Indian Reporter Reads Breaking News Of Husband’s Death On Live TV, Breaks Down In Tears


indian reporter reads husband news tv

April 10, 2017 – Indian Reporter At IBC24 Supreet Kaur Reads Breaking News Of Her Husband’s Death As It Happens On Live TV,Breaks Down In Tears

A brave woman working at an Indian news channel, IBC24 became an internet sensation the moment she broke the news of her husband’s death in a car accident on live TV.

The news anchor identified as 28-year-old Supreet Kaur was doing her Saturday morning bulletin for IBC24 on April 8, 2017 when a breaking news came in from a reporter over the phone.

While talking with the other reporter, Supreet was able to identify one of the 3 victims of a deadly crash as her husband, Harshad Kawade who lost his life in the fatal crash.

Kaur who maintained her professionalism continued reading the headline for another 10 minutes before she broke down in tears off camera.

Colleagues appreciated the mother of one for showing bravery on Live TV.

Watch her in the video below

What a tragedy!

12 thoughts on “Indian Reporter Reads Breaking News Of Husband’s Death On Live TV, Breaks Down In Tears

  1. @sandra God please forgive me for what I’m about to say- Sandra u are so useless so her been brave and maintaining professionalism means she killed him. I’m sure that’s what you did that was y you were able to recognize how someone who killed her husband behave. On a normal day I don’t comment but on this one I will if u do not have anything useful to write or comment at least sympathize with her. Go and ask God for forgiveness, shame!!!

  2. Accident not sickness and continue wit report without shivering or panicking.And u r calling it professionalism. She doesn’t luv hr husband simple.

    • I guess who know. You are the law on love and what adequate emotion a person must show to love. Judgemental moron

  3. i dnt think u guyz understand wat is being said here….she was already on live TV wen a phone call was received dat dere was an accident dat moment and which means whoeva dat is on live TV at dat moment wil be responsible for breakin da news to da public….so Nigerians wat do u expect…she was on trying to do her job bt couldnt cos she broke down in tears..hw is is dat she killed her husband or she did nt love him…nawaooo

  4. @Sandra….if you read d above news very well it says she had already started reading d news already when a breaking news came in..there she saw that her hubby was one of d victims and she maintained her profession.. meanwhile she broke down can u tell us how she killed him from where she’s reading d news coz you people just open your mouth and Judge anyhow..ask God for forgiveness

  5. if only people can read before writing comment I think its better than just making sensles comment naija for show.

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