JTF Police Officer Killed Newly Married Man In Port-Harcourt

police killed newly married man

December 15, 2013 – Nigerian Police Officer Killed Newly Married Man In Port-Harcourt

Few days to the end of year 2013, another case of police brutality has been reported in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria.

Donbraye Akangbou, a newly married man has died after a police officer accidentally shot him on the stomach.

The employee of Lunberg Services Ltd located behind Coca Cola in Port Harcourt was settling a dispute when a Joint Task Force officer shot him at close range.

He died at BMH A & E hospital after his treatment was delayed due to lack of police report.

Donbraye Akangbou married on June 25, 2013. His three months pregnant wife is now a widow.

The JTF officer who killed him said he accidentally pulled the trigger while trying to hit someone with a gun on Wednesday.

What a cover up!

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

14 thoughts on “JTF Police Officer Killed Newly Married Man In Port-Harcourt

  1. Nigerian! It is high time you realized this administration is a blood sucking one and the security personel are they to fill the blood bank. The police is even sincere to say accidentally discharge if it were some where in the north am sure promotion awaits him for killing a member of Boko haram. Remember APO killing

  2. Na wa for all this naija police, can u imagine,while he was trying to hit someone with a gun .anyway naija is a country to expect unexpected .

  3. Isn‘t dis wat we treated sm days ago on dis site? Shit happens we knw bt he could hv been saved if nt 4 d delayed in treatment all bc of 1 rubbish police report dat was nt tendered. Just imagine dis kind of nonsense?

    If i were d woman, i wld hv sue d Doctor in whose Hospital my husband died 4 nonchallancy n negligence. D inavailability of a police reports had caused negligence by Doctors, leading 2 d death of many in dis godamn con3. Who enacted dat law by d way? I tink it‘s high tym they abolish dat stupid Law n protocol 2 save lives n victims of circumstance in dire need of medical attention.

  4. What a loss! This man has to suffer the punishment of the police’s carelessness. This man would have survived if they had given him treatment; what is it with all this police report? My condolence goes to his family and more especially his newly married wife; i pray that the Lord continues to be with her even till delivery and henceforth….Rest In Peace brother!

  5. By forced young widow and pregnant,Another handwork of Nigeria police and the only thing they are very good at killing innocent people,why didn’t people around give him jungle justice.I wish I can say rip,my dear take heart oo,May the God of Abraham be with you and protect you and your unborn baby.

  6. Hi everyone,

    I have been trying to push on this case to get momentum going as this is what we owe this young man who I was blessed to know in life at AFSS before leaving Nigeria’s shores. Here are the telephone numbers of Major police stakeholders as shown on the NPF site. Please call as I have been also calling, lets get this case to the highest levels we canhttps://www.npf.gov.ng/emergency-contact

  7. Policeman shot the man, and he died cos of lack of Police Report……Is this country sane at all?
    Just Wondering…..

    Angel, Pretoria, SA

  8. He Was Shot By a Police nd they still demand 4 police report B4 Giving Him a treatment when one’s life is @stake! Hmm nigeria sha

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