Joshua Iginla Puts Bruno Iwuoha On Monthly Salary, Buys Him New Car With N200K For Maintenance

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Sept 7, 2015 – Pastor Joshua Iginla Puts Nollywood Actor Bruno Iwuoha On Monthly Salary, Buys Him New Car With N200K For Maintenance 


Veteran Nollywood actor Bruno Iwuoha has been placed on a monthly salary by Abuja-based cleric Rev Joshua Iginla.

The actor who recently called on well meaning Nigerians for financial help is currently recuperating following a surgery in the US.

When the story reached Iginla, he ordered the actor who recently returned to Nigeria to pay him a visit.

Yesterday, he handed over to Bruno Iwuoha the key to a brand new 2014 Toyota Sienna and a cash gift of 200 thousand naira for the maintenance of the car.

He also announced to his congregation that Bruno Iwuoha will be on his monthly salary starting from September.

“I respect grey hair. It is an honour to have something and being able to give it,” Iginla  said.

The veteran Nollywood actor was full of appreciation as he thanked Iginla for his philanthropy.

Mr Iwuoha just returned to Nigeria after surgery in the US.

Iginla recently bought cars for over 5 Nollywood celebrities.

15 thoughts on “Joshua Iginla Puts Bruno Iwuoha On Monthly Salary, Buys Him New Car With N200K For Maintenance

    • @kingsley, i know u are an igbo boy/man. the problem you people have is that your mouth is fool of evil things, a man deing was helped by a man of God, but look at what came out of your dirty mouth

      • Must you call Igbos? Ogubor is not an Igbo name, you tribalistic Irobode (I have removed the ola in your name and replaced it with Iro (lies)since in your haste to insult the Igbos, you have exposed your ignorance).

  1. @naijagist pls if u have mr Iwuoha account details pls send it to my email pls i beg u in the name of God i love tha man.

  2. Thanks in a million Mr Joshua Iginla for your hospitality towards Mr Bruno Iwuoha who fell ill recently and needed to be treated abroad. I pray that God will reward your kindness forever more, AMEN. Thank you so very much indeed. I think, Nigeria needs people like you who stepped in at the time of need. Mr Joshua Iginla, please do remain blessed and goodbye for now.

  3. I Blessed the name of the Lord for his mercy upon Mr Bruno Iwuoha life, the Lord revealed to me in my prayer for Mr Bruno Iwuoha, that any body that help this man will be visit with unexpected mercy and that person will be meet at his own point of needs.
    Big thanks to prophet Joshua Iginla, May the Lord answer all your good prayer in Jesus name(AMEN)

  4. There are lot of things that we Nigerians are still ignorant about. The action of this Pastor is questionable. What appeared like a gift to many people may not be a real gift but an occult gift which was given in an exchange for people’s life. Why giving people cars and money? you may pay people’s hospital bill, you may give out some money but placing someone on salary with church money is a little bit extra-ordinary. We need to be careful in this life in order not to draw ourselves to unnecessary problem. I have seen a lot about these Pastors. Do not trust anybody, just trust yourself. People can go extra mile to achieve their objectives. let us all be careful.

  5. @Olabode or whatever the name is,respect urself by figuring an individual not by generalising. Afterall Kingsely is entilted 2 his opnion,I know ur type back stabbers.

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