Iyabo Obasanjo Denies Open Letter To Father, Blames President Jonathan “I Love My Dad”

iyabo obasanjo letter father

Update: December 19, 2013 @ 3:30pm – Iyabo Obasanjo has confirmed she was the one who wrote the letter. Read more here.

December 18, 2013 – Iyabo Obasanjo Denies Open Letter To Father Blames President Jonathan “OBJ Is D Best Dad In The World”

Do you guys remember the viral open letter purportedly written by the daughter of Ex-Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo that came out few hours ago, the woman at the center of the storm, Iyabo Obasanjo has denied ever writing such letter.

Iyabo Obasanjo who described her father “Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo” as the best father in the world said she didn’t write any letter insulting him.

She further said President Jonathan should stop his political games and confront her father directly if he wants to reply the open letter her father wrote him.

Iyabo Obasanjo further said she is a well-cultured Yoruba woman who takes the issue of parental respect seriously.

Hear what she said on Rainbow FM few hours ago:

” I Did Not Write Any Letter to My Father, IYABO OBASANJO Speaks Out! December18, 2013 IYABO OBASANJO (On Rainbow FM):

“I have never seen or heard this sort of fabrication in my entire life! I, IYABO OBASANJO never contemplate writing a letter to my Loving Father. I speak with him almost on daily bases. “Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo is the best father in the world. He gave birth to me, he raise me up and gave me the best of Education. I wouldn’t have achieved whatever I did without my father. IN FACT, WHO AM I WITHOUT MY FATHER? “As a father he never disappoints his children in any way, he is a father anybody wish to have.

“If President Jonathan want to reply the letter my father wrote him, he should be man enough to reply direct. Why are they trying to make me a scape goat? I know my father very well and I don’t question his judgement, I believe my father wrote his letter in the best interest of the nation. If Mr. President disagree with some of the allegations in the letter, let him be man enough to talk directly to my father, he should stop involving me in an issue I know nothing about. “How can you write a letter to insult my father and claim I, the daughter is the source.

If that is how Ijaw people insult their father, I am a Yoruba Woman; we respect our parent in all circumstances. “I IYABO OBASANJO did not write any letter. Nigerians should please take note. “The purported letter is a malicious lies intended to rubbish the good name of my family, when I get to the source of the letter, I will waste no time to take the necessary legal actions. “I love my father and I never disrespect him.”

Hope this has finally put an end to the rumour flying around.

Iyabo Obasanjo is not the person behind the letter.

So who are the jobless people framing up letters aimed at destroying the relationship between Obasanjo and his beloved daughter?

52 thoughts on “Iyabo Obasanjo Denies Open Letter To Father, Blames President Jonathan “I Love My Dad”

  1. Just reading the letter I know Iyabo can never be the one behind it. How can a daughter write such a letter to her father.
    GEJ should try another method this one has failed

  2. Na wa oh what is going on in Jonathan’s administration? This shows his desperation to remain in office for another 8 years and God will not allow him

  3. Didn’t I tell you guys this is the dumbest President in the history of Nigeria she was his badluck has brought the ijaw people. He even dragged his people into this mess.
    See what Iyabo said about Ijaw people not respecting their parents.
    I’m an Ijaw man and I can tell you not all of us support Jonathan for President

  4. M̲̣̣̣̥̥̊¥ frnd God bless U̶̲̥̅̊ I said it early †̥Ђɪ̣̝̇S̤̥̈̊ morning D̳̿α̲̅Ŧ witout being told †̥Ђɪ̣̝̇S̤̥̈̊ I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ hand work ffrom jonathan administration it takes only. A person with wisdom to knw D̳̿α̲̅Ŧ. even if obj I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ having prob with his family D̳̿α̲̅Ŧ does not give D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣♍ write to spread tђε̲̣̣̣̥​я̲̣̣̥ dirty lienen in public,I will §a̶̲̥̅̊γ̲̣̣̥ †̥Ђɪ̣̝̇S̤̥̈̊ again jonathan can’t rule come 2015 U̶̲̥̅̊ see how dumb he I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊, e wrote a letter against obj using ƭЂε daughter as a scape goat ƭЂε dsame daughter went on air to denie such allegation,jonathan will alwaz remain a fool ​Ω̴̷̷̴̩̩̩̥̐͠o mater wat

  5. Why are all this drama centering on our dear president, GEJ? People should let him focuse on the good work he is doing. No body is and will be better than GEJ if he is on the seat. Every efforts gearing towards distracting GEJ is already frustrated by angels. Whatever a man sows, he will reap sooner or later.

  6. When I saw the letter this morning, I told my colleague in the office that
    Iyabo can’t write such letter against her father.
    It is quite unfortunate that somebody or group of persons who are jobless can go to this extent just to gain favor at the detriment of another person(s).
    Iyabo should get to the root of this malicious letter and take legal action against those that are behind this.
    Na sidon dey look I dey o!

  7. What if someone else tries to make money from OBJ and GEJ beef.I beg make we forget all those rumours and pray for the betterment of our beloved country.

  8. Me, I av personally cursed her if truly she wrote such an embarrassin leta 2 her fada. Now dat she said [NO] am api 4 dat

  9. That’s what you see when wrong people get right privilege,he’s the greatest mistake this nation has made and I think we deserve it because its a lesson!
    As for his Media fools,they r gonna keep dragging him into his downfall because he refuse to draw a line btw their advice and the public yearning,we need a change NIGERIA

  10. When i saw the puported letter written by obasanjo’s daughter this morning i said to the dumb skulls on this platform that JONATHAN is at it again. This administration is already taken over by the opposition due to credibility issues

  11. My Dearest Nigerians, is a pity we very good at making judgement without facts. Is like we all already made up our minds either we support GEJ administration or we against it before we approach or make commit on issues that concern his administrations. My questions is what makes you think is GEJ that is behind it?

    My dearest Nigerians, these is politics and both APC and PDP are at it again.

    Give them something to talk about and that is what they are all doing so that we can get our mind of real issues like almost $5o billion is missing, Yeyema is divorcing and marrying children if true at these stage, EFCC is broke and that is what has been keeping a little bit of sanity in our society come to corruption. The politicians are creating regional and tribal divisions and they saying is GEJ. Come on guys, we are not chickens they should be trolling corns in the open fields why the eagles are out in the sky.

    Yes GEJ administration need to do more but let not also forget that he has done a lot within the few year he as been in power, and all these are mess he didn’t create neither it was during is regimes, they are all inherited mess from previous regimes.

    My Dearest Nigerians, these are all distractions created by both parties and some of the issues at hand are also created by oppositions that infiltrated GEJ administration.

    My people, GEJ need our r his support for administration to deliver is mandate. We all new the fight we all fought to get him there and do we think the fight is over? These are all distractions and I think is handling it well by not scratching is body the way it itches.

    To Nigeria politicians, keep fooling yourselfs when there are better work to be done. You all keep pointing fingers when some of you where ones there and you couldn’t do better. You all pointing and shouting problem and no one is shouting solutions, and to make matters worse my fellow Nigerians are dancing to the tunes neglecting real issues.

    Is it not obvious or clear enough that these are all political settings from both sides? Now, Yeyeman as divorce the first child bride if true, and marry another child bride.Is like these man is cursed or maybe is the type of medicine babalawo gave him and he need to marry children all in the name of religion that they all hide under to perpetual their evil act. Another new tune, what next after dis?

    Useless politicians.

  12. There’s the Yoruba adage which says “NOT EVERY HEAD IS CONSIDERED FIT TO WEAR A CROWN” If this ever happens; the village will see disaster, disintegrated and deserted eventually. Isn’t this the reason why in some society that if don’t belong to the politicsl class or have the clout you are never allowed near the corridors of power; cos power if not handled with care can result into insanity just as we are begining to see with Jonathan Goodluck.
    Check out how his wife Patience has gone power drunk, throws her light weight around very delicate political matters, steps on big polical toes without recourse to the limitations of her office as prescribed by tha constitution.
    Jonathan’s reign is a huge political error Nigerians would have taken from the ballot box. If Jonathan loves Nigeria he should gracefully step aside and allow the nation Nigeria to move on as a cohesive state otherwise his Ijaw nation will not contain aggrieved Nigerians.

  13. I wonder why some Nigerians can’t think deep,Iyabo being a Yoruba lady could have been scolded for insulting her father and being a well cultured child trained by her mother might have a re-think because if you have read the letter well most of what she said could easily be confirmed. Was it also mr president who also told Obasanjo son to swear an affidavit claiming his father was sleeping with his wife please Nigerians be wise

    • Bobby you are brainwashed and can’t discuss issues intelligently, if your intellectual abillity is sound go back and read what was alledged to have been written by Iyabo Obasanjo and match that with her rebutal that follows a little later and try to do a critical analysis of a posibility of a daughter attacking her father to the point of a direct insult. I don’t know whether the part of Nigeria you come from if that is permissible, certainly not in Yoruba land.
      The letter is obviously the handy work of a presidential insider who seem not bold enough to directly confront the issues raised in the letter written by Obasanjo but rather compiled a histirical dossier on Obasanjo, using Iyabo as a cover to get at her father in response to his letter to Goodluck Jonathan.
      Bobby get this facts today that the problems Obasanjo has with his yoruba constituents is his relentless advocacy of one undevided Nigeria, and it does not matter if that achievement will come at the cost of his life. He has been one leader Nigeria has had who easily cuts accross all tribes whose sincerity has never been in doubt. The letter is mischivious and loaded with malice intended to counter Obasanjo’s 18 page letter in an attempt to equalise Jonathan’s bad governance and to render Obasanjo completely silent.
      Bobby if you lack the intellect to interogate issues of this nature next time, you’ll do yourself a favour by keeping your miopic opinion to youself and allow intelligent readers deal with it.

  14. hw cum she sound so sure dat gej did dat?is dat part of she and her dad’s plans?wat if gej is nt part of it?y is she so sure dat gej is behind d letter?wat evidence does she have 2 prove his allegations again d president!mtcheeew,gej’s regime is beta dan obj’s regime..u ppl shud pray 4 him and stp criticizing and frustrating him..even d bible said pray 4 ur leaders bcos nobody is perfect..we nid 2 support him and work wit unity,d prob wit nig is we r divided dats y we r nt moving 4ward.most of us criticizing him wil even do worst dan him if we r given d authority.

  15. bcos u wrote an open letter does dat rili mean u luv ur dad?wat happens wen both of u r 2geda,do u rili luv him?u insult a whole tribe bt i tell u dat most ijaw ppl r gud in respecting dia parents in secret nt in open letter..since d first letter is nt 4rm u dat means u rili stole nig money,u and ur dad r birds of a feather so y wont u luv him?afterall,monkey knw fyn bt him mama lyk am.

  16. Honestly, I don’t know who to believe again.
    I am thinking its all political games.
    What I do know is who ever complied the dossier must have known OBJ family issues very well because the issues raised were not lies.
    Also The best thing that has happened to Nigerian since 1999 is the election of Goodluck Jonathan because since assuming office , he has taken a lot shit from the powers that be and those who think they are born to rule and no body has lost his head or life because their attack on the president. that is democracy at work. His greatest undoing is that he is an Ijaw man. Obasanjo is not a saint and he lacks credibility to comment or accuse anyone of action or actions detrimental for the well being of Nigerians. I know for him to resort to public attack on Jonathan, there must be something he is no longer getting from the administration.Let him stay away and let Nigerians be the judge come 2015————-…

  17. @Obajulehin, if anybody is dull here, its u. Iyabo is in USA, how long will it take her to investigate the allegations and if possible the IP address used? again look at dis the purported first letter of iyabo and d rebuttal are not devoid of insult. imagine a statement like “if that is how ijaw people insult their elders”. in wat way did ijaw pple come in here? I consider dat as an insult on d entire ijaw nation and d president of Fed. Reb. Of Nigeria(by dragging him into an issue she has not investigated).
    I want to use dis medium to ask a question. if dis kind of letter was sent to OBJ by IBB while he was in Govt will OBJ had taken it lightly? Again in wat way is OBJ better than GEJ? Pls outline for me just 5 areas in which OBJ’s administration surpasses dat of GEJ.
    Pres. has just spent 2yrs n 7months in office as an elected president but Nigerians has never given him any support other than insult and distractions.
    is it a crime for someone to come from minority in a country. Pres. GEJ remain d most insulted and abused president has ever had not because he is bad as pple paint him be but becos he is from minority. he is not Hausa, Yoruba or Ibo.
    its unfortunate, but may God help Pres. GEJ tru. Amen!!

    • Laddy M have you soon forgotened it’s Obasanjo who single handedly brought Goodluck Jonathan from his obsure Niger Delta region to introduce him as his annointed son to partner Yar Adua. Did he not know he was introducing an Ijaw man then,? why suddenly the argument of Ijaw president getting harrased because he is from a minority tribe.? Common, let’s get real for once there are very many minority tribes in Nigeria, what brought the Ijaw into prominence was the cruel execution of Ken Saro Wiwa who was fighting a just course. Obasanjo’s nationalist idea was to give the Ijaws some sense of belonging and for that matter any other minority in Nigeria.

      Could Jonathan amongs all political heavy weights dotted all over Nigeria have been able to taste the presidency if not for Obasanjo who against all odds especially from the core north, stood firm to his convictions and ofcourse God’s interventions along the way, so Laddy M don’t forget so soon Obasanjo’s contribution in making Jonathan whom he has become. ARE YOU NOT SURPRISED JONATHAN IS UNABLE TO RESPOND DIRECTLY TO OBASANJO’S LETTER.? Think about that too.

    • @Lady M. ur comment touched my hat? my eyes r wet, wat crime has GEJ commented dat people hate him so much? is OBJ crime free dat is pointing fingers @ GEJ, his dota dat is as ugly as him is not also crime free, wat is d prove dat GEJ wrote d letter ? my present is too intelligent n busy to exchange words wit OBJ, his silent on al dis issues around him is making his hater run man. I luv him 4 his maturity. d OTA farm dat OBJ is benefiting from was it not operation feed d nation? but has any body wrote him letter on dat,

    • Are you now afraid of the so called baba? The cassava we harvest today are the ones planted some time ago. So why are nigerians expecting wat they did not sow.

  18. Whoso ever dat wrote the letter, He who digs a pit will fall into it; and a serpent will bite him who breaks through a wall.

  19. I totally take exception to this. All along i’ve been reading posts on this blog without publicly airing my views, but this one just brought me to it. Why the unnecessary arguments? Don’t u guys know that politics is a game, and anything, I mean everything is possible. This scenerio, as usual, is one of those dirty stunts put up to scandalize, blackmail, and guage people’s reaction. The so-called reply by Iyabo, I believe was a conspiratorial plot to further dent the image of GEJ in his pursuit….if claims she’s innocent, then her siblings, could it be any of them? Or a close relative or friend to OBJ? Perhaps, a close friend, fan, relative of GEJ?#just saying sha

  20. OBJ vs GEJ ls just a drama which centre on who shall be 2015 president ….baba wants to nominate new annointed rubber stamp

  21. Isn’t it obvious that if Iyabo didn’t write the letter, GEJ must have been behind it? The worst President Nigeria would ever produce, maybe he can compete with IBB, he has sanctioned theft and corruption with inactions, he rules with bias, he only has selfish interest in mind, if not why would he sack those 9 ministers but not Aviation minister. It’s all political reason. OBJ was neither a good leader but I didn’t expect Nigeria to elect a president like him, let alone worse GEJ. I hope the country people rethink and vote him out

  22. Hausa and Yoruba did not believe dat OBJ daughter Iyabo can write such letter, but they believe dat de same Iyabo can reply by saying dat she did not wrote any letter to de father, u guys are not serious. So who is fooling who here? if you guys did not believe dat Iyabo can write such letter, dont also believe dat she can reply too.

  23. Nigeria the real giant of africa will never seems to amaze me in conducts and attitudes. This is a political game by two elephants as we Nigerian populace are seen as idiots that falls for anything printed in the media let them carry on.

    For every movie there is always an end. If Iyabo wrote that good luck to her and if she did not best wishes to her also. like an adage in yoruba rightly says: (Something always end the game of sex).

    We are a nation blessed with brains and resources and look at the way infractures are in this country called Nigeria. What a shame to all public office holders. Many have good intensions but as soon as they get to the office all blue print changes and embezzlement ideas kicks in.

    God will deliver the nation and end the menace thieves, thugs, touts, peadophiles,liars, cheats, manipulators and illiterates and idol worshippers running the affairs of our beautuful nation.

  24. I think what we need for our dear country is prayer and not criticizing the President. Why not emulate the Americans who wakes up every morning and says God bless America and see what happen next. Please let GEJ concentrate on moving the country forward, stop distracting and criticizing him. After all he is not the worse in the history of Nigeria. On the issue of the open letter, i find it difficult to believe that this letter did not emanate from Iyabo. She may be trying to deny it after she realized the insults contained in the letter. Judge her from her statement talking to the whole Ijaw community like that, she would not have said that if truly she is respectful. Besides, who is that person that knows all the secret she exposed about their family that could have cooked up such story. I think Iyabo is trying to be childish. She should have thought of all that before writing the letter so that she can stand by it. According to one of the commentators, it seems she also embezzled Nigerian money while in office like his father. Truly, anyone that examine OBJ’s attitude could deduce that he is a stubborn man who does not have respect or care for his family. He looks like an animal (Chimpanzee) and speaks like an animal too. I am sure his open letter to GEJ would be because GEJ does not want to dance to his tune because OBJ is a dictator who dictates what his Presidents does and any one who will not listen to him should be ready to face the consequences. I know the truth will surface soon. I am from Ijebu but come 2015, my vote will go to GEJ and would still be our President either they like it or not. They only wants to destroy his administration. He is ready to work but needs our support. Iyabo should bury her head in shame because she the one who is not woman enough to stand by the letter.

  25. It is OBJ, Babangida and co- Nothern Leaders that put Nigeria in the shape it is today yet dey will not allow Jonathan to concentrate. It will NEVER be well with them, their children children will bear the course.


  27. pls , lets not blame GEJ , lets blame the thieves, coward idiots in his government, i dont think he would have ask any Idiot to write for him whatsoever…

  28. Wait a minute, what happened to Iyabo during her Father Inauguration did anyone knew what happened between her and her father that the father did not sponsor their trip to the inauguration? this really baffles me. And the person also knew that is her mother who sponsored their trip.

  29. Obajulehin it’s not my style to insult people in a forum like this since its meant for people of high standard, well breed and cultured, pls read all your contributions it’s all about insulting people, please since you are not current on the issue go and read the recent Sahara report Senator Iyabo never refuted writing the letter and the editor of vanguard newspaper has it on tape, you can go to court to contest it if you can, do not forget that most of what she wrote are very correct ok

  30. I sorry for all of you. Both letters are to distract our attention towards concentrating on the reasons to vote credible candidate in 2015. Beware of their antics please.

  31. @Ben, Wunmi Giwa and Joseph, I want to say I love your comments, we truly need people like you in this country not haters. keep it up. LET US ALL PRAY FOR A CREDIBLE CANDIDATE IN 2015.

  32. Iyabo shouldn’t have insulted the Ijaw tribe,she should apologise..She shouldn’t also point accusing fingers @ the President,she never confirmed it and it is an insult on the Nation…Obasanjo’s regime is not better as he was the one that started this criminal act the nation is suffering from now.During his tenure,trillions of naira was spent on power and roads with nothing to show for it,he even proposed a 3rd term bid for himself..During the bomb blast that happened in ikeja,I watched him live on channels tv when he shouted @ the grieving crowd dat he was not suppose to be there so they should stop complaining to him,it was the most irresponsibility portrayed by a president..Jonathan is d dumbest president a nation can have,he’s a yes man,pple should know that his been submissive and neva been in command got him dat post..He so much believes in his corrupt ministers especially d duo of d petroleum and finance ministers which I believe he’s fucking ..The APC’s especially d likes of Tinubu’s have also sucked d nation dry not to talk of the pdps…The thirst for power and wealth has ruined the nation..Selfishness and wickedness has taken control of our politicians and we pple are so gullible dat even a cup of rice can buy our votes..To cut the long story short,the cause of our problem in Nigeria started in 1914 when Nigeria was amalgamated..They British got it all planned out and its working for them now..I want y’all to know that human’s creations don’t last,it is only God’s dat does..God created the Yorubas (Odua) the Igbos (Biafra) the Hausas (Arewa) the Ijaws,Fulanis,Tivs etc and we’ve existed for more than a thousand years but the British created Nigeria by bringing together the unthinkable..They’ve left now and we are the ones ripping from d mistake..Let us think..,…

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