Kano Governor Congratulates Nigerian Politician Hon Sumaila Who Jumped NASS Gate

hon sumaila

Nov 21, 2014 – Kano Governor Congratulates Nigerian Politician Hon Kawu Sumaila Who Jumped NASS Gate 

The identity of one of the politicians who scaled National Assembly Complex gate yesterday has been revealed.

Pictured above is Deputy Minority Leader of the House of Representatives Suleiman AbdulRahaman Kawu Sumaila.

When he eventually gained entry into the complex, he was all wet, he had to pull off his suit to get some fresh air… Serious bizness.

17 thoughts on “Kano Governor Congratulates Nigerian Politician Hon Sumaila Who Jumped NASS Gate

  1. Nigerians. We always act in a manner that left much to be desire. Two wrongs never make a right. Come to think of it, why are we encouraging defection from one party to the other with reckless abandon and crying foul when there is retaliation. Are these politicians matured enough.

  2. Am still in a big shock if this could be real or not,this is one of the most ridiculous act in Nigeria polities,could you imagine their children watching them scaling fence like burglar….

  3. I guessed we are in democracy govern by the most incompetent president ever elected in Nigeria history. In a true democracy, politicians are free to deviate from one party to another. But in dictatorship, deviators are treated as enemies are duly punished by one man in charge of the government. It is a pity that this criminal and corrupt president is acting unlawfully as a dictator and non of you in your comments condemned this animalistic behavior of president Badluck Jonathan for using police men to torment and torture other elected officials for simply exercising their constitutional right protected under the law. A desperate criminal like president Jonathan if not checked, will eventually results to political assassination and intimidation of opposition party. I want to salute the courage exhibited by those politicians from APC by jumping over the fence despite the humiliations by security personal that are supposed to protect all Nigerians regardless of their political party. They are suppose to be salute for saying “No” to intimidation. This do-nothing president first withdrew all the security personal that are to protect the speaker-no 3rd citizen of Nigeria just because he deviated to APC. It is obvious that this president has lost his mind and his sense of reasoning simply because he wanted to cling to power at all cost just like his predecessor – Obasanjo. A failure like Jonathan wouldn’t have run for reelection if we practice true democracy where people’s votes determine who gets elected into office. But his only hope is to rig next year election to his favor even if Nigerians voted overwhelmingly for General Mohammad Buari of APC. I have no respect for Jonathan and his possessed police force that are ready to kill,intimidate, and suppress the rights of opposition and Nigerian citizens to vote for candidates of their choice. Jonathan will eventually be overthrow by a bloody military coup if he decides to force himself on Nigerians come 2015. He is a national disaster and a total disgrace to Nigerian young democracy. We must strive very hard to make sure that all our votes are counted next year, and we need international election monitoring teams to supervise 2015 presidential election in Nigeria. Nigerian youths should be proactive and get fully involved in the upcoming election to defeat this failure of over five years.

    • Pitiful! Pitiful!! Pitiful!!! You honestly believe that “a bloody military coup” will solve our nations problem. Put a full size mirror in front of you and tell yourself what saw.

  4. I guess is time for these Apc members to realise that they cannot achieve anything from this violent atitude of theirs. PDP is >APC and they have to accept it the way it is because there is nothing they can do to match PDP

  5. nothing to congratulate them on the shameful thing they have done. we need wapeout these greedy leaders and replace them fresh one that will help our society to grow.

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