Ini Edo Buries Mother-In-Law In Edo State (Burial Photos)

ini edo buries mother in law

April 30, 2013 – Ini Edo Buries Mother-In-Law In Edo State (Burial Photos)

Over the weekend, Nollywood actress Ini Edo buried her husband’s mother, Mrs Erofoh Ehiagwina in Irrua, Edo State Nigeria.

Ini Edo and her hubby Phillips Ehiagwina and a host of other movie colleagues stormed Edo State to give her late mother-in-law a befitting burial

See more photos from Ini Edo’s mother-in-law burial below

From left to right, Emem Morgan, Emem Isong, Ini Edo and Blessing Ikot

See photo of Ini Edo and husband below

14 thoughts on “Ini Edo Buries Mother-In-Law In Edo State (Burial Photos)

  1. Look at these fools, I Shebi she must be happy now, nobody will hassle her on pregnancy or no pregnancy. She has always wanted to leave her life the way it pleases her. You are free now. ODE

    • I almost said the same. Ini looked soooo happy. I’m very sorry for my observational judgement but that’s how it looks to me. I wonder if the same look would have been maintained if it were her own mother-God forbid! It wouldn’t have killed if she pulled a little pretence. In Edo…….!

  2. pls young lady be mindful of ur altrances cuz to every action there is an equal and oposite reaction….. Is that the husband beside?

  3. No haters. Nobody prays for evil things to come. What is to come, must come that is God’s making. Don’t goof folks.

  4. Stop all dos silly rubbish comment abt my ini..we whr 2geda @irrua nd she did extremely well to her late

  5. Tankz 2 all of u fr ur commentz, i dont no y nigerians cannot see any good in another person, so ini’s mother-in-law’s burial now open doorz for stupid talkz, cn we for once mind our business & stop saying what we are nt to say? May God hv mercy on us.

  6. @John and oga, u too re fools incuding shewa abi wetin u call ur self. So she should now kill her self cos her mother in law died, and she has. Mourned her by being there for the burial. Is no bodys business. Some deaths re celebration of life, her mother in laws own is no exception.ini sweet baby take heart ok and enjoy

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