Iyabo Ojo Dating A Married Politician, Actress To Become 3rd Wife Soon – Insider

iyabo ojo dating married politician

August 4, 2016 – Iyabo Ojo Dating A Married Politician, Actress To Become 3rd Wife Soon – Insider

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo quit her marriage several years ago and moved out with her two children since then the hardworking actress has been doing well.

About 5 years ago, the actress changed level, courtesy of her wealthy boyfriend.

According to an insider, the actress is in a hot romance with an Abuja-based politician who has been pampering her with gift and cars.

The actress who recently moved to Lekki has been painting the town red with one of her Range Rover sports.

iyabo ojo range rover suv

An insider who requested anonymity said Iyabo Ojo’s manfriend is a wealthy politician who has two other wives.

The source said the actress has refused to reveal the identity of her man-friend due to the husband-snatching stigma attached to popular female Nollywood stars.

15 thoughts on “Iyabo Ojo Dating A Married Politician, Actress To Become 3rd Wife Soon – Insider

  1. Another woman’s husband will not do you any good. So you better quit because this money you are enjoying now will make you cry tomorrow.

  2. At least the man cherishes her enough not only to pamper her but from this story she is soon to become his WIFE….. Never mind the position in the hierarchy of wives. So why is it news to insiders? Polygamy is an old school African custom so if she elects such for herself There is nothing that should concern insiders. After all she is an adult and the man is also an adult.relationship between two consenting adults should not be any body’s business but theirs.
    Go after your heart’s desires Ma’am!!!

  3. She’s not even yet the third wife. Wo, Just pray the two wives of that man showering you with heavy millions of catch doesn’t get you. Or just pray they are those cool headed type that can tolerate or else you will find yourself to be blame. By the time they gang up and send you terminators by then,before you realize it,it will be too late. I don’t just understand why many women are fond of chasing after and snatching people’s husband. If marriage is that easy,why did she decide to abandoned her own husband? this gold digger.

  4. If he already has two wives, he is not another woman’s husband. Besides, if he is a Muslim, he is allowed to marry up to four wives. As long as everyone is happy, it is not for us to tell people how to run their lives. Monogamy (marrying one wife) was never our culture, as Africans. Enjoy your relationship, my dear. One life to live. What is the point of staying with one man, one wife, if he cannot even provide for the one that he has? The sky is big enough for birds to fly without their wings touching one another.

  5. all these nollyshit or nollywood actresses are nothing but MONEY GRABBERS if you agree to be a 3rd wife now you should be prepared to have another 3 after you very soon

  6. just of recent she spoke about being happy as a single mother and now she is trying to be the third wife with one mister someone who was not able to manage “one husband one wife” home… RADARADA(in jennifers voice)

  7. I wouldnt be surprised when she turns out homeless. By the time her juju clear for the man eye, he will throw her out from his property to which she,s he leased her; and back she will be to her fellow actress house squatting. This is actually no new gists, hence her various tattoo and bleaching to keep up.



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