I Just Found Out My Nigerian Boyfriend Of 7 Months Is Married Back Home,What Do I Do – South African

my nigerian boyfriend is married

May 10, 2017 – I Just Found Out My Nigerian Boyfriend Of 7 Months Is Married Back Home, What Do I Do – South Africa Lady

I have a Nigerian boyfriend from Imo State, He’s a civil engineer at one of the biggest companies in the world (Anglo American) we’ve been together in South Africa for about 7 months now, and are so much in love…But I just recently found out that he is married back in Nigeria.

I’ve also met his younger brother, he wanted to introduce me to his older brother & his wife that he lives with, but I refused as that is disrespectful on my part, him as well. He still says he loves me, and that I shouldn’t worry about her, since he only sees her once a year.

I don’t know what to do, bcz I really love him. Normally they say if the situation is like that, then he is either using me to get citizenship or for sexual pleasures…but if I can tell you he already has citizenship, and he never forces me to have sex, we can go more than 2 weeks without sex and he wudn’t complain. When I asked him why he doesn’t, bring his wife to reside with him in SA, he keeps on saying its not easy as its seems, and that she doesn’t like it here and doesn’t want to live here.

But now my question is why did he marry her then? And why would she agree to get married to a man that stays in another country? Also how do I fight this love I have for him, with his marital status?

Ribu writes from South Africa.

8 thoughts on “I Just Found Out My Nigerian Boyfriend Of 7 Months Is Married Back Home,What Do I Do – South African

  1. my dear Ribu. Since you have discovered that the guy is maried then i advice you to stop your relationship with him or otherwise you are commiting an offence and a sin. It will not be easy to quit from him since you love him but try and remove your mind from him. Cultivate the habit of embarking in an uninterupted divine relationship. I mean a relationship with Jesus. Always come close to Jesus and channel your love emotions to Jesus. Tell him all your worries and cares. Jesus alone can cherish and pet you like a baby. Jesus does not fail and you will find and internal joy. Keep loving Jesus, be calm and patient because when the right time comes, Jesus will give you a suitable caring humble and honest guy as a reward to love you and marry you. Peace be with you. Ribu!!!

  2. Run!!! He is married . Read your story as if it is not written by you but you are asked to advice the writer. Give an honest opinion to that imaginary “writer”, then take that advice. It won’t be easy but it can be done.
    All the best!

  3. This story remind me of my own. I was a divorced mother of a boy and girl in Ghana from 2007-2012 when i met this handsome young man who was 6 years older. He wanted to marry me but i wasn’t sure because i was scared but later gave in. We finally got married in January 2014, got pregnant for him but he was always busy as we dont live together due to the nature of our job. But any time he visit he has to return back to his house till i gave birth he hardly spend night and time with me.

    After giving birth, he behavior was still the same, i pleaded to live with him as husband and wife but he again refuse, i asked him again to move inn with us he again refused. Later i got to know he had a wife before we got married but when i confronted him, he couldn’t deny so i gave divorced straight forward without thinking twice.

    I didn’t want to be a third party in anybody’s marriage, cos i wouldnt like to share my man should God bless me with one.
    So my dear, he knows what he is after so think twice and leave for you will get a man that you will love more than everything.

    Good luck

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