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joh okafor mr ibu kidney failure Latest News Updates

John Okafor Mr Ibu Hospitalized For Diabetes & Kidney Failure

joh okafor mr ibu kidney failure

John Okafor Mr Ibu Hospitalized For Diabetes & Kidney Failure

Comic Nollywood actor John Okafor who has been diabetic for sometime now is currently recovering following a severe episode of kidney failure in Abuja.

The actor who did some life saving surgery at the Zenith Medical and Kidney center in Abuja revealed in a recent video that his condition is improving.

Here is what he said in the viral video:

“Some people have sold me like this…they don’t even want to hear from me. All they do is to sell me free of charge. The devil! It won’t work.

“God has risen me up…God has risen me up. I am here with my wife. I haven’t gone anywhere to beg anyone for money.

“I am not saying that all my friends who pay me a visit cannot give me money. They can give me money, no problem.

“But not as critical as they are talking about. So, anybody whose business is to criticise my sickness and take advantage of it, they should stop it.”

I can walk now just that I cannot run. Please….

His wife Stella Maris Okafor, said:

“And please, his Instagram account has been hacked. Anybody using that account to collect money or doing any sort of thing, please stop it! You people should stop it, please. Verify very well before you start acting.”

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