Photos: Christian Policeman Exorcises, Delivers Drunk Suspect From Evil Spirit Before Arrest

christian police delivers drunk suspect

Feb 27, 2015 – Pictures: Christian Police Officer Exorcise, Performs Deliverance From Evil Spirit For Drunk Suspect Before Arresting Him In Brazil

The footage of a Christian Policeman conducting deliverance for a drunk suspect has gone viral.

Policemen were called to a spot where a 28-year-old drunk and abusive man, Rodrigo Betti was cursing out passers by.

On arrival, one of the police men noticed that the man was possessed by an evil spirit so he took the battle spiritual.

He was heard shouting at the evil spirit.

‘Unleash his body, Jesus. Out in the name of Jesus.’ – the officer addressed the evil spirit tormenting the suspect

A witness identified as Paulo Cortez who captured these photos on camera told reporters that the drunk man began speaking in strange languages and looked very strange.

Cortez said as the police officer continued the deliverance, the man fell to the ground shaking and shouting.

Other onlookers called a priest in the area who completed the deliverance.

Betti was arrested and released the second day.

‘I can’t remember a thing about last night, I must have been possessed by something.’ – the suspect said

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brazil christian police drunk suspect