Ini Edo Puts Divorce Behind Her “She’s Happier Now” – Nollywood Sources

ini edo divorce

Oct 24, 2014 – Picture: Ini Edo Puts Divorce Behind Her “She’s Happier Now” – Nollywood Sources

Nollywood actress Ini Edo who recently divorced her hubby has been having the best of her life since she informed fans of her marriage crash few weeks ago.

Those who saw her on movie set say she looks happier these days.

Recall that the Akwa Ibom beauty queen just acquired a brand new G-Wagon SUV to celebrate her divorce.

She is now free like a bird, no attachment , no condition, no husband palaver, no more miscarriage headache.

Groove on Ini, nah your life!

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13 thoughts on “Ini Edo Puts Divorce Behind Her “She’s Happier Now” – Nollywood Sources

  1. It is even better enjoy now and suffer later when u see ur mates with their kids
    You caused your own problem. U run phillip down and dumped him by da road side

  2. Remember you are a woman and come to think of it you’re not getting younger everyday rather you are growing older everyday by day.

  3. Phillip ran himself down, what goes around comes around. He dumped Ruth Okoro to marry Ini Edo, he has now been dumped by Ini. My advice to Ini Edo is to avoid getting herself involved in another woman’s husband. Be patient and pray for your own so that you don’t partake in their curses, because such men will never go free especially if their wives have been good to them.

  4. I think it is not true that she is happy every woman love to be married with kids, but in her case she went though alot of that miscarriage palaver
    so she doesn’t want the world to see her pains.i feel for her though

  5. She no dey shame at all @what age she dey jubilate freedom while her mates don turn grand mother finish why most naija actress no get comon sense at all to do asheewo sleep with top pot belly politians be dea aim not even to find a single simple guy to marry ashawo don sweet her head thats why she dey happy say she divorce come to think of it meaning her husband was very right about her for being happy from when to when u think say u be Oyinbo gal? kwa u be yeye farm girl
    person wey for dey inside corner they cry na good thing to do such elegant wedding and call it off u better think and repent everything for this world no be money thou money is good but no fit buy u happiness seh na ur new Pangolo wagon dey make u happy
    ahaha wait N see when u go turn 50 soon u go sabi
    repent dont find a man N marry N stop breaking homes
    lil enof for a wise

  6. Whats there to celebrite. Y do all these celebrities go into Marriage wen dey know dey can’t stay married. This is naija not US where divorce is common

  7. Would some one tell this lady to shut up and keep a low profile. Who is her PRO. needs to be fired , not doing his/ her job.

  8. you are too beautiful to waste your life repent and follow Christ, all what you see as enjoyment is calamity in disguise please be warned i admire your beauty but this act disappoint me

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