Jim Iyke Calls Linda Ikeji A Witch, Hermaphrodite Over Abusive Comments

jim iyke calls linda witch

Jan 21, 2013 – Jim Iyke Blasts Linda Ikeji, Calls Her Hermaphrodite, Witch Over Abusive Comments

Linda Ikeji has found herself in the fiery nest of Nollywood actor Jim Iyke following a photo of him she shared with her followers. naijagists.com

On January 19, 2013 the former model shared a sexy photo of Jim Iyke with the caption “‘Every time I write about this dude he comes after me on Twitter, but I must do my job na…lol. Nice body

Jim Iyke who obviously dislikes Linda Ikeji’s style didn’t spare her a moment.

The koko of the matter is that Jim Iyke got totally pissed off due to some abusive comments the post generated.

As earlier predicted, the actor took to his Twitter page to reply Linda and here is what he said:

It’s m handle and my space. I do wit it wtf I pls. If dat hermophrodite witch LINDA n her lame employees dt like it then hug a transformer!.

It’s #twitter. A social medium 4 constructive interaction. If any1 gets on my space to disrespect me, I’ll return d favour wit dividends.

A follower of Jim Iyke with Twitter handle @agbe2 asked “who is dat again boss

Jim Iyke’s replied with: @agbe2 that #anorexic she chimp Linda! Lool

jim iyke linda ikeji witch

According to a source, most comments on Linda’s blog are posted by anonymous readers, an indication that most of them might be framed up comments by Linda’s employees.

In another development, actor Segun Arinze had to do a lot of image cleansing after several abusive words were hurled at his wife and himself following an article on that same blog.

After a careful analysis of the comment on Jim Iyke’s unclad photo post over 80% of the commentators are anonymous….

Hmmmmm. see wuruwuru for net.

No vex Jimmy……. she must have learnt her lesson one way or the other.

16 thoughts on “Jim Iyke Calls Linda Ikeji A Witch, Hermaphrodite Over Abusive Comments

  1. The problem with Linda is that she is trying too hard. Tell her to relax a bit.
    With her years of blogging experience she ought to have grabbed some personalities and know how to deal with them.
    Anyway she is just trying to gain more popularity to her blog.

    She is playing her game wisely. smart girl

  2. If most of those comment,whr to be “wao Jim iyke u are so sexy, u av a great body” I bet he would be thanking Linda for posting his picture on her blog, I think the guy just need to grow up, if u don’t want to be critize, y are u a celeb, and y are u posting ur pic twitter

  3. Jim Iyke has always been an ** guy with a *********..its no wonder he talks so carelessly.. Linda carry go jare! No mind am!..i bet you, he doesnt know what a hermaphrodite means

  4. wat da hell is wrong wt dis so called “celeb”? Linda is cool and smart. pple wl alwyz comment so deal wt it and stop behaving so immature!

  5. I wouldnt b surprised if two people end up being a couple in near future,neither of them seems to be tired of the other!!!

  6. @ Amara…..Watch wat u say…….Linda is doin her Job…..FiNE……but must she use it to tanish oda Personalities……Aw wud u feel wen u wake up one day n found ur name on Social Network for Bad Headinz n different ppl commentin Bad bout????? U beta ask ursef if u can take it??

  7. LINDA carry go joor u r the best we love ur story cos all this celeb are not serious my dear i don’t know why they call themself celeb self,expectcially jim iyke i think he didn’t went to school at all for being foolish like this.

  8. At titi wetin happen? See pot calling kettle black…lol. Did u just write “expectcially jim iyke i think he didn’t went to school at all for being foolish like this”. Which school thought you that bad English dear…lol. Let me correct you okay…next time write “especially that Jim Iyke, I think he didn’t go to school”. You can’t use ‘didn’t’ past tense with another past tense my dear educated illiterate titi. It shows the kind of people that comment on the so-called Linda Ikeji’s blog. Shallow brains and dumb heads. Maybe she can recruit you as one of her employees to be commenting on celebrity posts. All of you should stop abusing one another celebrity or not, nobody deserves to be called stupid names, not Linda and not Jim Iyke, including you titi. Sorry titi I called you educated illiterate…just for you to know how it feels.

  9. @Dikita, na comment dem ask you to comment not to correct Titi’s English language. Mrs.Soyinka, sebi english na your language. Linda and Jim, may God please give you the strength to settle yourselves. Cheers!

  10. Lolz… Funny here! Jim is my favorite, one of the best. The movie industry is sooo lucky to have him..@ Titi, I wish we can question the university or institution that graduated u… U are an epitome of grammatical nonsense. God bless u for showing ur foolishness

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