing drugs in nigeria,fake money,trafficking,name it many dirty businesses in nigeria but u fools re here writing nonsense and am sure u will tell me dat all dis chinese in nigeria are also doing legal business am sorry for u tell me who re d ppl buying humans part most not the chinese for transplant wake up from ur dreams guys.

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