Bus Driver Killed By Woman Over 10 Naira In Benin City , Edo State

bus driver killed by woman benin cityRIP Eze

December 18, 2013 – Bus Driver Killed By Passenger Over N10 In Benin City , Edo State

On Monday December 16th, 2013, a wicked bus passenger was arrested by Edo State police officials for allegedly killing an innocent bus driver over the weekend.

The young commercial bus driver identified as Eze was believed to be in his late 20’s while the woman that killed him is 38-year-old.

Last Saturday, Eze died when his bus passenger strangled him while holding on to his manhood.

It was reported that the young man identified as Eze was driving through Ohovbe Road, Off Benin Agbor Road, Ikpoba Hill in the early hours of Saturday. He decided to carry the said woman to the junction of Ohovbe Road for N40 and the woman entered on agreement but on getting to the junction,  the driver asked for his money and the woman paid N30 instead of N40. When the driver complained that the money is incomplete, the woman then told him that she cannot pay N40. Out of frustration and anger the driver cursed the woman and started calling her names like ashawo, prostitute etc.

Angered by the name calling, the female passenger then held the driver’s neck while still inside the car. People then gathered to settle the dispute and the woman let go of his neck. Moments later, the woman returned to meet the driver who had his seat belt on and held his neck with one hand and used her other hand to hold his manhood and started pulling it.

The man begged the woman to leave him but the woman was even more angry by this time, passers by intervened again but it seems the evil deed has been done.

When the driver tried to come out of his car, he fell to the ground and started stretching and gasping for breath. People around rushed the driver to a nearby hospital while others whisked the woman to a nearby police station. The young man reportedly died few hours later.

Shame on the passers by who saw the woman holding and strangling the driver and doing nothing about it.

Her intention was to kill the driver and that’s exactly what she did.

What a wicked woman!


23 thoughts on “Bus Driver Killed By Woman Over 10 Naira In Benin City , Edo State

  1. she what poverty is causing our people how much is N10 that she can’t pay.
    I believe the woman is a witch sent to kill the man.
    Pls can someone give me more information on this case. I will follow suit to expose this woman. She needs to get death sentence in return

  2. Anytime you are outside and a woman dares to hurt u through your manhood pls run for your life, it’s a danger zone. I’m very close to the driver, a close examination by the doctors revealed that his manhood had been broken by force
    He didn’t die of strangulation but rather thru broken manhood.

    Some ladies are devil in human form. My dear men pls beware
    Rest in Peace Ezeomanu

  3. The woman that killed Eze is either a witch or a childless b**ch.
    The pain of childbirth would have stopped her is she has a child of her own

  4. I withnessed a situatn almost lik dis one in enugu last week thank God nobody died.it wz also becos of 10 naira along new layout btw a conductor and a passenger.d beating the conductor gave the lady even 100 naira drugs can nt cure,so wt is all d stress for.na wah ooOooo.all dis r satan manipulatns.God will help his faithfuls.Amen

  5. I blame those passers by too. How can a woman strangle someone until to the point of dead and people are passing without stopping her? This is really funny that a thing can happen like this and people will pay less attention to it.Except this woman must have been controlling these passers by with her witchcraft because i don’t really get it. This woman will know no peace as long as she lives with this kind of wicked act. Adieu (farewell) Eze.

  6. so its back to sender..go and die as we heard last time from the chief executive..squeeze her b**bs till she die of the pains as well.heartless fool

  7. Friends, i hope we all are seeing the handwriting on the wall, the end is very nearer, we all should repent and come closer to Jesus Christ bcos without him no one shall see the lord, all this evil news and trouble everywhere is the sign of the end to come, pls i urge christians in Nigeria to be prayerful as we are about to enter 2014 to curtail a lot of troubles ahead.

  8. That is a typical Benin woman for you, she did it because she knows the guy is an IBO, if it were to a Benin born she wouldn’t have done so, yeye people.
    She deserves to die.


  9. BJ u are a mad person, n idiot, where r u 4rm ur mother is a witch, if 1 person does sometin wrong does dat gives u d right 2 insult all d Bini women, neva open ur smelling mouth 2 insult any tribe, its a pity dat dis young man died, dis woman is a demon, let her face d law

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