“Iyabo Please Give Me Another Chance” – Says Elderly Man Dragged To Court By Sex Starved Wife


August 1st, 2017 – Iyabo Please Give Me Another Chance – Says Elderly Husband Dragged To Divorce Court By Sex Starved Wife In Ibadan

The 10-year-old marriage between a 35 year old woman, Iyabo and her husband Babatunde was today dissolved at a Customary Court in Ibadan over lack of sexual satisfaction.

After 10 years of marriage with 4 children, Iyabo told the court her 58-year-old husband can no longer withstand her sexual urge.

Here is what the petitioner told the Court President Ademola Odunade today:

The respondent however pleaded with the court to save his marriage, promising to turn a new leaf:

After the court tried to settle the matter and Iyabo insisted that she’s done, the President dissolved the union and gave Iyabo the custody of the couple’s 4 kids.

5 thoughts on ““Iyabo Please Give Me Another Chance” – Says Elderly Man Dragged To Court By Sex Starved Wife

  1. Since this marriage is already dissolved, if you go shopping for another wife, maybe the age gap should not be so wide.

  2. Men need to think first of how to catch up with a much younger wife’s sexual appetite before going for the younger woman. However, Iyabo, or whatever her name is, now complains that her husband cannot satisfy her sexually after 4 children? She must be getting the latest styles from a much younger, active man outside. The husband should let her go, there is more to life than jigi-jigi (sexual escapades). You don’t have to land in heaven (or hell) from a sexual activity related heart attack. Find a companion whose age is closer to yours and enjoy life and age slowly together. After all said and done, the old ones today were once young and agile – it’s just a matter of time before we all get there.

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