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Joke Silva: I’m Gracefully Aging And Loving It!

joke silva aging gracefully

Nov 25, 2017 – Joke Silva: I’m Gracefully Aging And Loving It!

Nollywood actress Joke Silva in a recent interview revealed that her success is not by luck or talent but by grace.

On what contributed to her success, the Nollywood actress said:

“What has helped me in life is grace. So much grace. I believe God empowered me with passion and respect.

I did whatever was possible within the stage of performance, then, stage transited into television and television to film till we ended up with what we now call Nollywood.

I am grateful to God that I am where I am because it is only Him that could have allowed all the hard work to pay off.

Talent is great but it doesn’t guarantee success; a man can run out of luck, but grace? You keep blossoming and that’s what my story is.”

“I always knew it was what I wanted to do, and I think my parents knew too but were skeptical because the industry was hardly recognised then.

I never had doubts about being an actress; that’s why even when the jobs weren’t very forthcoming, I stayed in performance by teaching, stage plays or television. I kept reinventing myself in the same industry because I knew it was my field.

“I was a model child. I had regular run-ins with my parents, but every child has her naughty days. My parents were very accommodating and supportive, so there was really no need to be rebellious.

I think I was a mix. When I needed to be reserved, I was, and sociable when I needed to be. It was sometimes dependent on my mood as well,” .

Thankful for her youthful days, the actress was quick to add what she missed about those days. “I miss being a young lady sometimes when I can’t jump as I used to or expend as much energy as before.

But I’m grateful for my growth. I am gracefully aging and loving it”.

[Interview by Nonye Ben-Nwankwo]

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Angelsarewatching

    November 27, 2017 at 11:52 AM

    Big Sis, nothing do you…..!!!! life begins at 93 and the sky is ur limit.

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