Ini Edo’s Boyfriend Mike Godson Confirms Romance, Says Ini Is The Only Actress Close To His Heart

ini edo boyfriend relationship

Feb 27, 2015 – Ini Edo’s Boyfriend Michael Godson Confirms Relationship Says Ini Is The Only Nigerian Actress Close To His Heart

Hear what Ini Edo’s new boyfriend, Michael Godson said about their relationship.

‘I respect her (Ini Edo) a lot because she has done so well for herself and I am not going to deny being her friend because she is having bad press or something. She is someone I respect so much and I admire her intelligence. I love very intelligent women.

ini edo new boyfriend

‘Ini and I are very good friends; actually we’re very close. Ini Edo is someone I’m very free with. She’s someone I can share my problems with and tell things about me. She’s the only actress I have a very close relationship with. I have a lot of actresses as friends as well but the only one I am close to is Ini’.