IVF Fraud: Fake Medical Doctor Arrested For Defrauding 4 Barren Women Of N7.8M

ivf fraud benin edo state

Oct 27, 2015 – IVF Fraud In Benin City Edo State: Fake Medical Doctor Arrested For Defrauding 4 Childless Women Of N7.8 Million

A 62-year old woman, Celina Etomi, who posed as a medical doctor to defraud four childless women of N7,831,000 million has been arrested.

Etomi allegedly collected the money from the victims with a promise to make them have twins through In- Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Her crimes were exposed after she collected N900,000 from a family to treat their daughter who is blind and has malignant brain tumour.

The suspect, according to the police, told her victims that she worked for a British owned hospital based in Ondo State.

Police said the victims reported the incident after they discovered that they were not responding to treatment.

We gathered that the suspect was nabbed at her hideout in Saint Saviour Street, Benin City, Edo State.

She was said to have asked the victims to name the number and sex of children they want and some of the victims mentioned twin, triplets and quadruplets.

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5 thoughts on “IVF Fraud: Fake Medical Doctor Arrested For Defrauding 4 Barren Women Of N7.8M

  1. Technology has spoil many things in this world…if nt, hw can pple believe that someone can help them born twins.. triplet and co…. May she be delievered in jail..and she die as a believer…amen

  2. Desperation is a big problem to them that possesse it and also everyday for the thief, but one day for the owner of the house.

  3. Forget she’s goona come out,she wud bribe her way with like 1mil,they’d set her free.
    The police are corrupt,
    Benin City:Main Center for 419 scam,olx local,kidnaping,opo ism(prostitution),unlimited arm robbery,cultism.
    Ppl who live in benin city never got anything good to offer other than scams.
    U needed a baby or twins inside of u,u gave her cash.see another form of new scam.


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