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mikel obi wife

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John Mikel Obi’s Russian Wife Olga Slams Nigerians Over Alleged Marriage Problem

mikel obi wife

John Mikel Obi’s Russian Wife Olga Slams Nigerians Over Alleged Marriage Problem

The wife of former Super Eagle captain Mikel Obi, Olga Diyachenko, has reacted to the news of their break-up.

AOI Football reports that things were going out of hands in Mikel’s camp following his move to a Turkish club, Trabzonspor.

Quoting a family source, it was also reported that Olga informed Mikel Obi not to expect the visit of their kids in Turkey.

The source said:

“I can confirm to you that all is not seemingly fine with them. Olga doesn’t like the city and has taken the children back to their base.

“In fact, she warned him against the move to Turkey but he convinced her about it. Now she came visiting and doesn’t like it; the kids do not also like it there in Turkey which could now be a problem for Mikel.

“Now Olga has told Mikel that she won’t return to visit him again which means he won’t also see the kids, leaving Mikel with only the chance of seeing his family in December during the Christmas break, a decision which I understand has left him sad, and may unsettle him” the source revealed.

The development becomes a worry for the 32-year-old who also struggled to see his family during his time with Chinese club Tianjin Teda and having to fly for hours back to England to see his daughters.

Reacting to the alleged rift, Olga said she was shocked to see people happy about the news, noting that some are waiting to tell Mikel, how he was warned not to marry a white woman.

See her reactions below.

olga obi wife



  1. Gina Udeh

    September 1, 2019 at 3:44 AM

    You guessed right Olga, the guy should have married his fellow Africans. Bad market

  2. mulikat

    September 2, 2019 at 8:56 AM

    Naija stop that, marry fellow Africa ke, that will be his bigest wahala. father nlaw ,mother inlaw all wife family on your neck, they want this and that, if you dont do,they start running after your life and propertiy. he is married to a rich Russian woman, even she is poor, white dont run after your life ,like African poeple, they go to juju, alfa, or send people to gun you you down, just to take over, their son, daughter,brother or sisters propertity.,they will settle their problem by theirself, none of anybody wahala. Love and Marriage got nothing to do with colour of skin, religion, race ,age or class, is all about 2 people fall in love with 1 another shekena.


    September 3, 2019 at 11:19 AM

    Hello the family that set to be peaceful. Rigth from when you started dating you must have examined either two of you were destined to be married. To the father of twins, you also need to know that every marriage had its own encounter and as a man you must find the way to cool down your wife and settle the matter amicably. To the mother of twins, you know the type of business which your husband engaged in and if you don’t really like the new place where he is currently employ. You need to help him with your own prayer. The two of you need to consider your children and their future not thinking of splitting. lastly, you better stop all that you are doing on social media about your family affairs, bebause this case should be settled between the you and your wife instead of exposing you life to the word and you should’t allow any bad subbordinations.

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